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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 14 Recap

Seeing that the demon king was about to be born, everyone was very anxious about it. Fortunately, Luo Ge showed up in time, suppressed the black air with the moon bell, and restored the peace of the Four Seasons Monument. Knowing that Luo Ge was promoted to the immortal, the immortal was overjoyed, and felt that it was a blessing in the three realms to finally have an immortal sitting in the immortal residence for thousands of years. Luo Ge was concerned about the origin of today’s catastrophe, and informed Xian Weng to find out the origin of willow shoots after counting the casualties.

Now that the Four Seasons Monument incident has come to an end, the Jishui people have discovered that the color of the Liuli fruit has become darker, which means that Xianju’s restraint on them is gradually loosening. But it was the result of Lu Li sacrificing himself. The demon king in white was very sad and played the flute to pay homage to Lu Li, rejoicing that he was able to meet him in this life.

Thousands of years ago, Luo Ge’s promotion was hindered, so he simply retreated and sealed, dug out half of his heart and sent it to the mortal world. But now that he has returned to his throne after a calamity, Luo Ge is influenced by Lu Li, so he still has distracting thoughts. Just as he was washing his mind in the Lingchi, Luo Ning hurried over after waking up, and the fairy servant also came to report that everyone in the Marquis of Wuyang’s mansion had gathered in Litian Palace to wait for their punishment.

Xie Lingqi found out that the gut-wrenching strings of the violin were transformed by the spiritual veins of a high-level monster, and he believed that the disciples of the Marquis of Wuyang had conspired with the demon world, so he told Luo Ge that he should notify the Three Realms. For the funeral of the Marquis of Wuyang, they are forbidden to be incensed by the people. Liu Shao heard the words and scolded Xianju for making unfair judgments, ruling the lives of the people regardless of right or wrong, only caring about the pros and cons, calling him the leader of the Three Realms in vain.

As soon as these words came out, Xie Lingqi became furious, and just as he was about to make a move on Liu Shao, Luo Ge used the moon-holding sword to stop him. Liu Shao was shocked that the moon-holding sword, which had recognized Lu Li as the master, was in Luo singer. Luo song promised to give her a chance and ordered her to be imprisoned in the evolution bone pool to prove her innocence.

The Huagu Pond in the forbidden area of ​​Xianju is surrounded by thorns all the year round, and there are countless evil spirits hidden in it. Any person or demon with evil thoughts in his heart will surely die here. Luo Ge observed Liu Shao through the mysterious mirror, and found that the Huzhu bracelet could help her get rid of evil spirits, so he immediately cast a spell to take the bracelet away. Willow stalks gritted their teeth and crawled over the thorns, enduring the pain of blood and blood. At this moment, Luo Ge looked at Hu Zhu with great interest, feeling that he had known him before, but unexpectedly, Liu Shao crawled out through the Shengmen and snatched the bracelet from him directly.

It is also because the blood of willow shoots dripped on the Three Boundary Monument that everyone found that the cracks in the Three Boundary Monument were repaired by themselves. Luo Ge suddenly grabbed Liu Shao, unexpectedly, Hu Zhu threw out his hand and broke the mask, revealing the same face as Lu Li under the mask. Luo Geshi fixed Liu Shao, and through the seal between her eyebrows, it was confirmed that she was the heir of God Yao Ling, so the Stele of Four Seasons could be stabilized.

In order to find out the connection between Luo Ge and Lu Li, Liu Shao bid farewell to Wang Jian and others, and stayed alone in Xianju. Luo Ge also escaped from the Huaguchi safely because of the willow shoots. It can be seen that he has a pure nature, and there is still the divine essence of the Yaoling God in his body, so he simply stayed in Xiyin Mountain. It’s just that Lu Li and Liu Shao have a deep relationship and are too obsessed, which has affected Luo Ge’s appearance. Luo Ge comforts the fairy not to worry, since he ascended to the immortal, everything in the world has disappeared.

Zhuo Qiuxian, the lord of the palace, arranges a residence for Liu Zhi. When passing by Luo Ning’s residence, Luo Ning asks Liu Zhi to play the whirling song again. Although there is no weakness around Liu Shao, she still passed the test by relying on the wind chime, which attracted Luo Ning to be interested in her, and the two got along well, and then became friends.

Lu Sheng was saddened when he heard the news of his apprentice’s death, Mr. Ah Fu laughed at Lu Sheng for being kind to women, and urged him to let Bai Feng get rid of Liu Shao as soon as possible, so as not to cause another disaster. However, Xianju is investigating the secret work of Lu Sitai, presumably Luo Ge will never give up easily, Liu Shao’s burst of divine power will definitely scatter Yaoling fragments, Lu Sheng is worried that if Luo Ge finds the fragments, he may find out the mastermind behind the scenes, how do you know? Mr. Fu actually placed an internal response in Xianju, and he had already sent the fragments back to Yaoque.

Luo Ning took Liu Zhi to visit the Xianju, and let Liu Zhi play the bone-piercing harp again. The sound of the piano made the flowers bloom in Xianju, and the pieces flew like an illusion, and the willow branches played another piece of music unknowingly. Listening to the sad and moving tune, Luo Ning couldn’t help weeping. Liu Shao didn’t know the music score, so she played it from memory, and it always felt very familiar.

Then Luo Ning took the initiative to come to Luo Ge, curious about how he viewed the mortal world’s calamity, Luo Ge responded that the mortal world’s past is just a cloud, but when he heard that Liu Shao entered the dreamland and reunited with Lu Li through the fragrance prepared by Luo Ning, he still couldn’t help but go to check . Liu Shao and Lu Li lived peacefully in the dream, warm and sweet. She thought of the moment of parting, hugged Lu Li sadly, and unexpectedly found Luo Ge standing not far away.

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