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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 10 Recap

At this moment, visions appeared frequently in the illusion. First, Liu Shao was attacked by a black-clothed immortal, and was shocked to find that the other party had the same appearance as Lu Li. On the other hand, when Lu Li came to the yellow sand of the desert, he saw the God Yaoling who looked like a willow tip facing the immortal in black. In an instant, the God Yaoling stabbed the immortal in black, causing Lu Li to be wounded by the sword.

Lu Li realized that there were false illusions in front of him, confusing people’s hearts, and hurriedly grabbed Yao Ling’s neck, which meant that Liu Shao was controlled by the black-clothed fairy. At the critical moment, the wills of Lu Li and Liu Shao merged into one, and they will finally break the illusion. Marquis Wu Yang saw that Lu Li had given the credit to Liu Shao, and he praised his character greatly, announcing that he would inherit the position of Marquis Wu Yang, and handed over half a plant of Emperor Grass to Liu Shao, in order to draw out the moon-holding sword to protect the world .

The demon king in white heard that Liu Shao had passed the test, and felt that there would be no peace in the Three Realms in the future. Although Mr. Afu smiled lightly, the cup in his hand instantly turned into powder. Ever since Lu Li came out of the illusion, he was always restless, and always felt that the pictures he saw before were not all illusions.

Liu Shao hadn’t noticed Lu Li’s strangeness yet, and was still excitedly telling what happened to her, half-jokingly expressing that if Lu Li failed her, she would definitely kill him with the Moon-Holding Sword. As soon as these words came out, Lu Li felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave, because his end in the illusion was to be killed by Liu Shao’s sword.

In order to confirm his inner guess, Lu Li was going to ask his master for clarification. Before he left, he told Liu Shao to wait for him to come back before drawing the Moon Sword. Then Lu Li asked Lu Sheng whether drawing the sword would cause harm to Liu Shao, and then came to the conclusion that Liu Shao would be counterattacked by the Moon-Holding Sword. Just as Lu Li was about to stop Liu Shao, unexpectedly he was trapped in the barrier by Lu Sheng. He would rather sacrifice Liu Shao to the Moon-Holding Sword than see his apprentice die.

Because of Lu Li’s delay in returning home, Liu Shao recalled his relationship with Bai Feng, as well as the details of the past, and always felt that Lu Li had something to hide from her. Bai Feng used the puppet layout given to her by her master to deliberately lure Liu Shao into the forest. Liu Shao saw that “Lu Li” was affectionate to Bai Feng, and said that she would seize the Moon-holding Sword while Liu Shao was drawing the sword, and then framed her for collusion. Yaojing intends to rebel.

Liu Shao didn’t know that these were all blindfolds, even Lu Li was transformed into a puppet, and Bai Feng even stole Lu Li’s purse, completely causing Liu Shao’s misunderstanding. The next day, Liu Shao broke through the restriction and grabbed the Moon-Holding Sword. When Lu Li hurried over, it was too late, so she could only help her pull out the Moon-Holding Sword with her own spiritual power.

With the reappearance of the Moon-Holding Sword in the world, the colors of the Three Realms changed, and even the Posuo Fruit broke through the limit of the demon realm, gathering the aura of heaven and earth as the Liuli Fruit. Liu Shao was exhausted after receiving the Moon-Holding Sword, her own spiritual power and the Moon-Holding Sword could not be integrated, and she had already begun to experience backlash symptoms. Thinking of Liu Shao’s safety, Lu Li hurriedly snatched the Moon-Holding Sword. This action reminded Liu Shao of “Lu Li”‘s promise to Bai Feng, and completely misunderstood that the other party approached him only to grab the sword.

Before Lu Li could explain, Bai Feng suddenly appeared and continued to add fuel to the story, which made Liu Shao even more disappointed with Lu Li, and took advantage of Lu Li’s unpreparedness to take back the Moon-Holding Sword. Seeing this, Bai Feng swung his whip at the willow tip, Lu Li rushed over to block the second whip for her, and was seriously injured. In desperation, Liu Shao used the moon-holding sword to split the illusion, and held the water hyacinth pendant tightly to summon the demon king in white, begging him to take her away despite Lu Li’s persuasion.

Bai Feng carried the wounded and unconscious Lu Li back to Lusheng Manor. After a period of recuperation, Lu Li regained consciousness and decided to look for Liu Shao. Wu Yanghou reported to Xianweng that the whereabouts of the Moon-holding Sword were unknown, and it seemed to be related to the demon world. The immortal asked Wu Yanghou to wait with peace of mind. This matter was related to the grievances and disputes ten thousand years ago, and he needed to wait for the new Shangxian to appear, which meant Luo Ge who was in retreat.

Hana had no way to solve the problem of backlash, so he could only heal the wounds of Liu Zhi through the water element, and used part of his own essence to make the scabbard of the Moon-holding Sword. Mr. A Fu saw his elder brother place Liu Shao in Yao Que, even though he didn’t care about Liu Shao’s life and death, he became very interested in Baoyue Sword.

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