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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 8 Recap

Lu Li saw Bai Feng’s charm in the evil spirit lamp, and immediately invited her to meet in the illusion, and asked her why she hurt Liu Shao. Although Lu Li already regarded his senior sister as a family member, if Bai Feng persisted in his obsession, he would not continue to care about his family relationship, and would personally report the ins and outs to his master.

Sure enough, Bai Feng was apprehensive, and didn’t bother Liu Shao anymore, so everything was fine for now. Lu Li brought Liu Shao to the platform and said that he must pull out the Moon Sword. Liu Shao agreed to help without hesitation, knowing that part of the reason was to protect himself. Just when Lu Li wanted to confess further, about the relationship between Baoyue Sword and his life experience, unexpectedly, Du Mingcong brought someone to show up, and directly pressed him and Liu Zhi to Marquis Wuyang’s residence.

It turned out that Marquis Wu Yang was poisoned and passed out while refining Emperor Grass. Fortunately, Fang Zhan used his spiritual power to protect him. Du Mingchong insisted that Liu Shao and Lu Li were the victims, and the argument between the two was useless, so they were sent to the prison and separated. Bai Feng fails to provoke the relationship between Lu Li and Liu Shao, and angrily accuses Liu Shao of being at fault, and thinks that Liu Shao has confused Lu Li for this, and threatens to make her pay the price.

Nowadays, the life and death of Marquis Wuyang is uncertain, and he urgently needs an antidote to save his life. Du Mingchong was in charge of the affairs of Marquis Wuyang’s mansion, and finally sat on the throne he dreamed of. Knowing that this matter had nothing to do with him, Bai Feng threatened him to promise her two things. Capital crime, relegated to inferior handyman.

Knowing that the situation was critical, Lu Li informed Wang Jian and Xiaoxue to look for Master Lu Sheng on his behalf. On the other hand, Bai Feng seized the dominance as he wished, and deliberately revealed to Liu Shao that Lu Li had trapped her injustice in order to survive, but Liu Shao, relying on his own knowledge of Lu Li’s character, did not believe it at all.

Because of this, Bai Feng became furious and tied Liu Shao to the demon cave, saying that he was Lu Sheng’s disciple and had been with Lu Li since he was a child. Liu Shao thought that even if Lu Li didn’t confess this matter to him, there must be his personal reasons and considerations, so Bai Feng’s divorce plan still failed.

Liu Shao was tortured by Bai Feng, until Xi Ruan appeared and presented Yaoyuan to Bai Feng to increase his cultivation. Bai Feng went directly to the dungeon, first sealed his Qihai hole with spiritual power, and then brought him back to the room. Lu Li looked at the sweet-scented osmanthus water cake made by Bai Feng himself, and couldn’t help but recall things from his childhood, and mocked Bai Feng for not changing since he was a child, and would do anything to get what he wanted.

Originally, Bai Feng thought she could control Lu Li’s skill, but Lu Li countered it, and then with the help of his master, he directly trapped her in the illusion. Lu Li hurried to rescue Liu Shao, but he was still not a ruthless opponent, and had already suffered heavy injuries. Fortunately, the demon king in white appeared in time to frighten the ruthless, Wang Jian and Xiaoxue moved the water tank, and used the fake rain talisman to create the illusion of thunder and lightning.

Xi Ruan knew that he had no chance of winning, so he could only escape first. Hana escorted Liu Zhi and Lu Li back to Shuizu to heal their injuries. Wang Jian and Xiaoxue sneaked back to the Marquis of Wuyang’s mansion, but they happened to be discovered by Du Mingchong. In desperation, they lied that they were looking for a cure for detoxification near the demon realm. Du Mingchong was afraid that the matter would be revealed, and he didn’t have too much doubt, so he sent them back to their room impatiently.

After a period of recuperation, Lu Li and Liu Zhi were fine. Mr. Tai obtained Wu Yanghou’s hair through an undercover agent, and confirmed that he was undoubtedly poisoned. Because the Yaojun in white clothes is comparable to Xiruo in strength, not to mention fighting on land, he obviously has no chance of winning and getting the antidote.

Tai Lao thought that the flowering of the whirling tree could cure all poisons, but the tree died ten thousand years ago. As for the water hyacinth lotus that the whirling tree bloomed, it has always existed in the stories passed down by word of mouth. However, Marquis Wu Yang’s life was in critical condition, and he could only survive for five days at most. Lu Li and Liu Shao racked their brains to find a solution for this.

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