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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 21 Recap

After that, for three consecutive days, Liu Shao stayed in the back mountain to practice the Ice Soul Jue hard, and reconciled the yin and yang energy to plant the weed grass. She wanted to entrust it to Long Live and was about to leave. Unexpectedly, the fairy was assassinated and fell into a coma. Zhuo Qiuxian recognized that the object was given to Liu Shao by Shang Yurong, so he guessed that Liu Shao intended to murder the immortal, and immediately sent someone to arrest Liu Shao.

Luo Ge spent thousands of years of spiritual power to save the fairy, but he didn’t expect that the fairy actually identified Liu Shao as the murderer, and was more willing to swear by his cultivation, so Luo Ge had to accept this so-called fact. However, Xianweng still doesn’t know that even if he can sense that the assailant possesses the Yaoling Shenyuan, it’s just the Yaoling fragments that Lord A Fu gave to Bai Feng, and let her pretend to be Liu Zhi to assassinate her, and she will be convicted of Liu Zhi’s crime.

But now that there are all the witnesses and material evidence, no matter how Liu Shao denies it, it seems powerless. She sees Luo Ge hesitates, does not fully trust herself, and falls into despair. According to the regulations of Xianju, those who committed the following crimes and caused serious injuries to the teacher must be taken to the place of heaven’s punishment and handed over to Wuxie Palace for prison and death.

Luo Ge couldn’t bear it, so he had to execute the punishment of ice edge nightmare on Liu Zhi in public. Those who suffered this punishment would die in pain in their dreams, and the Yuan Dan would be shattered after twelve o’clock.

Bai Feng didn’t expect Luo Ge to be so ruthless and ruthless, and felt unbelievable and relieved, while Mr. A Fu threatened her to continue to help him get the Moon-Holding Sword. Luo Ning heard what happened to Liu Shao, and couldn’t wait to intercede with Luo Ge, but there was a restriction on the gate and he couldn’t leave, so he had no choice but to call A Fujun for help.

In fact, Luo Ge didn’t believe that Liu Shao was the murderer who assassinated the fairy, and the reason why he changed it to the punishment of the ice edge nightmare was because he wanted to delay time to find evidence to clear Liu Shao’s innocence. Just as Luo Ge was discussing countermeasures with Shang Yurong, he suddenly felt a dull pain in half of his heart. The past memories of Liu Shao and Lu Li emerged in his mind, and he subconsciously said that he believed in Liu Shao.

At the same time, taking advantage of Luo Ge’s inability to separate himself, Mr. Afu forcibly casts a spell to condense the water element, and then makes the soul break through the barrier. However, this method would cause A Fujun to be seriously injured. He took advantage of Luo Ning’s feelings and lied that he was injured in order to break through the prohibition. Sure enough, Luo Ning felt guilty, so under the hint of A Fujun, he summoned Guse to prepare to heal his wounds.

Wan Sui hurried to Chonghua Palace, and truthfully stated that Liu Zhi had been practicing Ice Soul Art in the back mountain for the past three days, which proved in disguise that she could not have time to assassinate the immortal. When Luo Ge looked at the weeds that had already taken shape, and heard that Liu Zhi was suffering so much for himself, he couldn’t care about anything else, and immediately ran to the Palace of Innocence to release Liu Zhi’s punishment, Zhuo Qiuxian Trying to stop it failed, Shang Yurong explained the ins and outs to her.

Because Liu Zhi has entered the depths of the nightmare, it is absolutely impossible for her to wake up on her own, unless someone wakes her up, she will definitely die after another hour. Regardless of Shang Yurong’s persuasion, Luo Ge directly searched for Liu Zhi with Yuanshen in his dream, only to find that Liu Zhi was standing by the Moon River and pulling the rope, even with blood on his hands, he wanted to pull the boat back to the shore.

Luo Ge hastily cut off the rope and hugged Liu Zhi, trying to wake her up not to lose her mind. Liu Shao bit Luo Ge’s neck fiercely, regained consciousness in an instant, recalled what happened in the Temple of Litian, and complained tearfully that Luo Ge had never believed in herself. It was Liu Shao’s words that made Luo Ge’s heart ache, and repeatedly emphasized that he was Lu Li.

However, Liu Shao in the nightmare has no desire to survive, Luo Ge draws his sword to kill the nightmare, and finds that the opponent is actually Lu Li. As Lu Li and the boat sank to the bottom of the water, Luo Ge didn’t know that he was under the Soul Eater Curse. He hugged Liu Shao tightly and looked at his heart again. Whether it is Luo Ge or Lu Li, they all belong to the same person, and they love Liu Shao from the bottom of their hearts, and they will never let go of each other from now on.

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