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Flight to You 向风而行 Episode 3 Recap

Li Yuheng has a good image and temperament, and her conversation is generous and decent. She stands out among the applicants. Xia Zhi looks ordinary, but she is very friendly. With her super communication skills, she is appreciated by Ai Jia. The next step is a three-month training. If they fail to pass the test, they will still be eliminated.

Ai Jia reminded Li Yuheng to tie up her hair and let Xia Zhi lose weight. They all remembered them one by one, and Xia Zhi took the initiative to add Li Yuheng’s WeChat. Li Yuheng ran into Gu Nanting when he went out, they were old acquaintances, Li Yuheng came to apply for the flight attendant job because of Gu Nanting, Gu Nanting and her were chatting and reminiscing about old times. Xia Zhi told Cheng Xiao the good news immediately, and Cheng Xiao was also happy for her.

Cheng Xiao is going to follow the training department to go to Australia for closed training. She secretly vowed to take revenge on Gu Nanting. Gu Nanting was worried that her mother would live alone, and wanted her to move there to live with her. Her mother was used to living alone, and she didn’t want to move around, and neither did Gu Nanting. No matter how reluctantly, his mother reminded him that the other house was rented out. Gu Nanting only knew that the house was rented to a single girl. They had never met each other and they usually communicated by email.

Gu Nanting personally led the team to Melbourne Tullamarie Airport for refit training. The captain Kane and Gu Nanting met unexpectedly. He took advantage of the handshake and secretly competed with Gu Nanting. , They were puzzled by Kane’s approach. Gu Nanting conducted rigorous training for the pilots. Cheng Xiao and Song Song secretly put on sunscreen. Gu Nanting asked them to take out the sunscreen and punished them to be roasted in the sun. Cheng Xiao didn’t take it seriously, but felt aggrieved in his heart. After class, Cheng Xiao took Song Song to make up lessons, and Gu Nanting saw it all.

Gu Nanting conducted devil training for the pilots. Everyone was exhausted. Cheng Xiao told jokes to relieve everyone’s pressure. Gu Nanting reminded them not to slack off. The last one would be downgraded. Cheng Xiao was not convinced and had a dispute with him again . That night, Gu Nanting came to return Cheng Xiao’s earrings, ordered her to fold the quilt into tofu cubes, and helped her tidy it up himself, Cheng Xiao took the opportunity to secretly take pictures, and Gu Nanting stopped her on the spot.

Ai Jia trained the flight attendants, and Li Yuheng quickly grasped the essentials, but Xia Zhi still couldn’t find the status, and was reprimanded by Ai Jia, Xia Zhi vomited bitterness to Li Yuheng, and Li Yuheng taught her hand in hand. The students quickly found out that Kane and Gu Nanting had a feud, and they wanted to use this to provoke trouble, so that Gu Nanting could divert his energy from them, and everyone recommended Song Song to add fuel to the flames.

Cheng Xiao returned to the dormitory and worked overtime for simulation training. Xia Zhi sent him a message to complain to him. Cheng Xiao encouraged Xia Zhi and cheered for Xia Zhi. The students deliberately spread rumors that Kane and Gu Nanting were at odds. Kane proposed to challenge Gu Nanting, but Gu Nanting refused to fight. The students were eager to try, and Gu Nanting punished them to run ten laps.

Ni Zhan asked Gu Nanting about Cheng Xiao’s situation. Gu Nanting knew that Cheng Xiao trained very hard, but she was not suitable to be a captain. Cheng Xiao was training alone on the simulator, and he didn’t even have time to eat. Gu Nanting advised her to combine work and rest. Cheng Xiao was not satisfied with today’s training results.

Gu Nanting excused that there was no teacher to prevent her from training alone, so Cheng Xiao had to leave angrily. Gu Nanting brought Cheng Xiao a boxed lunch, Cheng Xiao mistakenly thought it was Song Song who gave it to her, and she ate it heartily. Xia Zhi accepts the cabin service test, and she doesn’t know what to do with difficult customers.

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