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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 22 Recap

Although Luo Ge had brought Liu Shao back to reality, Zhuo Qiuxian insisted on dealing with it according to the palace rules. No matter whether a serious criminal was wronged or not, if he wanted to leave the Palace of Violence Heaven, he would be punished by three thunderbolts. Luo Ge admitted that he had made a mistake, and wished Feng Lingli to be punished on his behalf, and then walked out of the Palace of Violence with Liu Shao in his arms.

When Luo Ge’s figure disappeared at the end, Zhuo Qiuxian finally came to his senses, his tone was completely different from before, full of exhaustion and loneliness. Over the years, the immortals always have a lot of complaints when they talk about the harsh punishment of the Innocence Palace, especially the palace owner Zhuo Qiuxian makes them feel discouraged. Shang Yurong knew that Zhuo Qiuxian was doing this to protect his status, but it was a pity that the mutual affection between the two could not be revealed.

In order to save Mr. A Fu, Luo Ning cut the palms of his hands, making Chi Guse recognize her as the master, and played a song of whirling. After Ah Fu-jun woke up, looking at Luo Ning who was guarding the bed, he felt a strange feeling in his heart for no reason. Through this incident, Luo Ning believed that Zeshui Xianyuan was in her body, no wonder her brother always forbade her to run around, let alone get close to the demon world.

Mr. A Fu comforted him, saying that he never believed in fate, even if Luo Ning was the successor of Fairy Zeshui, it didn’t mean he would be in the same situation. Afterwards, Mr. A Fu personally healed the wound on Luo Ning’s palm. Luo Ning’s heart was pounding like a deer, and he pretended to be calm and prepared to put the bone erosion back to its original place. At this moment, the restriction was suddenly lifted, Mr. A Fu learned that Liu Shao was safe and sound, his face was solemn.

Ever since Luo Ge brought Liu Shao back to Chonghua Palace, the fairy was furious, closed the door and did not see Luo Ge, and even returned the elixir he sent. Just as Luo Ge was worried about this, the Soul-eating Curse happened unexpectedly, and he couldn’t see Luo Ning in this state, so he persuaded her to leave through the door. Looking at the soul-eating curse runes extending to his wrist, Luo Ge was extremely shocked and realized that Lu Li’s feelings had never disappeared.

Long live took care of Liu Shao until she woke up, and told Luo Ge truthfully that he had suffered from the torture of thunder. Liu Shao was moved when she heard the words, and knew Luo Ge’s affection for her, so she hurried to find Luo Ge. It is also because the assassination of Xianweng has not been clarified yet, so Luo Ge told her not to leave the Chonghua Palace until the truth came out. Liu Shao wanted to use her body as bait, but it was too simple in hindsight.

Luo Ge presented Wangling to Liu Shao, saying that if there is danger, Yueling can sense it, and she can practice Wangling when she has nothing to do. Liu Shao was happy to be able to continue to be by Luo Ge’s side, and didn’t mind making a bed in Chonghua Palace at all, but Wansui actually sent her a mandarin duck quilt, which was self-evident.

In the following days, Liu Zhi teased Luo Ge from time to time, even though Luo Ge tried his best to restrain himself and stay away, she could see a different expression from before. Liu Shao personally made lotus lanterns for Luo Ge, and told him the stories of his parents. Ordinary people don’t have to shoulder the mission of protecting the Three Realms, and some only have a simple and warm life.

Bai Feng paid homage to her master Lu Sheng by the river, but she was ridiculed by Mr. A Fu. When Luo Ge was still Lu Li, she didn’t regard her as a close person at all. Now that she is Luo Ge’s immortal, she doesn’t take her seriously. . But Bai Feng didn’t care at all, and threatened to make Luo Ge unable to leave him, even if he was like a walking dead.

That night, while Liu Shao was resting, Luo Ge poured spiritual power into Wangling again, telling it that if he and Liu Shao were killed at the same time in the future, it must remember to protect Liu Shao with all its strength. After the words fell, Luo Ge sensed the attack of the Soul-eating Curse, and spewed out a mouthful of blood again. The mandarin duck that had been dyed red seemed to be doomed to his end.

In order to find the murderer as soon as possible, Liu Shao first thought of Bai Feng who was at odds with her. Luo Ge also felt that there must be someone more powerful behind her manipulating her. It was also Xie Lingqi who was thrown into the pool of bones and refused to reveal his identity. mastermind. At this moment, Xie Lingqi was suffering in Huaguchi, and contacted Mr. Afu through sound transmission, saying that Xingyin was still in his hands.

For thousands of years, Xi Ruan gave him Yaoyuan to save him, and his demon power has been quite high. Mr. A Fu knew that with a little training, Xie Yin would surely be able to become a capable person who would work for him, so he asked Xie Lingqi to wait a little longer, and come to rescue him after he finished handling the matters in hand.

In order to lure Baifeng to show her flaws, Luo Ge deliberately asked her to collect flowers and place them near the Xuanlingmu. Baifeng noticed something, and would rather be burned than use his spiritual power. The purpose was to prevent Xuan Lingmu from absorbing his demon essence. But in fact, Mr. A Fu saw Luo Ge’s true intentions. The so-called Xuan Lingmu was just a cover-up. In fact, when Bai Feng approached the Xuan Lingmu, Luo Ge had already obtained her spiritual power.

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