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Homesick 回来的女儿 Episode 2 Recap

Liao Suifang and his wife received a call from Officer Peng and came to the police station, but Liao Suifang thought the timing of the appearance of this “daughter” was a bit too coincidental. Chen Youxi had seen Li Wenwen’s childhood photos, so she painted moles on her face in advance.

Li Chengtian checked the moles on Chen Youxi’s face, and asked his “daughter” why she only came back now, knowing that her home was here. Li Chengtian said that he has always missed his daughter for more than ten years. He apologized to his daughter, and then brought his daughter home with his wife Liao Suifang.

Li Chengtian privately asked Liao Suifang why she was not very happy when her daughter came back, but Liao Suifang still felt that there must be something wrong with her daughter coming back after that incident. Liao Suifang searched Chen Youxi’s belongings while she was taking a bath, but found no valuable information. And Chen Youxi also took advantage of the bath time to secretly hide the letters and other things around him.

That night Liao Suifang asked Chen Youxi to sleep in her room, and Li Wenzhuo came to the room secretly in the middle of the night, expressing that she wanted to sleep with them, and then Li Wenzhuo lay under the bed. Chen Youxi asked and learned that Li Wenzhuo and Xiaoxiu had slept together like this, and Liao Suifang, who was not asleep on the other side, heard the conversation between Chen Youxi and his son.

The daughter who had been lost for thirteen years came back again, and was rescued by her own brother from the gangsters dramatically. The news specially interviewed Li Chengtian’s family for this, calling on the society to pay attention to the incident of missing children. The owner of the breakfast shop gave steamed buns to the brave Li Wenzhuo, and Liao Suifang was also happy that his son finally regained his reputation. Seeing Li Chengtian’s family eating, Cheng Wei came to strike up a conversation and left the pager to Chen Youxi.

Liao Suifang came to Jieshan County Welfare Institute alone. She found Dean Song and gave Dean Song the letter of introduction from Xiaoxiu that she had prepared in advance. Dean Song told about Xiaoxiu’s affairs in the orphanage. Liao Suifang saw Xiaoxiu’s group photo in the orphanage, and saw Chen Youxi here. People communicate frequently.

Police officers Peng and Cheng Xu came to ask Chen Youxi about being abducted that year. Chen Youxi’s two interviews with the police were inconsistent, which made the police see doubts. Chen Youxi was overly nervous and hurriedly escaped from the room to vomit, Li Chengtian chased him out to check, Chen Youxi asked Li Chengtian if he didn’t believe that she was his daughter, but facing Chen Youxi’s frostbite full of wounds, Li Chengtian felt distressed and decided to interrupt the police’s questioning.

Li Chengtian taught Chen Youxi how to ride a bicycle. Chen Youxi finally learned to ride a bicycle, but he also broke his arm. In order to coax his sister, Li Wenzhuo took out the gold necklace that he stole from his mother. It was Li Wenzhuo who secretly took it away. Cheng Wei sent a message to Chen Youxi to ask her to come out. Chen Youxi couldn’t find a chance, so Cheng Wei called Li Chengtian’s home. He hung up when he heard that it was Li Chengtian and his wife, and asked her to come out as soon as possible when he heard that it was Chen Youxi. .

Chen Youxi took advantage of the hot water to go out and successfully met Cheng Wei. She told Cheng Wei that Xiaoxiu’s disappearance might have nothing to do with the Li family, because the gold necklace was with Li Wenzhuo. Chen Youxi handed over the letter and watch that he brought with him to Cheng Wei for safekeeping. Liao Suifang who followed secretly saw Chen Youxi and then met and chatted with Cheng Wei.

Li Chengtian planned to hold a reception banquet for his daughter, Liao Suifang didn’t want to be too grand, but with Director Gao’s enthusiastic recommendation, he finally agreed to hold a banquet to introduce his daughter to everyone. In the evening, Li Chengtian personally helped Chen Youxi burn her hands with hot water, dried her carefully, and applied hand cream. Facing such a father, Chen Youxi took the initiative to call Li Chengtian “Dad”.

The next day, Li Chengtian’s family prepared a reception banquet for their daughter, and brought Chen Youxi to meet their relatives one by one. Wang Chongjiang learned that there was a happy event in the Li family, so he ordered two boxes of wine to celebrate. Li Chengtian took his wife Liao Suifang out to find Wang Chongjiang and invited him to have dinner with him. Li Chengtian introduced Chen Youxi to Wang Chongjiang, and Chen Youxi accidentally discovered that there was something wrong with the watch on Wang Chongjiang’s hand.

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