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Flight to You 向风而行 Episode 2 Recap

Jiang Tao had long heard that Lao Cai was very accommodating to the young pilots in the freight department. He didn’t want to accept those pilots, so he came to discuss with Xu Ce. For the newly added route, Jiang Tao didn’t want Cheng Xiao, an unmarried and childless female pilot, and wanted to recommend her to Youhang. Gu Nanting questioned it face to face. He had analyzed the advantages of female pilots in all aspects, and they were not inferior to male pilots. Ce also reminded Jiang Tao that he should treat everyone equally.

Cheng Xiao came to the hangar to see her beloved Boeing 737 aircraft – Xiaoqi, which was the plane she flew for the first time seven years ago. They carried out many missions together. Reluctant to give up, he wrote his name on the wing and drew a heart next to it. Ni Zhan then came to the hangar, and he recognized Cheng Xiao’s name.

Cheng Xiao was full of energy and went to the passenger transport department for an interview. She and Gu Nanting met unexpectedly. Cheng Xiao explained the crosswind landing again. Gu Nanting didn’t want to mention it again, and admitted that she did the right thing. Cheng Xiao went to the interview with her resume. Gu Nanting asked very sharp questions.

Cheng Xiao calmly answered in an orderly manner. She was a pilot with a desire for blue sky and freedom, and the salary of a pilot was very high. Gu Nanting repeatedly emphasized flying Cheng Xiao showed her own advantages in her rigorous and seriousness. She has been flying for seven years with no accidents, and she also has a Level 5 aviation English certificate.

Xie Zetian, head of Luzhou Aviation Safety Supervision Department, was very optimistic about Cheng Xiao. Gu Nanting questioned Cheng Xiao about the crosswind landing that day, Cheng Xiao argued with him, Xie Zetian hurriedly stood up and stopped them, and asked them to discuss this matter after the interview. Gu Nanting disagreed with Cheng Xiao joining the Passenger Transport Department.

Cheng Xiao pointed out in public that when Lin Yicheng returned from vacation in Hokkaido on a plane driven by Lin Yicheng, Lin Yicheng did not broadcast as required. Gu Nanting immediately checked the records of the day to confirm that Lin Yicheng missed Reported once, Lin Yicheng excused that he was not feeling well that day, Jiang Tao reminded Lin Yicheng not to be an example.

Gu Nanting announced Cheng Xiao as an observer, Cheng Xiao strongly protested, Xie Zetian pleaded for Cheng Xiao, Jiang Tao reluctantly agreed to let Cheng Xiao and Song Song take a test flight again. Cheng Xiao and Song Song came to the Passenger Training Department early, Gu Nanting and Jiang Tao supervised Cheng Xiao’s flight, Gu Nanting asked Cheng Xiao to take off the earrings, Cheng Xiao had to do so.

The flight test began. Cheng Xiao drove the plane in an orderly manner. The plane was disturbed by birds in the sky. Cheng Xiao responded calmly and avoided the danger safely. The plane’s dual engines suddenly broke down and deviated from the runway, losing contact with the ground. Gu Nanting asked Song Song to go to the co-pilot to assist Cheng Xiao, the two of them cooperated tacitly and successfully completed the flight. Gu Nanting commented on the flight, pointing out Cheng Xiao’s mistakes bluntly. Cheng Xiao was not convinced, and brought out the safe flight rules to argue with him.

Jiang Tao called Gu Nanting aside, and took the opportunity to propose that Cheng Xiao should not be allowed to enter the passenger transportation department. Gu Nanting knew in advance that Cheng Xiao was serious and responsible, and wanted to absorb her into the passenger transportation department. Jiang Tao asked Gu Nanting to personally train Cheng Xiao. Cheng Xiao was very resistant, but Jiang Tao Tao has already made up his mind. Cheng Xiao and Gu Nanting took the same elevator downstairs, Cheng Xiao glared at him.

Ni Zhan returned to the headquarters to report the results of his trip to Seattle. He met Gu Nanting in the underground garage, and the two made an appointment to play together. When Cheng Xiao came home from get off work, her good friend Xia Zhi came to stay at her house because she was unemployed. Xia Zhi saw the recruitment notice on the Internet and wanted to apply for a flight attendant job at Luzhou Airlines.

Cheng Xiao, Song Song and others came to Gu Nanting’s office early in the morning. Cheng Xiao found that the filing cabinets were full of airplane models, many more than hers. Gu Nanting then rushed over and announced today’s training content. Xia Zhi went to the Passenger Transport Department for an interview. The hall was full of beautiful girls. She was so nervous that she was overwhelmed. Liang Yueru, Minister of the Cabin Department, and Ai Jia, Minister of the First Department, are the interviewers. They first tested the applicant’s body.

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