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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 6 Recap

Hearing that Buyinlou went to see Murong Gaogong and accepted a lantern from him, Xiao Duo couldn’t sit still and immediately went to Buyinlou. Seeing that Buyinlou was looking for a place to hang the lanterns, Xiao Duo suddenly felt ignorant and tried every means to stop her. But Buyinlou insisted on hanging up because it was the will of Long Live God.

Xiao Duo couldn’t help mentioning the show girl election in a few days to test Bu Yinlou’s feelings for Murong Gaogong. Seeing that Buyinlou has no affection for Murong Gaogong, Xiao Duo suddenly showed an imperceptible smile on his face.

After hearing Buyinlou’s words, Murong Gaogong thought of sending the people from Chengyuan Palace out of the palace to make up for his guilt towards King Rong. Unexpectedly, rumors spread in Chengyuan Palace that Murong Gaogong had a close relationship with Buyinlou. After Xiao Duo learned about this, he immediately stopped the people from Chengyuan Palace.

Xiao Duo did not forget to remind Murong Gaogong that he has just ascended the throne and his foundation is not stable, so he should be cautious, so it is best not to associate with Buyinlou recently, so as not to lose his reputation.

On the other hand, Eunuch Sun reminded Murong Gaogong that he is the one who stands at the highest place now, he deserves what he wants, including Buyin Tower, all of this is God’s will. Hearing this, Murong Gaogong’s eyes were firm, and he went to Buyinlou in a hurry.

Murong Gaogong suddenly appeared in Buyin’s building, and stepped forward to hug her without saying a word. Xiao Duo came in on his back foot, and seeing this scene, he felt an unknown fire in his heart, and couldn’t help but clenched the sword in his hand. Murong Gaogong continued to talk to Bu Yinlou, as long as he can be with her, he doesn’t care about anything.

Bu Yinlou declined Murong Gaogong’s wish, saying that he wanted to be a free person. But she knew that this was impossible, so she might as well follow the original plan to guard the imperial tomb. Murong Gaogong sighed heavily, and agreed to let Buyinlou leave the imperial city.

On the day Buyinlou left, Xiao Duo insisted on personally escorting him. Bu Yinlou didn’t care, and had fun. But because Xiao Duo followed, the people on the street dispersed, and the Buyinlou was not enjoyable. Before Bu Yinlou had time to be sad, he noticed that Xiao Duo was in a bad mood. She hurriedly put on a doggy look, and praised Xiao Duo to the utmost. Although these words sound false, Xiao Duo’s mood gradually improved.

After a tiring journey, Bu Yinlou and others finally arrived at the imperial mausoleum. After bidding farewell to Xiao Duo, Li Pingru greeted him very happily. Seeing Li Ping sighing, Buyinlou seemed to have seen the rest of her lonely life, but the girls guarding the tomb here were very comfortable, rubbing cards under the sun. Buyinlou is also not afraid of strangers, and immediately mixed in and had a great time.

Eunuch Liu is the chief eunuch in charge of the imperial mausoleum, managing all food and clothing expenses of the imperial mausoleum. Li Pingru reminded Buyinlou, don’t offend this Eunuch Liu, and don’t draw his attention too much. Just as he was talking, Eunuch Liu came and asked Li Pingru to come with him on the grounds that he lost his bracelet. Bu Yinlou sensed Li Pingru’s fear, and stepped forward to help her out. Seeing Eunuch Liu walking away, Buyinlou asked about it. But Li Pingru seemed to have something hard to say, and refused to say the reason. It’s not good for Buyinlou to ask any more questions, but I just think this imperial mausoleum is really strange.

On the first day of morning class, Buyinlou was late. Because of what happened last night, Eunuch Liu couldn’t get used to Buyinlou, so he took the excuse of her being late and scolded her severely, and warned her not to offend him. Later, Eunuch Liu announced in public that he would select a person to serve in the underground palace in the future.

Li Pingru told Bu Yinlou that the person who was sent to the underground palace before was either dead or crazy. Before Buyinlou could get scared, he was called by Eunuch Liu. Unexpectedly, Eunuch Liu changed the subject and asked Li Pingru to serve in the underground palace. Bu Yinlou was curious, so he offered to be with Li Pingru.

When they arrived at the underground palace, Li Pingru clenched Buyinlou’s sleeves tightly in fear, but Buyinlou looked around leisurely as if he had returned to his own home. She ran to the former emperor’s dragon robe and fell asleep leisurely. Li Pingru was still afraid, so she planned to chant scriptures to get rid of evil spirits. But when I was nervous, I forgot the scriptures I read in the morning class, so I had to imitate Bu Yinlou and read Xiao Duo’s name.

In the imperial city at this moment, Xiao Duo was looking absent-minded. Knowing that Yuwen Liangxu, the younger brother of King Nanyuan, invited jugglers into the mansion, Xiao Duo suddenly felt something was wrong, and hurried to the mansion where he was under house arrest. As soon as Xiao Duo arrived at the mansion, he found the poison from Yuwen Liangxu.

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