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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 7 Recap

Xiao Duo rushed to the yard, searched the poison in Yuwen Liangxu’s dagger in public, and then quickly ordered people to arrest all the people in the yard for interrogation. Back in Zhaoding Division, it happened that supervision cases were sent from various places, but I didn’t expect that there were some scripts about love between men and women. Xiao Duo didn’t know what he was thinking, but he brought all these scriptures back to the room. Cao Chun’ang couldn’t help sighing, guessing that Xiao Duo had encountered a difficult problem.

It is written in the scriptures that in the early spring, women like to go out in the green, especially butterflies. After reading this, Xiao Duo couldn’t help but imagine the scene of Qibuyinlou fluttering butterflies in the yard. After he came back to his senses, he quickly shook his head to let these images get out of his mind. But he couldn’t help but continue watching, and learned that women also like kites. He immediately decided to make a paper kite himself.

And in the underground palace of the Imperial Mausoleum, Buyinlou and Li Pingru are leisurely playing leaf cards. Eunuch Liu heard that the two of them were not crying or making trouble in the underground palace, so he couldn’t help being curious. When he arrived at the underground palace, he saw the two of them hiding something in a panic, and Buyinlou was holding a burning candle in his hand.

Eunuch Liu was worried that Buyinlou had accidentally burned the first emperor’s dragon robe, so he asked her to quickly throw away the candle in her hand. Unexpectedly, Buyinlou was very obedient and threw the candle out immediately. It’s just a coincidence that it almost fell into the corner of Eunuch Liu’s clothes. Eunuch Liu thought they were too unruly, so he quickly let them out.

As soon as Li Pingru said goodbye to Buyinlou, she met Eunuch Liu. Eunuch Liu brought Li Pingru into the room with a wretched smile on his face. He told Li Pingru that there is nothing wrong with living with him. Li Pingru was flustered, not knowing what to do. At this moment, Bu Yinlou rushed in with a kitchen knife, pinned Eunuch Liu to the ground and beat him hard.

When Eunuch Liu woke up, Buyinlou seized the opportunity and said that everyone saw a big man sneaking up on Eunuch Liu, and the big man stripped him naked. Eunuch Liu felt ashamed, so he didn’t plan to continue the investigation. Li Ping was overjoyed, in this huge imperial tomb, she had met a friend who tested and protected her. Saying that, the two came to a pavilion somehow. The pavilion is full of tombs without tombstones, and these tombs are buried with unknown concubines and maids.

Bu Yinlou couldn’t help thinking of his mother. The mother was originally Master Bu’s concubine, because she didn’t want Bu Yinlou to be trapped in a deep boudoir for the rest of her life, she refused to follow Master Bu into the mansion. Bu Yinlou secretly vowed in his heart that he must fulfill his mother’s entrustment to him and live freely for the rest of his life. But looking at the unnamed grave in front of her, she flinched a little. For her powerless and powerless, freedom is like reaching the sky.

Yuwen’s family has a pair of ancestral Hetian jade, which can command hidden stakes all over the world. King Nanyuan has one, and the other is on Yuwen Liangxu’s body. Although Yuwen Liangxu is controlled by Xiao Duo, he can’t act rashly right now. Xiao Duo put his mind on the date with Buyinlou the next day, but before he left, news came that Yuwen Liangxu had arrived at the Cuju field. Xiao Duo looked at the time and rushed to the Cuju field first.

Xiao Duo suddenly came up with a plan, using jade as a note to compete with Yuwen Liangxu in Cuju. But after several competitions, Xiao Duo’s side lost miserably. Hede Emperor Ji Murong Wanwan came afterward, and when she heard that Xiao Duo wanted Yuwen Liangxu’s jade, she got excited and stood on the field to declare war on Yuwen Liangxu. Wanwan was vigorous and agile, and got the jade. But she didn’t know that she had already provoked Yuwen Liangxu’s little deer to bump into him.

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