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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 1 Recap

Tianwu Emperor Xiao Yi rose up with a sword in the troubled times, established the country and left the north, and then the country lasted for more than 200 years. Until the reign of Emperor Mingde, the national power was strong and people came to worship from all over the world. Emperor Mingde had a son named Xiao Chuhe, who was the sixth in line.

He was a genius in the sky, and he was the best candidate for the crown prince. However, four years ago, King Langya, younger brother of Emperor Mingde, was suspected of treason and was sentenced to beheaded. Xiao Chuhe defended him in court and offended Longyan, so he was demoted as a commoner and exiled to Qingzhou.

Now the position of the crown prince is pending, and the other princes in the court are constantly disputed, which makes the court situation turbulent and the world uneasy. As for Xiao Chuhe who was exiled, he had already changed his name to Xiao Se, and his whereabouts and whereabouts were unknown to the world. In fact, he lived in seclusion in the frontier fortress.

But in the past few months, Xueluo Mountain Villa has not seen any guests for a long time, and even the wages are stretched. The guys feel that the inn is dilapidated and should be repaired. Xiao Se resolutely refused, because he didn’t even have the money for repairs, sitting alone by the window watching the snow scene, sighing was very desolate.

Just when Xiao Se was planning to sell the inn, a young man in red and extraordinary clothes suddenly ushered in, shining into Luoxue Villa like a scorching sun, exuding the heat of money all over his body. Xiao Se hurriedly got up and greeted him, but the young man ignored him, walked past him and sat at the table, and ordered a bowl of plain noodles and the cheapest wine with great fanfare, which made Xiao Se, who was already in a bad mood, feel sorry for him. His impression was simply terrible.

After the words were finished, dozens of people appeared in Luoxue Villa, dressed like bandits, they were obviously a group of bandits. Although the young man in red is stingy, at least he won’t eat for free, but these bandits are vicious and deliberately looking for trouble. Before Xiao Se could make a move, the young man in red had already reported his family, and he was Lei Wujie from Leijiabao.

The bandits naturally didn’t pay attention to the young boy who was just entering the rivers and lakes, but the young boy was able to beat them to the ground. There was a burst of flames, sharp knives flying, and the bandits ran away with their heads in their arms. The inn was in a mess, and a dozen tables, large and small, were blown to pieces. Xiao Se’s demand for compensation was fruitless, and when he heard that Lei Wujie was going to Xueyue City, he thought that he would also go there, so he offered to go with him.

In the autumn of the 20th year of Mingde, the abbot of Hanshui Temple, Wangyou, passed away. Xueyue City disciple Tang Lian was ordered to escort the golden coffin to Biluo City. On the way, he was repeatedly intercepted by experts from all walks of life, but he could easily solve them. On a snowy night, Tang Lian drove to a dilapidated temple and ran into a white-haired man who held a jade sword and was good at light kung fu.

At this moment Xiao Se and Lei Wujie came in from the door, Tang Lian hurriedly extinguished the fire and hid in a corner to observe the two. Lei Wujie hadn’t noticed anything strange around him yet, he was still chattering non-stop, and not long after he lit a fire to keep warm, he smelled the fragrance of roses. A man and a woman appeared outside the door. The man was tall and strong holding a knife, with an expressionless face;

The so-called Yue Ji smiles and sends posts, Ming Hou kills people in anger, and those who get the dead copybooks will become dead souls under the knife. Lei Wujie didn’t feel a trace of fear, but was a little excited and joyful. Tang Lian had never seen such a fool before. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She fell from the sky and landed between him and Yueji.

It’s a pity that Tang Lian’s old wounds have not healed, and her force is slightly inferior to Minghou, and Yue Ji even showed her sheath sword, and cooperated with the imitation technique to press forward every step of the way. Lei Wujie finally realized that the situation was not optimistic, so he instantly turned into a red hair and used Leijiabao’s fiery technique. Just when he was about to show off his might, Yueji and Minghou left suddenly as if they had received an order.

Xiao Se leaned against the window and watched the scene lazily until it was completely over, mocking Lei Wujie for being young and frivolous, for daring to provoke him even though he knew he was not Minghou’s opponent. Sikong Qianluo sneaked out and was caught by Tang Lian. Tang Lian wanted to pass on the letter to the three masters, which made Sikong Qianluo feel unhappy, turned on his horse and walked away.

After dawn the next day, the young man in red was struggling to drive his horse against the wind and snow. Xiao Se and Tang Lian, who were sitting in the carriage, ignored his silly words and talked closely with the user’s golden coffin. There are rumors in the world that the golden coffin contains inexhaustible wealth, or cheats enough to dominate the martial arts world, but in Xiao Se’s view, it is very likely that it is the corpse of Master Wangyou.

Tang Lian was noncommittal, and soon the carriage came to Sangu City. Sangu City is the only way to go to Biluo City. Because it is located on the border and can trade freely, it naturally attracts a large number of business travelers and develops from a small village to a commercial city. Looking around, the busiest place in Sangu City is the Beauty Village, where all kinds of beauties gather here, and high-ranking customers spend a lot of money, it is a veritable gold-selling cave.

The proprietress of Beauty Village, Tiannvrui, is stunningly beautiful. Every time, the red silk arrives first before anyone arrives. The petals all over the sky are eye-catching and have a sense of ceremony. Tiannurui is Xueyuecheng’s connector here, and she is also Tang Lian’s confidante. Others watched Tiannvrui take the initiative to hug Tang Lian, whisper warm words, flirt and scold, but they didn’t know that she was delivering important information to Tang Lian.

Xiao Se watched it indifferently until Tiannvrui let go of Tang Lian, turned around and asked him if he was willing to gamble, and then exchanged Xueluo Villa for ten baskets of pearls. Tiannvrui arranges to clear the venue, causing dissatisfaction with the gold-robed businessman, who speaks arrogantly and almost dies under the sword of Tiannvrui. Everyone was silent when they saw this, and Tian Nurui used this to warn her, announcing that the bleak game is not just ten baskets of pearls, but a real game of life and death.

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