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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 3 Recap

As soon as the time came, all the concubines stood up and invited the lanterns to be lit. In order to hold back the queen, Buyinlou deliberately threw down the long light and lit the corner of the queen’s clothes. The queen turned pale with fright, and hurriedly changed her clothes. Before the person who set the fire was interrogated, there was news that King Rong was missing.

After Bu Yinlou heard the news, he realized that he was being used by Xiao Duo. She was worried that Xiao Duo would confess herself if she fell into the hands of the queen, so she wanted to find him quickly and send King Rong out of the palace safely.

Youshi palace gates are locked, only the Xihua Gate is open all night because of the Seventh Day of the First Emperor’s Zhai. If Xiao Duo wants to leave the palace, he must go through the Xihua Gate. If something goes wrong on the way, there is only one place he can take refuge temporarily. Bu Yinlou hurriedly asked Tong Yun to kneel on his behalf, and quietly slipped out to find Xiao Duo.

King Rong knew that his mother and concubine were murdered by the queen, so he naturally didn’t want to return to Fengyi Palace. He also heard that Xiao Duo was ordered by King Fu to pick him up, so King Rong lowered his guard slightly. Seeing that King Rong still refused to go with Xiao Duo, Bu Yinlou had no choice but to comfort him. If life is at a loss, you might as well try to believe in the only card that can make you turn around. And right now, Xiao Duo is the only card that King Rong has.

After finally coaxing King Rong, the Queen rushed over. Before the queen came in, Bu Yinlou hurriedly knelt outside the door, expressing in a panic that he would recruit anything. Just when Xiao Duo clenched the sword in his hand and was about to rush out of the encirclement, Bu Yinlou suddenly spoke out, confessing that she had accidentally set the queen’s clothes on fire. The queen was furious, but she didn’t have time to deal with her right now, so she ordered someone to search the house. Taking advantage of this moment, Xiao Duo hurriedly escaped with King Rong.

The queen searched all over the palace, but she couldn’t find any trace of King Rong. After thinking about it, she suddenly realized that maybe she was deceived by Buyinlou. Afterwards, she ordered people to bring Buyinlou to her for interrogation and to execute her. In a critical moment, Empress Hede suddenly appeared and rescued Buyinlou. Bu Yinlou guessed that Empress Hede was entrusted by Xiao Duo to save herself.

King Rong was sent safely to King Fu’s mansion, Xiao Duo didn’t stay idle, and immediately went to some ministers to publicize the matter. Early the next morning, there were rumors in the court that the cabinet intended to let King Fu be regent. The queen was shocked, and couldn’t help guessing that Xiao Duo had betrayed her. Just as he was thinking, Yan Sunlang came.

From Yan Sunlang’s mouth, the queen learned that Xiao Duo had colluded with King Fu long ago, and Bu Yinlou was also from Xiao Duo’s side. The queen’s heart sank, and then she ordered people to call back the eyeliner from Prince Fu’s mansion, so as not to fall into the trap, and sent people to contact King Nanyuan as soon as possible.

Bu Yinlou and Hede Diji have the same lively and active personality. The two meet each other very late, and often get together to play leaf cards. On this day, King Fu made some lanterns and wanted to send them to Buyinlou, but was stopped by Xiao Duo’s men. Regardless of the obstruction, King Fu insisted on going out of the mansion to find Buyinlou. But Bu Yinlou didn’t seem to remember him.

During the conversation, King Fu stumbled and fell into the water. Fu Wang was depressed and returned home in embarrassment. Eunuch Sun on the side couldn’t stand it anymore, and he wanted Buyinlou to give an explanation anyway. Bu Yinlou had no choice but to hide behind Xiao Duo. Xiao Duo suppressed this matter with power.

On the way back, Xiao Duo suddenly had an idea. Since King Fu’s heart is in Buyinlou, it’s better to let her be his one eye for King Fu. Just as he was thinking, he suddenly stopped and turned to look at Buyinlou. Bu Yinlou panicked, and accidentally pulled out Xiao Duo’s sword.

In order to hold Buyinlou’s life and let her use it for himself, Xiao Duo ordered people to send many treasures. But Buyinlou didn’t seem to care about the splendor and wealth, so he refused to agree to cooperate with Xiao Duo. Xiao Duo couldn’t bear it anymore, and ordered Cao Chun’an to clear out everyone in the room.

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