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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 3 Recap

Wuxin got up and went straight to Xiao Se, glanced at Lei Wujie, and found that he was born with a delicate heart, immune to temptation. Facing Wuxin’s invitation to go with him, Xiao Se replied coldly and simply, but Wuxin didn’t care how he refused, grabbed a person’s shoulder with one hand to resist lightness kung fu, and disappeared in front of everyone with Xiao Se and Lei Wujie.

Jianghu Baixiaosheng Ji Ruofeng paid homage to his deceased Wangyou, and lamented that his generation of eminent monks was in such a catastrophe after all, it was all due to inadvertence, maybe it was destined. After the words fell, Ji Ruofeng received the news that Yong’an Wang Xiao Chuhe, whose alias was Xiao Se, was taken away by Ye Anshi on his way to Beauty Village. Ji Ruofeng pondered for a moment, thinking that he should meet this apprentice in person.

Lei Wujie felt that he had become a hostage, and repeatedly tried to escape but failed, and was ridiculed by Xiao Se. Xiao Se never imagined that the famous Lei Hong would have such a stupid apprentice. After all, when he was young, he only relied on the remnants of his skills to restore the fire. In his heyday, his reputation was far higher than that of the sect master Lei Qianhu. However, the ancestors of Leimen vowed to abandon the most commonly used weapons in martial arts, and the whole sect focused on developing firearms. However, Lei Hong went against his ancestors’ training in swordsmanship and fused Leimen gunpowder to create a terrifying sword.

It is rumored that when the Killing Sword was unsheathed, thunder exploded and flames blazed into the sky. With this sword, Lei Hong traveled the rivers and lakes, and finally lost to Xueyue Sword Immortal Li Hanyi, and disappeared from sight. The outside world has different opinions on this, either it is said that Lei Hong returned to Leijiabao to retreat, claiming that he will not enter the sword fairy and never leave the customs; or that Lei Hong violated the ancestral precepts and was expelled from Leimen.

Lei Wujie couldn’t sit still when he heard the back. Just as he felt wronged by his master Lei Hong, he suddenly remembered that he had left the Killing Sword on the road. Seeing it, Xiao Se helplessly shook his head, and repeatedly lamented that Lei Hong recognized this kind of bullshit. Disciple, Leimon is really unfortunate. At the same time, Wuxin sits in the river to exercise his kung fu and adjust his breath, and all kinds of distracting thoughts linger in his mind, including the past, the revenge of killing his father, and the love between master and apprentice.

Not a moment later, Xiao Se saw Wu Xin dressed neatly, standing alone by the river and looking into the distance, and instantly remembered a book, which described a fairy walking on clouds and mists, dressed in white, probably like him. Lei Wujie agreed when he heard the words, Wuxin led them all the way before, and he didn’t feel tired at all, if he wasn’t a god, how could he be so different from ordinary people.

At this moment, Wuxin came to the two of them, heard that Lei Wujie was seriously injured, picked him up and flew deep into the river, walked on the waves, and stopped in the middle of the river like walking on flat ground. Lei Wujie felt a wave of zhenqi coming into his body from Wuxin’s palm. Hearing the sound of wind and water waves, his heart became clear, a kind of unprecedented peace, and then the river water formed a huge vortex, covering the surroundings until the injury healed.

Tiannurui applied the wound medicine to Tang Lian, and then came to the hall, and through the monk Wuchan’s narration, she realized that Wuxin was actually the young master of Tianwai Tianmo Sect. Twelve years ago, the patriarch Ye Dingzhi led the Demon Cult to launch a war, but unfortunately he was defeated and died, leaving behind a son, Ye Anshi. Tianwaitian signed a contract with the Central Plains to lock mountains and rivers, handed over Ye Anshi as a hostage and changed his name to Wuxin, and promised not to set foot in the Central Plains within twelve years.

Now that the 12-year covenant of locking mountains and rivers has come, Tianwaitian wants to take back the young master Wuxin, but why Wuxin doesn’t want to leave with Baifaxian, and wants Xiao Se and Lei Wujie to accompany him to the Dafanyin Temple. It is written in one word: “money”. The so-called money travels all over the world, but without money, it is difficult to move an inch, and Wuxin regards Xiao Se as a money bag, but the money bag is penniless, and in the end he has to sell a thousand pieces of gold for ten taels of silver.

In fact, Xiao Se had already guessed Wuxin’s identity, and since Wuxin didn’t want to respond, it was not convenient for him to point it out. After the three of them were full of wine and food, they unexpectedly encountered a well-known horse thief. With an order, Lei Wujie was brutally besieged by horse thieves. Just as he was about to call for help, he found that Wuxin and Xiao Se had fled without a trace.

When Lei Wujie woke up and found himself in the dungeon, he also met a mysterious man who was also imprisoned next door, and drank fine wine with him. The man threatened to become emperor, but Lei Wujie didn’t take it seriously at all, thinking he was drunk and talking nonsense. As everyone knows, this person is the current Scarlet King Xiao Yu, Xiao Se’s younger brother in terms of status, and Wu Xin’s half father and mother.

Just as Xiao Yu expected, Xiao Se and Wu Xin would return to the camp to rescue Lei Wujie. At this time, the two caught a horse thief and asked about the location of the dungeon. The horse thief couldn’t bear the torture, and truthfully explained the big and small things about the camp, including a man of unknown origin. The head of the family respectfully called him son.

When Xiao Se sneaked into the dungeon, Xiao Yu had already left, and he judged the identity of the other party through the drink. After Xiao Yu realized that Wuxin would come to rob the prison, he suddenly heard a loud noise from outside, and saw Lei Wujie throwing several gunpowder to create chaos, followed Wuxin and Xiaose on horseback and ran away from the camp to clean up with the help of horse thieves. The tail after falling.

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