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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 13 Recap

Wang Jian and Xiaoxue knew that Liu Shao was going to Xianju, so they specially arranged wine for her and Lu Li to see him off. After drinking for three rounds, Lu Li hugged Liu Shao reluctantly, thinking about whether to listen to Lu Sheng’s suggestion and split the Stele of Four Seasons. The next day, Lu Li formed a carp boat for the willow twigs, and the two of them rode through the clouds without any hindrance.

Xian Weng had been waiting at the gate of the palace for a long time, and appointed Xie Lingqi to guide them to familiarize themselves with the environment. Xie Lingqi underestimated Lu Li and Liu Shao’s mortal bodies, and simply let the two go to the Wuji Palace by themselves. Although Liu Shao was extremely uncomfortable in Xianju, but with Lu Li by her side, she saw the green mountains and waterfalls, admired exotic flowers and plants, and endless fresh fruits every day.

Lu Li personally showed the wonders of puppetry. Liu Zhi thought of misunderstanding Lu Li before, and felt very guilty in his heart. Then he hugged Lu Li tightly, saying that even if he didn’t believe in eyes and ears, he still had to trust Lu Li. Seeing that the time to restore the Monument of Four Seasons was getting closer, Liu Shao found Xian Weng privately, willing to exchange the opportunity of Xianju cultivation in exchange for Lu Li’s safety and health.

Because Liu Shao has done a great job in repairing the Four Seasons Monument by himself, and also believes that the immortal’s ability can lift the Soul Eater Curse. Lu Li was moved when he saw this, Liu Shao was not greedy to cultivate to become a fairy, not to mention the loneliness of thousands of years, it can’t compare with her and Lu Li’s every moment, Lu Li also yearned for the ordinary happiness after marriage.

Since Xie Yin’s death, Xie Ruan has been thinking of revenge all the time, Lu Sheng deliberately instigates Xie Ruan to join forces, and will lead a large-scale attack when he is watching the ceremony at the Monument of the Four Seasons. On the day when the Monument of Four Seasons was repaired, Marquis Wu Yang led his disciples to the Xianju. Immediately after the formation of the Immortals, the willow twigs called out the bone-corroding zither to play.

As the sound of the piano circled the tree three times, the cracks in the Four Seasons Monument disappeared one after another. Wu Yanghou and others were full of praise, and even Luo Ning, who had fallen into a coma, seemed to be conscious. But when the Four Seasons Monument was about to be repaired, Mr. A Fu suddenly played the piano and manipulated the Guser, and Liu Shao felt a strange force controlling him. In the end, the Guser lost control, and the cracks in the Monument of the Four Seasons became more and more serious.

It was also this force that was coming so fiercely that the willow tip was firmly absorbed by the bone erosion and could not move. Seeing Liu Shao’s pained face, Lu Li realized that something was wrong. Unfortunately, he failed to get close to Liu Shao and was triggered by the Soul Eater Curse instead. Although the immortals tried their best to protect the Four Seasons Monument, they were still unable to resist the attack of the monsters, and finally broke through the barrier of the Purple Shield, resulting in the failure of the Four Seasons Monument restoration.

Marquis Wu Yang and all his disciples made moves one after another, Marquis Wu Yang used his body to block Xi Ruan in front of him. Lu Li endured the torture of the Soul Devouring Curse. Seeing his companion die tragically and Liu Shao seriously injured, he completely realized what it means to be involuntary. Lu Sheng took the opportunity to send a voice transmission to urge Lu Li to split the Stele of Four Seasons, but Marquis Wu Yang chose to sacrifice himself against Xi Ruan.

In the end, Lu Li restrained his distracting thoughts, and deeply understood that the Four Seasons Monument is related to the common people in the three realms. He decided to protect the world and his loved ones, and picked up the Moon-Holding Sword to quell the war. Ordinary people are like ants, they dare to shake trees, and they can also shake the sky.

As Lu Li said, he, an ordinary mortal, has successfully made Baoyuejian recognize him as the master under the cruel and shocked gaze. Everyone looked up at the sky in unison, seeing Lu Li and the Moon Sword merged into one, and directly stabbed Xie fiercely.

In an instant, the evil spirit scattered all over the sky, the group of monsters fled in embarrassment, Xie Lun was severely injured, and the outcome of life and death was determined. On the other hand, Lu Li fell heavily, and Liu Shao held him in her arms with tears in his eyes until Lu Li left his last words, and when his vitality dissipated, he disappeared in ashes.

A sound-transmitting stone floated in mid-air, representing that Lu Li had existed before. Scenes of the past emerged in front of his eyes, from their first meeting, acquaintance to falling in love, and their promise to spend the rest of their lives together. But suddenly looking back, Lu Li’s promise ended at the last moment, Liu Shao stared at the sound transmission stone in disbelief, and then broke down and cried bitterly.

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