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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 15 Recap

In the blink of an eye, Lu Li, who was snuggling up against the willow branches, had turned into Luo Ge, with clear eyes and a cold tone. Although Luo Ge admits that Lu Li is his incarnation in the mortal world, he is not Lu Li after all. The mortal world has experienced all kinds of things, no matter people or things, it is doomed, and he is completely indifferent to false feelings. See reality.

Bai Feng did not follow the disciples back to Marquis Wuyang’s mansion, but also stayed in Xianju for several days, and got to know the immortal attendant to inquire about Luo Ge. Xie Lingqi sneered at Luo Ge’s promotion to Shangxian and borrowed a mortal face, Bai Feng’s words of defense angered him, and he was almost kicked out of the fairy house. Xianweng liked Baifeng’s unyielding strength, and promised to keep her as a handyman, and Baifeng agreed without thinking.

Luo Ge set up a five-element formation in Chonghua Palace to test Liu Shao, and discussed with Xianweng about refining blood talismans to repair the Four Seasons Monument, which needs the blood of Liu Shao as a guide. Liu Shao was defeated for the first time and was unable to enter the Chonghua Palace, so she ran into the Longevity Patriarch by mistake, and then told him about her recent experiences. Wan Sui was moved by the love between Liu Shao and Lu Li, and encouraged her not to give up, which might influence Luo Ge to resume her relationship.

Because of this, Liu Zhi successfully broke through the formation with her comprehension, and finally came to the Chonghua Palace, where she saw a strange tree growing backwards in the center. Liu Shao was curious to draw water for the tree with a water ladle, but Luo Ge suddenly changed shape, and Wan Sui had to leave first. Luo Ge didn’t care about Liu Shao’s offense, but mentioned to her about making blood charms to suppress the Four Seasons Monument.

Even though Liu Shao knew that this move was extremely dangerous, she still agreed to the other party’s request, only wishing that she could freely enter and leave the Chonghua Palace without any restrictions. Luo Ge agreed to Liu Zhi’s conditions, and also established the “three don’ts” rule, don’t touch the sacred tree, don’t touch the fairy book, and don’t touch him.

Afterward, Luo Ge prepared many scriptures and told Liu Shao to hand them over to Luo Ning for copying. Originally, Luo Ning wanted to cast spells to cheat, but Luo Ge had already thought of this. The scriptures were all full of restrictions, and Liu Shao realized that only by remembering them in his heart can the words disappear. In the end, Liu Shao accompanied Luo Ning to endorse, and the two of them spent most of the day, finally completing the task.

On the way to the Shangxian’s conferment ceremony, Liu Shao and Luo Ning met the head of the Three Palaces, Shang Yurong, the lord of Yuanjing Palace. Although Shang Yurong was handsome, but Luo Ning complained about his pompous manner, which made his senior sister Zhuo Qiuxian suffer every time. At this moment, the conferring ceremony is about to begin, and the immortals have not seen Shang Yurong for a long time, so there is a lot of discussion about it.

For thousands of years, Shang Yurong and Luo Ge were equal in strength, and they were supported by two factions. Now that Luo Ge has been promoted to an immortal, Xie Lingqi proposed to re-elect the head of the Three Palaces. Shang Yurong heard that Zhuo Qiuxian was made things difficult by Xie Lingqi, so she immediately took Liu Shao and Luo Ning to the Palace of Litian, which made Xie Lingqi embarrassed in public.

After the farce subsided, Shang Yurong led the immortals to welcome Luo Ge. Liu Shao watched him fall from the sky, and suddenly remembered the scene of Lu Li pretending to be Luo Ge and appearing in the Pearl Pavilion. Luo Ge was granted the title of Immortal, and vowed to benefit the Three Realms, save all living beings and the people, and exchange all existence and non-existence for the purity and innocence of the world.

Originally, Liu Shao was not qualified to participate in the conferring ceremony, but Shang Yurong defended Liu Shao everywhere, asked her to sit beside her at the banquet, and asked everyone if they would share in drawing blood to make talismans to restore the Four Seasons Monument. Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, all the immortals were speechless. Luo Ge stood up and announced that Lu Sitai would set up a formation tomorrow, using the body of willow shoots to refine blood talismans, and emphasized that the disciples of the Three Palaces should never approach Lu Sitai. All the immortals responded.

The blood talisman needs Liu Shao to use blood as a guide, but the seven talismans are related to Liu Shao’s life, and will be wiped out by accident. Long live hears about this matter and feels injustice for Liu Shao, even though she has Yao Ling Shenyuan body protection, it doesn’t mean she will be safe. Liu Shao has no choice but to bet on whether Luo Ge retains Lu Li’s feelings. If he is Lu Li, he will definitely not let himself take the risk.

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