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Homesick 回来的女儿 Episode 3 Recap

Chen Youxi found that the watch Wang Chongjiang wore on his wrist and the watch Xiaoxiu entrusted to her were the same watch. She suspected that Wang Chongjiang had something to do with Xiaoxiu’s disappearance. Chen Youxi told Cheng Wei about this discovery, and Cheng Wei contacted Wang Chongjiang pretending to be a reporter, claiming that the Anxin powder produced by his factory had physical problems after eating.

Cheng Wei also said that consumers were very angry and planned to take the matter to court to let the people of the whole country know about it. Cheng Wei said that how their reporters reported this matter depends on how sincere Wang Chongjiang can show, and the two even met at the same place to chat in detail.

Cheng Wei and Chen Youxi discussed how to deal with Wang Chongjiang. Although Chen Youxi didn’t believe that Xiaoxiu had an improper relationship with Wang Chongjiang, he didn’t know how to explain that the two had the same relationship. Li Chengtian brought Chen Youxi to the school, hoping that his daughter could learn beauty and hairdressing skills here, and also explained that Chen Youxi didn’t have to worry about not being able to keep up with cultural lessons, and she would also make new friends here.

Cheng Xu’s parents contacted Wu Lingfeng, the general manager of the department store, for Cheng Wei’s work, and successfully got Wu Lingfeng to agree to meet and chat with Cheng Wei. Cheng Wei wore a suit specially for this purpose, borrowed the watch left by Xiaoxiu, and then went out with Cheng Xu to meet Mr. Wu. Mr. Wu inspected Cheng Wei’s driving skills and agreed to let him be his driver. But Cheng Wei felt that it was very embarrassing for him to be Wu Lingfeng’s driver, so he completely ignored Cheng Xu’s face, shook his head and left angrily.

Liao Suifang came to send the martyr’s condolences to Grandma Wang, and after learning that Cheng Wei was not at home, she also wanted to register her household registration book by the way. Grandma Wang was not on her guard against her.

Unexpectedly, Liao Suifang deliberately hid the household registration book and took the opportunity to enter Cheng Wei’s room to search. Sure enough, she saw the bag Chen Youxi kept for Cheng Wei here, and Liao Suifang took it away. After reading Xiaoxiu’s letter contacting Chen Youxi, Liao Suifang contacted Dean Song of Jieshan Welfare Institute, saying that she had discovered Chen Youxi and hoped that Dean Song would have time to claim him.

The next day, Liao Suifang took Dean Song to see Chen Youxi in class. Dean Song confirmed Chen Youxi’s identity and took Chen Youxi away after class. Chen Youxi found out from the dean that Director Gao Meigao told him that she was in Tanling, but then she found out that the person the dean spoke of was not Gao Mei at all.

Cheng Wei has been unable to contact Chen Youxi, but the time agreed with Wang Chongjiang has come. He found that Wang Chongjiang brought a lot of people, so he decided to run away secretly. But in the evening, Wang Chongjiang brought someone to his home to expose his identity as a fake reporter, and said that his crime of extortion by calling was true.

Wang Chongjiang accidentally discovered the watch in Cheng Wei’s hand, and wanted to take him to the police station, but Cheng Xu appeared to ask what happened. Cheng Wei denied stealing Wang Chongjiang’s watch, and directly asked why Wang Chongjiang gave the watch to Xiaoxiu, but Wang Chongjiang said that he did not give the watch to Xiaoxiu.

Cheng Wei couldn’t explain why he had this watch. Cheng Xu returned the watch and apologized to Wang Chongjiang. Wang Chongjiang didn’t pursue it further, but reminded Cheng Xu to take good care of his cousin. On the way back to the orphanage, Chen Youxi sneaked back to find Cheng Wei, and happened to see this scene. After Wang Chongjiang left, Chen Youxi showed up to explain to Cheng Wei, saying that he had given the watch to Cheng Wei, and he wanted Cheng Wei to help sell it, but Cheng Xu had no choice but to give up asking.

Chen Youxi told Cheng Wei that she was almost taken away by people from the orphanage, and Liao Suifang obviously knew who she was and what she was going to do. Gao Mei received a phone call from Dean Song by accident and found out that Liao Suifang was pretending to be herself.

She came to find Liao Suifang and wanted to get Liao Suifang some share from Wang Chongjiang through this incident. Liao Suifang had no choice but to say that she could try it. At this time, Chen Youxi returned to Li’s house again, and Li Chengtian happily brought her daughter home, but Liao Suifang was very surprised.

Liao Suifang approached Wang Chongjiang to inquire about the shareholding amount, but Wang Chongjiang directly asked Liao Suifang who he considered herself. Wang Chongjiang took out the watch as a token of love between the two, and asked Liao Suifang why he gave the watch away. Liao Suifang burst into tears in her heart, and Wang Chongjiang asked her what happened.

It turns out that Xiaoxiu found out that Liao Suifang was having an affair with Wang Chongjiang before, and later threatened Liao Suifang to give her the watch. Wang Chongjiang thinks that now that Xiaoxiu has left, no one can stop them from being together.

But Liao Suifang said that Chen Youxi at home also came from the Jieshan Welfare Institute. She knew about the relationship between the two of them from Xiaoxiu. Liao Suifang was afraid that Chen Youxi would tell the two of them after calling the police. Wang Chongjiang thinks that Liao Suifang thinks too much and is too kind, and thinks they should use scientific means now.

After Liao Suifang returned home, she told her husband, Li Chengtian, that her daughter had just come back, and she planned to take her and the whole family for a physical examination. It happened that Wang Chongjiang had a free physical examination. Li Chengtian said that next month, the unit would arrange a physical examination, and asked Liao Suifang to take the children with her.

Wang Chongjiang also hopes to draw blood through the physical examination and compare the DNA tests of Liao Suifang and Chen Youxi. When Liao Suifang goes to Chen Youxi with the report, Chen Youxi will have to leave.

Liao Suifang paid homage to her relatives and burned all the letters Xiaoxiu wrote to Chen Youxi. She also hoped that Xiaoxiu would entrust Chen Youxi with a dream and stop investigating, otherwise it would be bad for everyone.

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