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Homesick 回来的女儿 Episode 5 Recap

The video hall was closed down by the police for breaking the law, and Cheng Wei was also arrested for fighting. Li Chengtian was rescued, but he didn’t want to face Liao Suifang. Chen Youxi was by Li Chengtian’s side, silently taking care of this father who loved her very much every day.

When Chen Youxi came out of the ward and saw Liao Suifang sitting here helplessly, she apologized to Liao Suifang, but also said that she borrowed Li Wenwen’s identity because she was afraid of being taken in at first. But because she had no home since she was a child, staying at Li’s house made her feel at home, so she thought about staying a few more days, but she didn’t expect to bring them so much trouble. Chen Youxi said that she would help persuade Li Chengtian to forgive Liao Suifang, and try to keep the family from breaking up.

Liao Suifang went back to pick up Li Wenzhuo, just when Wang Chongjiang came to look for him, seeing Director Gao and others witnessed, Liao Suifang took Wang Chongjiang directly to the office to chat. Although it was difficult to be gossip, Liao Suifang rejected the plan to leave with Wang Chongjiang. She believed that she could no longer be sorry to Li Chengtian, so she told Wang Chongjiang that they would not see each other again.

In the ward, Li Chengtian told his daughter that when he saw the pregnant Liao Suifang looking for life and death, he felt distressed and gave her a home, but he did not expect to be treated like this now. Chen Youxi felt that Liao Suifang didn’t like her because she treated her brother differently. Chen Youxi asked Li Chengtian if he could actually feel Liao Suifang’s feelings for him.

Liao Suifang didn’t lie to him on purpose. The father and daughter looked at each other and smiled, maybe they were willing to give Liao Suifang another chance in their hearts. Chen Youxi’s unintentional brushing of her hair accidentally made Li Chengtian discover that the mole on her daughter’s face was gone, but he didn’t directly expose the matter.

Liao Suifang brought her son Li Wenzhuo to pick Li Chengtian out of the hospital. Facing the silent accusations from the neighbors, Li Chengtian felt ashamed, but Liao Suifang believed that they lived their own lives, so Li Chengtian should not be surprised. After returning home, Chen Youxi took Li Wenzhuo away, leaving room for Liao Suifang and Li Chengtian to chat alone.

Chen Youxi brought his brother to find Cheng Wei, Cheng Wei apologized to Chen Youxi for the video tape, but Chen Youxi didn’t blame him, instead told Cheng Wei that he planned to leave, and hoped that Cheng Wei would take more care of Li Wenzhuo in the future. During the dinner, Liao Suifang solemnly apologized to Li Chengtian, but facing his wife who apologized for the first time, Li Chengtian burst into tears.

Wang Chongjiang still did not give up and took Liao Suifang away, he planned to go to Guangzhou to start a new life. But Wang Chongjiang said that Li Wenzhuo is his son, why can’t his son live with him. Moreover, they could find a good doctor to cure Li Wenzhuo when they went to Guangzhou, and the family lived happily together. Although Liao Suifang was shaken, she finally returned the ticket she got to Wang Chongjiang.

Li Chengtian accidentally learned from Li Wenzhuo that Wang Chongjiang was going to Guangzhou with Liao Suifang’s mother and son. He told his family during the meal that he planned to take them fishing on weekends. On weekends, the family went fishing by the lake, and Li Chengtian asked his daughter to bring the bait to Liao Suifang, but Chen Youxi accidentally saw the bloody green nails in the bait box, which were obviously Xiaoxiu’s. Chen Youxi was quite shocked, but when Liao Suifang became suspicious, she chose to throw the bloody green nail into the fish bucket and let the fish eat it.

Liao Suifang who returned home said that she saw the nail, but Chen Youxi was not Li Wenwen, and reprimanded Li Chengtian for acting impulsively. After returning home, Xiaoxiu took Cheng Wei to look for the fish that Liao Suifang sent out. After all, the nails were the evidence that Liao Suifang and the others had killed. Cheng Wei told Chen Youxi not to confront the Li family head-on, but to ensure his own safety.

Chen Youxi went home for dinner and found nails in the trash can, but Liao Suifang saw it and asked Chen Youxi to hand it over. At this time Cheng Wei brought Cheng Xu to come, and Chen Youxi directly told Cheng Xu with his fingernails that the Li family had killed Xiaoxiu. But during Cheng Xu’s interrogation, Liao Suifang directly untied her finger, saying that the nail was accidentally injured and dropped when she was handling fish today. It turned out that before that, Liao Suifang took out Xiaoxiu’s nails from the belly of the fish and burned them, then cut off her own nails and put them in the trash can.

The excited Chen Youxi confessed that she is not Li Wenwen, she is just an orphan from Jieshan Welfare Institute, and Xiaoxiu is her good friend. Cheng Xu asked his colleagues to control the excited Chen Youxi, and asked Liao Suifang why Chen Youxi denied her identity, but Liao Suifang said that her daughter had been away for many years without knowing what she had suffered, and she had some mental problems.

But the identity was confirmed, and then Liao Suifang took out her and Chen Youxi’s DNA report. Cheng Xu confirmed that the report was true, so he asked the Li family to take Chen Youxi home.

Chen Youxi didn’t want to go home because she knew what kind of person she was facing when she returned home, but no matter how she resisted and Cheng Wei tried to stop her, they couldn’t stop Li Chengtian and Liao Suifang from taking Chen Youxi home. After Chen Youxi was brought home, he was controlled by Li Chengtian and Liao Suifang and injected with tranquilizers.

Liao Suifang asked Li Chengtian why he did this. Li Chengtian said that he knew that Wang Chongjiang was going to take their mother and son away, and he just wanted to threaten Liao Suifang’s mother and son not to leave here. Chen Youxi woke up the next day and found that she was already in the Seventh Hospital of Tanling County.

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