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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 2 Recap

Following Yan Sunlang’s order, many white silks were hung from the pagoda, and they fell in front of Chaotiannv one by one. Bu Yinlou wanted to use the gold piece secretly hidden in his hand to block Bai Ling, but he had no choice but to let his servant hang her up because of lack of strength. Just when her face turned pale and she was about to die, the gate of the Stupa was opened. Before Xiao Duo stepped inside, he asked loudly who is Buyinlou.

When Bu Yinlou heard the sound, he tried his best to make a sound, but he couldn’t speak from his throat. Fortunately, Bu Yinlou was still holding a gold piece in her hand, so she quickly dropped the gold piece to show her position. Without waiting for Yan Sunlang to ask questions, Xiao Duo ordered someone to take Buyinlou out. In order not to break the rules, Xiao Duo also specially brought the corpse of Concubine Shao, so as to replace the place in Buyinlou. Yan Sunlang was very unhappy, but he had no choice but to act in Xiao Duo’s hands, so he could only follow his orders.

Bu Yinlou woke up from the bed, opened the door and saw Xiao Duo. She hurried forward, wanting to thank the savior, but her throat seemed to be tied with a rope, and she couldn’t make a sound no matter what. Bu Yinlou thought about it, but he didn’t know why Xiao Duo would save himself. And Xiao Duo promised Murong Gaogong to rescue Buyinlou who had never been masked, but he actually wanted to use this to manipulate Murong Gaogong and let him use him for himself.

On this day, Xiao Duo sent a bowl of pear soup to Buyinlou. Bu Yinlou felt apprehensive, but he had to drink it again. Because it was too whole, a wolfberry touched Bu Yinlou’s mouth inappropriately. Seeing this, Xiao Duo pointed to his mouth to remind Bu Yinlou. Bu Yinlou was so frightened that he quickly knelt down and said that he did not want to have a counter meal with him. Hearing this, Xiao Duo walked away angrily, and took a hairpin from Buyinlou with him when he left.

Seeing Xiao Duo walking away, Buyinlou’s feet softened and he almost sat down. After today’s incident, Bu Yinlou was even more puzzled, why did Xiao Duo save himself because he had no relatives and reasons, and he didn’t care about his beauty and resourcefulness. After much deliberation, Bu Yinlou could only think that the reason why Xiao Duo saved him was that he might kill himself. That being the case, Buyinlou can only lie flat and survive.

As night fell, Xiao Duo took the hairpin from Buyinlou to Fuwang’s mansion. He wanted to use Murong Gaogong’s hand to help King Rong get rid of the queen’s kidnapping. Firstly, Xiao Duo had Murong Gaogong in his hands; secondly, Murong Gaogong was the only surviving prince of the previous emperor’s generation, and it was justifiable for King Rong to stay in Fuwang’s mansion.

But Murong Gaogong never cared about the affairs of the court, he had no power or influence so he dared to offend the queen. Xiao Duo was helpless, so he had no choice but to force others with force, and threatened him with Bu Yinlou Xiang. Fu Wang thought about it and could only agree.

Afterward, Xiao Duo hurried to Fengyi Palace, intending to borrow the tailor-made shroud to pick up King Rong. But Empress Rong’an was not a fool easily, Xiao Duo was left speechless with just a few words, and returned empty-handed. She still didn’t forget to criticize Sang and scold Huai, and remind Xiao Duo not to overstep in order to find a job in her position. After this incident, Fengyi Palace strengthened its guards up and down, and the queen even claimed to be sick and never left Fengyi Palace.

On the day of encoffining, King Rong will leave Fengyi Palace and come to Shangqiong Palace, this is the best time to pick him up. It’s just that someone needs to be on the way to hold back the empress to buy time. In order to ensure everything is safe, Xiao Duo took the initiative to “ask” Bu Yinlou for help. When the time came, Murong Gaogong raised the Kongming lantern. The Kongming Lantern followed the wind to the sky above Fengyi Palace, and Xiao Duo ordered his men to shoot it down, adding chaos to Fengyi Palace. The fire was blazing, and Fengyi Palace was in chaos.

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