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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 12 Recap

Luo Ning, the fairy of Xiyin Mountain, knew that the fairy had suffered from the cold recently, so she specially prepared magnolia fragrant dew for him. On the one hand, she wanted to honor him, and on the other hand, she hoped to see her brother Luo Ge soon. But Luoge is still practicing in seclusion in order to advance to the immortal rank, so the immortal can’t arrange for her to meet, saying that when Luoge leaves the seclusion, it must be the time to welcome the immortal.

The remnants of spiritual power attached to the bone-eroding strings flew into Luo Ning’s body, and then Luo Ning passed out, and scattered images were mixed into his memory. He vaguely saw a woman who looked like him committing suicide with hatred, and the demon king of the Miaoyin clan who looked like Mr. A Fu . Xianweng finds out that Luo Ning’s coma is related to bone erosion, and it happens that bone erosion is needed for the restoration of the Four Seasons Monument, so Xie Lingqi hurriedly leaves for the demon realm.

Lu Li and Liu Shao had just returned to Yao Que, but they couldn’t bear the Soul Eater Curse and fell to their knees. Seeing that the curse pattern had spread to the palm of his hand, the white-clothed demon king saw that ordinary suppressing techniques were completely useless. He could only seal the water element into Lu Li’s body and trap the curse pattern so that it would not spread for a while.

Xie Lingqi was sure that the Bone-Eroding Se and the Moon-Holding Sword had fallen into the hands of the demon king in white, and immediately notified Marquis Wu Yang to cooperate with them in dispatching troops to the Shui Clan. Warn them to return the Xianju artifact as soon as possible. Liu Shao felt guilty for hurting the demon clan, Lu Li saw Xie Lingqi alone, and handed over the bone-chilling harp, telling him that only Liu Shao could play.

In the end, Xie Lingqi promised to give some time, and if they could repair the strings, they would let Jishui go. Lu Sheng revealed that the spirit veins of the Jishui demon king can replace the hair to repair the strings. The demon king in white did not hesitate to sacrifice himself to save the Jishui tribe. Unexpectedly, Mr. Afu suddenly stopped him and took out a brocade box containing His spiritual vein then fell weakly into Hana’s arms.

After the bone erosion repaired, Liu Shao’s injury healed, and he was able to play the strings of the bone erosion in front of everyone. Mr. A Fu didn’t care about Liu Zhi, he just wanted to get rid of Xi Ruan with the Moon Sword, when he heard that Liu Shao and Lu Li were going to return to Marquis Wuyang’s mansion, he immediately notified Xi Ruan, and waited for Xi Ruan to fall into the trap and escape.

Sure enough, Xie Ruan didn’t have the slightest intention of guarding against it. Taking advantage of her being besieged, Mr. Afu notified Xianju to destroy Xie Ruan’s lair and take away Xieruan’s son. Xie Ruan noticed something strange and hurried back to the demon realm, but unfortunately it was too late, Xie Yin was nowhere to be seen, she was furious for this.

The Immortal in White escorted Lu Li and Liu Shao back to Marquis Wuyang’s Mansion safely, and stopped after watching the two walk in. On the other hand, after Liu Shao came back, Marquis Wu Yang publicly announced that Liu Shao could enter the Immortal Residence to practice. All the disciples envied him, but Liu Shao showed embarrassment and did not want to be separated from Lu Li. Marquis Wu Yang saw what Liu Shao was thinking, and he couldn’t disobey Xianju’s order, so he simply asked Lu Li to escort him all the way, and let him hold the Moon Sword, succeeding Marquis Wu Yang.

Because Liu Shao really didn’t want to go to Xianju, and was frowning all day long, Lu Li persuaded Liu Shao to make her happy, saying that after sending her to Xianju, he would find a way to stay in shamelessness. Liu Shao was very happy when he heard the words, looking forward to a bright future for each other, Lu Li found Bai Feng standing not far away, found an excuse to leave, and then made it clear to Bai Feng in the enchantment, warning him not to pester himself or Liu Li any more. tip.

Lu Sheng deliberately punished Bai Feng, pretending to appease Lu Li to think about him and Liu Shao, and instigated him to split open the Four Seasons Monument to restore the status of Moonlight God, then he would be able to break the Soul Eater Curse and stay together with Liu Shao. Lu Li didn’t have the slightest doubt, but after Lu Li left, Mr. Ah Fu came out and mocked Lu Sheng, it was really well intentioned.

After all, from the current point of view, Lu Li’s mortal body can’t split the Four Seasons Monument at all, and he will only end up in ashes if he does it forcefully. Lu Shengming knew that there would be such consequences, and he also cared about the past teacher-student relationship in his heart, but he did not hesitate to sacrifice Lu Li’s life in order to revive the God of Moonlight.

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