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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 4 Recap

Bu Yinlou realized that something was wrong, so he quickly put on a dog-legged appearance, and knelt down in front of Xiao Duo. She told Xiao Duo that it is not the time to use herself to win over King Fu, it is better to put herself by her side. Seeing Xiao Duo’s refusal to agree, Bu Yinlou had no choice but to resort to a trick, knelt down and cried loudly. Tong Yun outside the door heard the movement and rushed into the room. But as soon as he opened the door, he saw Bu Yinlou dragging Xiao Duo’s leg. Xiao Duo had no choice but to agree to Bu Yinlou.

Xiao Duo could also guess that now that King Fu is not yet in power, Bu Yinlou’s move is just because he doesn’t want to stand in line early. But I have to admit that what she said is quite correct, people are in their hands, after all, they are a bargaining chip. Fu Wang’s temperament is uncertain, and it’s hard to say whether he can support him on the wall. Naturally, people can’t hand it over to him easily. As long as Buyinlou is in his hands, it won’t be a bad thing if King Fu has scruples.

At night, King Fu returned to his childhood in a dream. At that time, he was still in school and was bullied everywhere. One day, he was even locked in a small black room. He was so frightened, but at this moment, Buyinlou appeared in front of him with a lantern and brought him a beam of light. After growing up a little, Fu Wang followed Bu Yinlou carefully. But good luck tricks people, but this beam of light was trapped in the deep palace and became his own sister-in-law.

He woke up from a sweet dream, but suddenly noticed someone behind him. He turned pale with fright, stood up abruptly, and hurriedly called Grandpa Sun. Eunuch Sun came with a lantern and found King Rong lying on the ground with blood bubbling from the back of his head. Xiao Duo rushed to hear the news, but King Rong’s bones were already cold. The matter has come to this point, and the soldiers can only take risks.

It was night, a servant came to the pagoda, but he felt something on his head. He reached out to wipe the back of his neck, but was surprised that it was blood. Empress Rong An rushed over after hearing the news, and saw King Rong lying on Concubine Shao, mother and son “sleeping” peacefully. The queen immediately summoned all the people outside the pagoda and asked them one by one.

King Fu told the queen that he just overheard King Rong calling his mother and concubine in the middle of the night, but he really didn’t know how he appeared in the pagoda. The queen called over the servant who was the first to see King Rong. The servant told the queen that when he entered the pagoda, he saw King Rong calling his concubine mother, and then he threw his head down.

Xiao Duo took the opportunity to step forward and suggested that the country should not be without a king for a day. Now that King Rong is gone, only Murong’s line is left. As he said that, he suddenly knelt down in front of King Fu and begged him to come forward to preside over the overall situation. The ministers responded one by one, knelt down and shouted slogans. The queen was so angry that she was about to vomit blood, but she couldn’t think of a rebuttal for a while.

It was rumored in the palace that King Rong died under Xiao Duo’s hands. But Bu Yinlou felt that this was not the case, Xiao Duo would not do such unfavorable things. Bu Yinlou could also see that Xiao Duo felt ashamed, he said he would protect King Rong Zhouquan, but he still let him go away at a young age. Seeing that Xiao Duo was in a bad mood, Buyinlou dragged him to a forest, and used daylilies to relieve him. After listening to Bu Yinlou’s words, Xiao Duo had a smile on his face.

On this day, Zhang Jieyu was ordered by the queen to take away Buyinlou. Zhang Jieyu locked Buyinlou in a room, but before leaving, she deliberately threw the key outside the door. Bu Yinlou thought it was just a simple detention, but he didn’t expect that there was an aphrodisiac incense burning in the room. On the other side, the queen sent someone to send a distress letter to King Fu under the guise of Buyinlou. A mere incompetent prince naturally doesn’t need the queen to spend so much trouble. The queen’s doing this is nothing more than to let Xiao Duo understand the situation and think carefully about which side he should stand next.

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