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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 7 Recap

Just because Bai Feng couldn’t love her, she hated Liu Shao even more, and deliberately provoked the relationship between them while she was looking for Lu Li. Bai Feng said that Lu Li’s motives were impure and he had no sincerity towards Liu Shao, but Liu Shao directly refuted it, claiming that Lu Li seemed to regard money as his life, but in fact he was upright and kind-hearted. Lu Li was moved when he heard Liu Jiao defending himself, and decided to get the Emperor Grass as soon as possible.

The two went to the Pearl Pavilion again, designed to restrain Wansui, and threatened and lured him to hand over the method of planting Emperor Grass. Wan Sui swore to die, Liu Shao saw Lu Li’s beckoning eyes, and pulled Wan Sui’s hairpin, but unexpectedly Wan Sui lost his temper, which led to his sad past, which was also the real reason why he was imprisoned in the Pearl Pavilion.

Thousands of years ago, Long Live traveled the world, accidentally rescued a woman who wanted to throw herself into a lake, and fell in love with her at first sight. The woman took the initiative to invite Wan Sui to meet at the Pearl of the Leftovers Pavilion, and while she was trapped by the barrier, Wan Sui finally knew that she was Ling Xueyang, the famous female leader of Marquis Wuyang in the past.

Because evildoers are everywhere in the world and the people are in dire straits, Xue Yang needs the power of Di Cao to strengthen himself and save the common people from fire and water, but Wan Sui did not agree to hand over Di Cao. Later, Wansui lived in the Pearl Pavilion for a long time, and he and Ling Xueyang got along day and night, and gradually fell in love with each other. Just when Wansui was about to take the Emperor Grass, he hesitated for a moment and completely lost Ling Xueyang.

That day Ling Xueyang set off for the battlefield, and before leaving, he gave the brocade box to Long Live, which contained the hairpin. Later, Long Live finally got the news of Ling Xueyang, but it was the news that she and Han Ba ​​died together. From then on, Wansui spent a long and lonely millennium wearing a hairpin and guarding the Yizhu Pavilion.

Lu Li and Liu Shao sighed and thought of each other, one was worried about being driven away and hurting his family, the other wanted to become stronger and protect the one he loved. Seeing the affectionate relationship between the two, Bai Feng felt evil thoughts in his heart, so he took the initiative to ask Xi Ruan for help, willing to help her win the willow stalk divine essence in exchange for her cultivation base, and even borrowed from Xi Ruan the fire that would last seven days and never go out. demon fire.

Seeing that the Double Ninth Festival had arrived, Bai Feng took advantage of Du Mingchong, who was also jealous, to put the demon fire into the lantern and put it in the Yizhu Pavilion, then sent Lu Li away, and found an excuse to bring Liu Zhi into the The Pearl Pavilion. Liu Shao didn’t notice Bai Feng’s plot, even though she had already guarded against it, she still didn’t expect him to be so vicious.

Soon the demon fire ignited and quickly spread throughout the Palace of the Leftover Pearl. Wan Sui was in a panic to avoid the demon fire, and tried his best to protect Liu Shao from leaving, but Liu Shao dodged the hairpin and exposed him. He knew that this thing was the key to breaking the enchantment, and he would rather die here than damage the hairpin. Sure enough, Long Live was told the secret by Liu Shao, and tearfully snatched back the hairpin, expressing that if he left the Palace of Yizhu, he might never see Ling Xueyang again.

At the critical moment, Lu Li risked his life and rushed into the sea of ​​flames, and used the method of mutual restraint to stimulate the huge power in Liu Shao’s body, and finally extinguished the demon fire and was safe. Wansui seemed to see Ling Xueyang at this moment, and finally let go of the obsession buried in his heart. Before returning to Xianju, he gave the Emperor Grass to Liu Shao and Lu Li, and because of this, his head was full of gray hair and he was much older.

Marquis Wu Yang immediately summoned all his disciples to question the truth about the ghost in the Yizhu Pavilion. Du Mingchong felt uneasy, and lied that it was just an ordinary fire, but Wu Yanghou had already found out that it was caused by the demon fire. Bai Feng took advantage of the situation to admit the fact of the demon fire, and then shifted the responsibility to Liu Shao, saying that she had frequent exchanges with the grass and tree demons in the Yizhu Pavilion.

Liu Shao retorted angrily, and took out the Emperor Grass they had obtained under Lu Li’s gesture. Everyone looked at each other, not daring to underestimate Liu Shao’s ability. It was precisely because the Emperor Grass had been found that Marquis Wu Yang was overjoyed and did not continue to pursue the matter of the Yizhu Pavilion, lamenting Liu Shao’s great contribution.

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