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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 9 Recap

Lu Li thought that if he wanted to revive the Basha tree within five days, he must at least know the origin of the tree and the cause of death, so he asked the white-clothed demon to tell the whole story. In fact, the Jishui tribe was called the Miaoyin tribe ten thousand years ago. The demon king deliberately pretended to be the residence of the fairy family, and pursued Zeshui fairy as a lake fairy.

It is also because of this that a demon and a fairy fell in love with each other by accident and planted the whirling tree together. Zeshui Fairy often plays the harp under the tree, and the saplings are irrigated with emotion and blessed with mana. They germinate in three days, grow into trees in seven days, and bloom in ten days. But this kind of love that started with deception didn’t last long. Fairy Zeshui knew the truth and wanted to leave, but she was imprisoned by the demon king and her immortal essence was sealed until she committed suicide.

When the God of Moonlight heard about what had happened to his sister, he cursed the Miaoyin tribe in a rage, causing the tribe to live in water and die out of water for generations. After this catastrophe, all the flowers and leaves of the mother-in-law tree were completely withered. Lu Li got drunk after listening to the story, and took advantage of Hana to get hangover medicine, took Liu Shao to tell each other in front of the mother-in-law tree, and was willing to sell it to Liu Shao for a copper coin, and the two kissed intimately.

Bai Feng breaks the restriction of the Illusory Heart Talisman, and asks Wang Jian to explain Lu Li’s whereabouts but fails. Instead, Du Mingchong blames her for colluding with Xie so hard that she left pieces of clothing near the demon realm. Bai Feng pretended to be consoling, but actually hid the ruthless Spirit Devouring Orb on Du Mingchong’s body, planning to find an opportunity to blame him.

Liu Shao and Lu Li woke up snuggled up under the tree and saw the hyacinth lotus petals all over the sky. Everyone from the Jishui tribe rushed over to welcome the tree mother back. The demon king in white knew that the reason why the mother-in-law tree could be revived was because of the love between Lu Li and Liu Shao, and he felt lost after thinking about it. Liu Shao asked Lu Li if he still remembered what he said last night. Lu Li deliberately pretended to have amnesia until she got angry and wanted to leave, and then he pulled the other party to confess.

Now that Mr. Tai has prepared the antidote, Hana personally sends Liu Shao and Lu Li out of the demon realm. Before parting, he gives Liu Shao the hyacinth lotus pendant, expressing that he will appear if he is called by his name in the future. Lu Li was a bit appetized when he saw it, but Liu Shao readily accepted it, not knowing that it consumed He’s spiritual energy.

Wu Yanghou had been poisoned for seven days and had been unable to recover. Fang Zhan told Du Mingchong not to disclose the news of Wu Yanghou’s death to the outside world, so as not to cause trouble. Du Mingchong thought that the position of Marquis Wu Yang could be easily obtained, but he was almost scared to death by the Marquis Wu Yang pretended by Wang Jian. Just as Du Mingchong was about to kill him, he didn’t expect Wu Yanghou to come in from the door suddenly. Only then did he find out that Lu Li took back the antidote to save Wu Yanghou’s life, and asked Wu Yanghou to cooperate with them in acting to draw out the real culprit.

After solving Du Mingchong’s matter, Lu Li took Liu Shao to confront Bai Feng. Bai Feng was no longer Liu Shao’s opponent and was quickly defeated by her. Even though Bai Feng still imagined that Lu Li would think of her brotherhood, Lu Li was completely disappointed in her, and then cut off her robes, and never had any relationship with her again.

Then Wu Yanghou interrogated Du Mingchong and Bai Feng in public. Bai Feng pretended to be weak and infatuated, making everyone think that she was deceived by Du Mingchong and did something wrong. On the other hand, Du Mingze blindly shirked his responsibilities, and even found the spirit devouring pearl on him. Wu Yanghou was heartbroken, and finally expelled him from the school. Bai Feng was demoted to an ordinary disciple, and Liu Shao took over as the chief disciple.

Now that the truth is revealed, Marquis Wu Yang has also thought about it a lot. He used to be so obsessed with Emperor Grass because he was afraid of birth, old age, sickness and death, and wanted to live forever. But after he came back from the ghost gate, he finally understood that even if he got the Emperor Grass, he was only greedy for the world for ten years. It would be better to change the world for a hope. Trials, select personal disciples from among them.

Because Liu Shao and Lu Li obtained the Emperor Grass for Marquis Wu Yang, Marquis Wu Yang selected them for the trial. After Liu Shao drew out the Moon-Holding Sword and defeated Xi Ruan with great anticipation, he waited for Master Lu Li to come to his house to propose marriage. Lu Li felt sad when he heard the words, thinking about the soul-eating curse that his master had planted in his body, he suddenly felt that this relationship might end without a problem, but he had no choice but to agree in order to avoid Liu Zhi’s loss.

On the day of the ultimate trial, the demon king in white had already sensed that Liu Shao was about to pull out the Moon Embracing Sword. A Fujun sees that his brother’s heart is for Liu Shao, so he reveals the secret of the moon-holding stone illusion, saying that if a person in the illusion takes a step, he will never be able to get out, and Liu Shao, whom he is thinking of, must also be doomed.

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