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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 20 Recap

Mr. A Fu truthfully informed Lu Sheng of the cause of death and used it as a bargaining chip, but actually let Bai Feng use it for himself. According to Bai Feng’s words, he put the glass bottle containing A Fu Jun’s water element into Luo Ning’s room, causing Luo Ning to release A Fu Jun inadvertently. When faced with Mr. Afu’s overtures, Luo Ning felt suspicious and cast a spell to hold him in place. It wasn’t until an hour later when he found a crack on his face that he remembered that people from the Jishui tribe should not leave the water for too long.

After Liu Shao wakes up, she arranges Weiyang flowers for the Chonghua Palace, and Luo Ge personally guides Liu Shao to practice magic. However, the spiritual power of the two clashed with each other, the Huzhu bracelet relieved Liu Shao of some of his strength, and Luo Ge even hid his injuries to coax Liu Shao away, and after he left, he fell to the ground and vomited blood. Seeing this, Xian Weng warned Luo Ge to recognize the reality, he and Liu Zhi could not bear the destruction caused by backlash.

Although Luo Ge remained indifferent on the surface, Liu Shao had already sensed his strangeness, and hurriedly consulted Wan Sui to discuss countermeasures. In fact, in the past tens of thousands of years, there were only a handful of immortals who ascended to immortality, and each immortal had a very short lifespan, including Shang Yurong’s father. While talking, Shang Yurong fell from the sky, Wan Sui knew he shouldn’t talk behind his back, so he ran away in fright. Shang Yurong exchanged the hairpin for the flowers in Liu Shao’s hand. He wanted to present flowers to Zhuo Qiuxian, but Zhuo Qiuxian misunderstood them.

After the unremitting efforts of Liu Shao and Wansui, they finally found a way to help Luo Ge, but the weed grass is rare for thousands of years, and even the ancestor of Wansui only has this one seed, and it takes three years to cultivate it with the yin and yang. year germination. At this moment, Luo Ge summoned Liu Shao to Chonghua Palace, and took out “Ice Soul Jue” for her to practice.

Just when Liu Shao was pleasantly surprised that this spell might be able to reconcile yin and yang, she didn’t expect Luo Ge to drip phoenix tears into the water cup in order to let her practice without hindrance. The so-called phoenix tears are left by the God of Yao Ling. After swallowing them, they forget the past and the past, and are reborn from Nirvana. Liu Shao categorically refused and smashed the water glass, Xian Weng appeared and knocked her to the ground.

Even so, Liu Shao would rather die than forget Lu Li. To prove that he was not Lu Li, Luo Ge lifted up his collar to prove that there was no Soul Eater Curse in his body. Xian Weng still wants to attack Liu Shao, Luo Ge protects Liu Shao in time, he is so angry that Xian Weng scolds the two that they are in conflict with each other, and Liu Shao stays by Luo Ge’s side to harm him.

Liu Shao was shocked when she heard the words, and decided to leave Xianju and never see each other again. She only hoped that Xianweng would allow her to stay in Xianju for three days. Taking advantage of no one around, Baifeng cast a spell to hurt Liu Shao. Fortunately, Zhuo Qiuxian brought Shang Yurong to stop her, and slapped Baifeng on the spot, warning her to keep her duty in Xianju, otherwise she would not be forgiven lightly.

Since Mr. A Fu left last time, he has not appeared many times in a row, Luo Ning held the glass bottle and thought about it. Just when Luo Ning was feeling bored and bored, Mr. Afu suddenly appeared, which made her very happy and made her get along more happily. Mr. Afu personally made a doll for Luo Ning as a gift, but Luo Ning said he hated the ugliness, but he still accepted it. The premise was that Mr. Afu would memorize all the mental instructions for him within a day, and Mr. Afu did as expected.

On the other hand, Liu Shao left Xiyin Mountain and had nowhere to go but to talk to Wan Sui. She thought that even if she couldn’t marry Luo Ge, at least she could spend her whole life together in Xianju. It’s a pity that the wish came to nothing, Liu Zhi just wanted to take away the weed grass, if it could be planted in the mortal world to help Luo Ge, it would be a blessing without regret.

All the demons offered the collected demon yuan for Baifeng to cultivate, and some even took the demon yuan cultivated by Jishui babies. Baifeng was furious when he heard the words. Better to die. Baifeng took the opportunity to escape, and the other monsters recognized the demon king in white as the new king, and the monster who hurt the Jishui baby was killed on the spot.

Because Bai Feng did not find the way to break Luo Ge’s enchantment from Lu Sheng’s relics, A Fu Jun could only take the risk and use Luo Ning to help him escape. During this period of time, every time Mr. A Fu passed by the Siqian Water Pavilion, he would leave water yuan. When the water yuan was enough, he could use his body to summon the soul. Even if the process was dangerous, he believed that Luo Ning would not refuse to save him.

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