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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 11 Recap

In order to confirm the guess in his heart, Lu Li found his master Lu Sheng to obtain evidence, and then confirmed that the strange light on Liu Shao’s body was the Yao Ling Shenyuan, which could break the seal of the Moon Embracing Sword, and was also the old enemy of the Moonlight God. Later, God Yao Ling split the heart of God Moonlight, half of his heart was suppressed under the Stele of Four Seasons, and half of his heart turned into Lu Li, so he and Liu Shao were destined to fight each other.

Lu Sheng reminded Lu Li to get the Moon-Holding Sword as soon as possible. Only by using the Moon-Holding Sword to split the Four Seasons Monument and get half a heart back can he become the real Moonlight God. However, Lu Li wanted to get out of Lu Sheng’s control, and would rather risk his life than continue to hurt Liu Shao. Lu Sheng couldn’t bear it, and finally grabbed the dagger to heal him and stop the bleeding.

Liu Shao regained consciousness after recuperating in the Jishui clan for several days, but her heart was completely broken by Lu Li. She never thought that she was inferior to a sword, so she fell into emotional confusion. The demon king in white is willing to transform the heart bridge with the wonderful sound of the flute, and encourages Liu Shao to walk on the bridge bravely, face his heart directly, and find the real answer.

Because of this, Liu Shao seemed to have returned to the Marquis of Wuyang’s mansion. First, she saw Lu Li’s affectionate style, and then turned into teasing and mocking. She couldn’t help drawing her sword and pointing at Lu Li, wanting to break the relationship . The demon king in white would use his true energy to heal the wounds of the willow branches every day, but the effect was minimal. I am afraid that only the bone erosion can resolve the backlash of the moon-holding sword.

Lu Li hastily came to Hana to inquire about the bone erosion. Even though the bone erosion has the ability to calm the mind, heal severe physical and mental injuries, and repair magical artifacts, it has become a demon due to hatred, weird and ferocious, and hides in the wilderness all year round. Hard to find. If you want to find the bone eclipse, you need to rely on the water element perception of the Jishui tribe, but the Jishui tribe has been cursed by the swamp water for generations, the closer you get to the bone eclipse, the more chapped you will be, until you die from the curse.

Knowing that he was on the verge of death, Lu Li still borrowed the water element from Hana to sense his bones, and finally came to Bingyan Lake after many difficulties and dangers. Knowing that now is a good time to restore Jishui, Mr. A Fu secretly met with Lu Sheng to reach a deal, and Lu Sheng promised that as long as he helped him get the Moon-Holding Sword, the God of Moonlight would reappear.

Mr. A Fu tried to steal the Moon Sword but failed, but was warned by Hana instead. When the two were fighting in secret, Mr. A Fu noticed that Hana’s Yaoyuan was damaged, but he didn’t ask why. Before he left, Lu Li left Liu Shao with an elixir to continue his life. This was the reward that Marquis Wu Yang rewarded him for getting the spiritual fire. Hana thanked Lu Li for everything he had done for Liu Shao, so he simply said it after Liu Shao woke up. the truth.

Liu Shao was in a complicated mood when she heard the words, so she decided to go to find Lu Li and ask him for clarification, and then entered the Great Wilderness with Hana’s help. At this time, Lu Li was suffering from bone-piercing attacks. Every step he took was extremely painful, and his consciousness became more and more blurred. Just as Lu Li was about to lose his hold, he suddenly saw Liu Shao walking towards him. At first he thought it was a dream, and took this opportunity to express his feelings. Liu Shao also got the answer he wanted, believing that Lu Li had never betrayed him.

Qi Guser suddenly set up a barrier between Lu Li and Liu Zhi, and tricked Liu Shao to play the strings to kill Lu Li. Liu Shao could clearly feel Zeshui Fairy’s hatred, and seemed to see that she had given Zeshui Fairy the Bone Corrosion Piper, but she didn’t want to hurt Lu Li, so she broke the strings with all her strength.

In an instant, the bone erosion fell to the ground with a sound, and the residual spirit attached to it by Fairy Zeshui disappeared. Liu Shao thought of the hateful voice just now, and her heart was full of fear and confusion. She realized that she loved Lu Li deeply, and she didn’t need the so-called grandeur. She only wanted to live with Lu Li and become an ordinary couple. Lu Li saw that the curse pattern had traced back to the palm of his hand, and knew that his time was short, so he still hugged Liu Shao tightly, even if it was only a short day, he would not regret it.

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