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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 17 Recap

The willow tip leaned against the tree, and a pot of sake made her drunk like a dream, whispering the unforgettable past. It was precisely because of these words that fell into his ears in detail, Luo Ge’s mood was restless, as if a heavy stone had fallen, and he could not tell the unexplained saltiness and soreness. The Baoyue sword was influenced by the master’s five senses and floated not far from the willow twig. Seeing this, the willow stalk threw a stone as if venting, scolding Luo Ge for failing to live up to his old promise and for being ashamed of the ten thousand flowers that once bloomed.

The mother-in-law’s tree sensed the injury of the willow tip, and turned into a patter of rain. Luo Ge half-closed his eyes and opened them again, seeing Liu Shao bursting into tears, feeling a little pity in his heart, he picked her up and was about to leave. Liu Shao scratched Luo Ge’s face with drunkenness, and the demon king in white hurriedly appeared due to a misunderstanding, but when Luo Ge asked about the progress of the matter, Mr.

A Fu had already broken the barrier with the help of Tai Lao, and took the initiative to reveal the spiritual pulse It was Lu Sheng who gave it to him.

Regarding Mr. A Fu’s statement, Luo Ge naturally did not fully believe it, so he waited for Liu Shao to wake up and took him to Lu Sheng for verification. Liu Shao found out that Luo Ge couldn’t remember anything after drinking, and wondered where the scratches on Luo Ge’s face came from. Luo Ge replied angrily that it was a dog bite, but Liu Shao gloated and suggested that he should learn the dog-beating stick method.

However, as soon as the words were finished, Luo Ge stretched out his hand to caress the side of Liu Shao’s face, and immediately asked whether her dog head could withstand the method of beating a dog with a stick.

Now that the matter has been revealed, Mr. A Fu presented Lu Sheng with a magic weapon, reminding him to set up a magic circle on the road that Luoge must pass, so as to bind the magic power of Luoge and Liu Shao through the Brahma Lotus, and take this opportunity to kill Liu Shao. Lu Sheng looked at the green pear in his hand, recalled all the past, and the teaching kindness of God Moonlight, and finally decided to activate the Brahma Lotus Formation.

The demon king in white guessed that the matter of Lu Sitai must be related to his younger brother, so he planned to join his tribe to send Mr. A Fu out of the barrier to avoid the limelight, and entrusted the tribe outside the wilderness to take care of him. Mr. A Fu would not be obedient at all, and then poured drugs into the tea, causing Hana to temporarily lose his mana.

Luo Ge brought Liu Shao to look for Lu Sheng, and found that he had been waiting in the forest for a long time, and talked about the relationship between himself and the God of Moonlight. It is precisely because the God of God occupies an extremely important position in Lu Sheng’s heart, he does not care about the loss of life, even if he sacrifices Lu Li, he must ensure that the God of God returns to his position.

Then Lu Sheng activated the formation to deal with Luo Ge and Liu Shao. Unexpectedly, the formation had been tampered with by Mr. A Fu. No matter there were people, demons or immortals around him, he would be strangled by him. Apparently Mr. A Fu wanted to catch them all. Seeing Liu Shao’s injury, Luo Ge suddenly felt heartbroken, and wanted to break free from the shackles with spiritual power.

Lu Sheng couldn’t bear half of Luo Ge’s heart to be damaged, so he sacrificed himself to save the two of them. On his deathbed, Lu Sheng felt guilty for his disciple Lu Li, and told Luo Ge to be careful of Mr. Afu. After saying that, his body and soul were all destroyed, leaving behind half-demon tears. Luo Ge erected a grave for Lu Sheng to pay respects to Lu Sheng instead.

At this moment in Yao Que, Mr. A Fu recalled the past, and missed his high-spirited and ambitious elder brother. He was the only one who could leave the Jishui tribe and walk freely for thousands of years. However, the later encounters made him change so much. big. The disciples of Xianju bullied the demons but were taught by Hana. Xie Lingqi led all the immortals to slaughter the Jishui tribe and humiliated the two brothers in public.

In order to protect his younger brother from harm, Hana endured the humiliation and knelt down to beg Xie Lingqi to give him a hand, and then swallowed the fireball alive, suffering ten years of pain. Since then, Mr. Afu’s hatred for Xianju has grown day by day, and he secretly planned to destroy the Four Seasons Monument, designed Xie Lingqi to become the secret agent of the demon clan, and used the demon essence to confuse everyone in Xianju into thinking that he had already become an internal agent.

Mr. A Fu hoped that his brother could return to his former self. As long as he and his clansmen were free again, even if he was called vicious and vicious, he would do whatever he could. The demon king in white was moved, but he also couldn’t persuade Mr. A Fu to turn back. Mr. Tai suddenly reported that Luo Ge and Liu Shao had turned back, and he instantly realized that something was wrong.

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