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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 16 Recap

It’s a pity that Liu Shao’s hope was in vain, Luo Ge set up a blood talisman heartlessly, and when she endured the pain, she finally realized that Lu Li was long gone. As the saying goes, there is nothing greater than heartbreak, Liu Shao was already ready to follow Lu Li to the underworld, weakly whispering Lu Li’s name. Luo Ge was slightly taken aback when he heard the words, and turned to leave without looking back, but he had just walked a few steps when he suddenly felt like a knife was piercing his heart.

That night, the man in black wanted to assassinate Liu Shao, but was unexpectedly caught by Liu Shao, and found out that she was Luo Ge’s illusion, and the so-called spies of the demon clan were Xie Lingqi. Before Xie Lingqi could quibble, the surrounding scene turned into the Palace of Litian, and above the main hall, Luo Ge exposed in public that he had colluded with the monster clan and caused damage to the Ziji Shield and the Monument of Four Seasons.

In order to find out the secret hidden in Xianju, Luo Ge and Shang Yurong deliberately spread the news of refining the blood talisman. Unexpectedly, Xie Lingqi took the bait. Xie Lingqi did not continue to defend, and took off his coat directly to reveal his bruised upper body, proving that he spent his whole life upholding the order of the world, and made great achievements in helping the Three Realms to kill the battlefield.

In the end, Shang Yurong took away the position of the leader of the Three Palaces . Xie Lingqi refused to confess his accomplice, Luo Ge imprisoned him in Huaguchi, and he would never be released.

When Liu Shao woke up and saw Shang Yurong, she knew through him that she was just Luo Ge’s bait, and felt very uncomfortable. Luo Ge took the initiative to look for Liu Shao, hoping to get two more blood talismans, but Liu Shao resolutely refused, and angrily scolded Luo Ge for being so merciful to the common people, why didn’t she abandon her own fairy bones to pad the Four Seasons Monument, and insisted on letting her give up her body and give up her life like a mortal? Heart, in the end I have to give up my life.

Luo Ge knew he was wrong, so he simply removed the magic circle, and the four blood talismans could temporarily keep the Monument of Four Seasons safe for a while. But the half heart suppressed by the Monument of Four Seasons is extremely dangerous, and it was born of the hostility of the God of Moonlight. The fairy reminded Luo Ge that he should be clear about his mission, if half of the heart is freed, it will definitely bring disaster to the Three Realms.

However, Luo Ge turned a deaf ear to Xian Weng’s dissuasion, thinking that the best way to eliminate hidden dangers is to cultivate to become a god as soon as possible. Xianweng noticed that Luo Ge was showing signs of emotion, so he gave Baifeng a golden pill to enhance the immortal power, and instructed her to go to Xiyin Mountain to monitor Liu Shao, and never let Liu Shao arouse Luo Ge’s mortal love.

Just when Liu Shao was complaining about Lu Li to Wan Sui, Lu Li suddenly appeared, listening to her retelling her past love words, subconsciously wanted to reach out but stopped. Luo Ge presented Liu Shao with a Bingxianqin, and tricked her into playing the piano for herself, in order to find out that the demon strings on the bone-corroding zither were actually the spirit veins of the Demon King.

Then Luo Ge appeared in the Jishui Tribe to question the plot of the demon king in white, and sealed off the Yaoque so that no one from the clan could leave. Luckily, Liu Shao arrived in time and stood in front of Hana without hesitation, insisting that Hana had no malice in gifting the spirit veins, and that everything he did was to save himself, and even more so to save Lu Li.

Luo Ge looked at Liu Zhi’s face, and temporarily gave He that day to find out the truth, and then sat by the whirling tree with his eyes closed to rest. After Luo Ge left, Liu Shao told Hana what had happened recently. She really couldn’t figure out why Luo Ge’s immortal was ruthless and loveless, so why would he turn into the loving and righteous Lu Li again.

In order to protect his younger brother, the white-clothed Yaojun did not reveal the truth about Yaoxian, and privately questioned Mr. Afu for his frivolous actions. Mr. Afu doesn’t care about the disasters in the Three Realms and the world’s unrest, as long as he can break the curse and the Jishui people regain their freedom, he doesn’t care about the life or death of other people. Hana felt bad for his younger brother, cast a spell to lock him in the barrier, and decided to bear the consequences alone.

Liu Shao remembered that Lu Li was easy to get drunk when he drank, so he got drunk with rouge and forced Luo Ge to drink it in front of her. Because Liu Shao was so obsessed with obsession, Luo Ge drank a whole bottle of wine directly, his indifference remained the same, there was no difference. Liu Zhi failed to get the answer she wanted, unwilling to accept the fact that Lu Li had passed away, so she sat alone under the whirling tree and got drunk.

The mother-in-law’s tree felt something, and the petals fell all over the sky. Liu Zhi felt even more sad when she saw Luo Ge cast a spell to control the mother tree’s emotions. While drinking, she talked about the little things about herself and Lu Li, and she felt sweet and happy thinking about it. Luo Ge tried his best to keep a deaf ear, but he still couldn’t control his emotions.

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