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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 19 Recap

The demon king in white made himself the new king of the demon world, which made Luo Ge displeased. When the two were at war, Liu Shao hurriedly stood in front of Luo Ge and gave Hana a wink to let him leave. Wang Jian recognized Luo Ge as Lu Li, and was corrected by Luo Ge. His attitude was indifferent throughout the whole process, and there was no sign of Lu Li at all.

Before, monsters continued to invade Wuyanghou’s mansion, and the barrier disappeared. Luo Ge cast a spell to recast the barrier and consume his own spirit. In order to prevent Liu Shao from seeing something strange, Luo Ge endured the discomfort and went back to Xiyin Mountain first, leaving Liu Shao alone in Wuyang Hou Mansion. Wang Jian firmly believed that such a righteous Luo Ge Shangxian must be Lu Li.

However, the old wounds were not healed, and new wounds were added. Luo Ge felt that his spiritual power was showing signs of weakening, and mistook Bai Feng for Liu Zhi when he was weak. Bai Feng felt jealous, and secretly vowed to get Luo Ge. When Liu Shao came back to apologize to Luo Ge, and explained why she was protecting the demon king in white, she found that Bai Feng and Luo Ge were in the same room, and she couldn’t help feeling jealous.

Luo Ning didn’t see his brother, so he passed by the Lingquan Water Pavilion where A Fujun was imprisoned, and talked with him while hiding his identity. Although Luo Ning seldom went out, and she never got close to people in the demon world, she knew a lot about the Jishui tribe and knew that the person in front of her was General Yushui. The so-called Yushui General does not rely entirely on Yushui, but a scimitar to conquer the north and south, and the way is fierce. Luo Ning became curious and coaxed Mr. A Fu to use the sword for him.

Mr. A Fu was rarely obedient, and after showing the scimitar, he asked Luo Ning for a reward and asked her name. Luo Ning deliberately kept things secret, bluntly said that he likes smart people, if he is a smart person, we will meet again next time. However, Luo Ning has already fallen into A Fujun’s trap, including this encounter is all his tricks.

Luo Ge saw that Liu Shao was very concerned about being alone with Bai Feng, so he immediately ordered Bai Feng not to enter the Chonghua Palace without permission, and then made Liu Shao kneel for an hour. But half an hour later, Liu Shao pretended to have a leg pain to trick him into sympathy, but Luo Ge couldn’t bear it, so he didn’t care too much.

Just as Liu Shao was asking Luo Ge for news about Baifeng, the fairy servant came to report that the demon king in white had suddenly visited Xianju. Luo Ge reminded Liu Shao that if he could convince everyone in the Palace of Violence Heaven that the fairy and demon coexist peacefully, he could consider teaching her spells. Protect those you want to protect. Afterwards, despite the censure of the immortals, the demon king in white vowed to regain the glory of the Jishui tribe, command and restrain the demons, and return the peace of the Three Realms.

Xian Weng strongly objected, thinking that the Yaozu was completely untrustworthy, Liu Shao refuted Xian Weng, and Shang Yurong and others were persuaded. In the end, the votes were half and half, and Luo Ge was the key vote. He promised to give the demon king in white three years, and if any of the four clans of the demon world surrendered, he would allow Lord Afu to regain his freedom.

When the dust settled, the demon king in white came to Liu Shao alone to express his concern. Luo Ge became jealous and forcibly dragged Liu Shao away to prevent her from being alone with Hana. Liu Shao saw Luo Ge’s careful thinking, and made fun of it deliberately, but it made the two of them rarely get close easily. As Luo Ning’s birthday was approaching, Luo Ge approached Long Live to negotiate a gift, and wanted to give her flowers that she had never had before.

Wan Sui racked his brains and couldn’t think of new tricks, Liu Shao suddenly had a plan, and the snow and ice fell from the sky, Luo Ning was very happy. Luo Ning and Liu Zhi were very drunk, and Liu Shao showed love to Luo Ge through drinking, Luo Ge rarely refused to reject her, and looked at her drunken madness with doting.

At the same time, Mr. Afu led Baifeng to Lingquan Water Pavilion, exposed her to use Lu Sheng’s magic weapon to cover up her evil spirit, and cast a spell to control her, discovering the evil spirit in her body. Knowing that he is no match for Mr. A Fu, Bai Feng desperately wants to know the cause of Master’s death, so he can only follow his arrangement. Mr. A Fu asked Bai Feng to reveal the identity of the fairy who held the birthday in Xiyin Mountain today, so he knew that this person was Luo Ning, the younger sister of Luo Ge Shangxian.

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