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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 6 Recap

It is impossible for Lu Li and Liu Shao to come to the Pearl Pavilion often, so they simply asked Hana to stay with Long Live. Hana really wanted to know when he would be able to return to Liu Shao’s side. Lu Li’s jealousy increased greatly because of this, and because of his growing affection for Liu Shao, his Soul Eater Curse became more serious, and Hana obviously noticed it.

The so-called Soul Eater Curse is actually a poisonous spell to curb emotions, as long as Lu Li is a little emotional for Liu Shao, the spell can be activated. When the attack occurs, the mantra will come out from the heart, and will also flow in the body along with the true essence, the blood vessels will be reversed, and the pain will be unbearable.

It was also because Lu Li knew that he might not be able to protect Liu Shao, let alone continue to contact him, so he asked Wang Jian to find a way to arrange for Liu Shao and Hana to meet frequently. Wang Jian couldn’t understand Lu Li’s thoughts, but respected his choice. Liu Shao sensed Lu Li’s alienation towards her, so she decided to use her tricks and forced Wang Jian to go back and report the news, saying that Hana gave Liu Shao mandala tea, and that as long as she took off the eye cloth, she would fall in love with the first person she saw , and have a relationship with it.

Sure enough, Lu Li believed it was true, and regardless of the Soul Eater Curse was still in effect, he rushed into the Yizhu Pavilion and took Liu Shao away, holding her tightly in his arms. Liu Shao was very happy about this, and then said that she deliberately set up a trick to deceive him, all because of his recent estrangement. Lu Li concealed the Soul Eater Curse, and lied that he was avoiding Liu Shao to investigate Hana’s identity, and proved that he was the white-clothed demon king.

Without the slightest doubt, Liu Shao asked Lu Li to send her out of the illusion, but she didn’t know that as soon as she left, Lu Li instantly fell to the ground and suffered the heart-burning pain of the Soul-eating Curse. Hana took the initiative to admit the truth to Liu Shao, explaining that he seized Dicao to save his relatives, and he wanted to get a drop of blood when he approached her. Liu Shao bit her finger without hesitation, and Hana was shocked but also a little moved, but after a blood test, it was found that she was not the successor of Fairy Zeshui.

Just as Hana was about to bid farewell to Liu Shao, unexpectedly, Bai Feng had already received the information provided by Xi Ruan, and brought Du Mingchong and all his disciples to the Yizhu Pavilion to arrest him. In the face of Bai Feng and Du Mingchong’s aggressiveness, Liu Zhi desperately protects Hana, and Hana escapes because of the difficulty of lack of water.

At the critical moment, Lu Li pretends to be Luo Ge, the Immortal King of Wuxiang, and threatens to protect Liu Shao and Hana. Everyone was shocked when they heard the words. Bai Feng and Du Mingchong didn’t believe that the person in front of them was Luo Ge, and asked him to show his supernatural power. Lu Li waved his hands and sprinkled fans, took Hana away when everyone was unprepared, and escorted him back to the Jishui tribe safely.

Hana thanked Lu Li for his kindness in rescuing him. He also knew that he had the Soul Eater Curse, so he was willing to help him suppress it for a while. As for the real solution, Lu Li had to find out on his own. In addition, if Lu Li was seriously injured, or if the caster activated the spell to break through the suppression, this backlash would make him die faster.

Because of the sudden appearance of Wuxiang Xianjun, the entire Wuyanghou mansion was completely shocked. Wuyanghou had to call all his disciples to Baoyuetai, and implored Wanwuxian to verify the authenticity. Everyone knows that the master of Wuji Palace, Wanwuxianweng, has countless disciples, but he holds the first apprentice Luo Ge in the highest regard. When Wanwuxianweng appeared on the platform, Liu Shao was shocked and nervous, fearing that the matter would be revealed.

Unexpectedly, Immortal Wanwu looked at Lu Li who was beside Liu Shao, and admitted directly that Luo Ge had indeed been to the Yizhu Pavilion. After this incident spread in Wuyanghou’s residence, all the disciples knew that Liu Shao was the person protected by the immortal king, and they respected her very much. Wang Jian and Xiaoxue were very curious about Xianjun’s character and appearance. Liu Shao deliberately revealed that Xianjun was stingy and greedy for money, but was stopped by Lu Li before he finished speaking.

Xie Lingqi heard that his senior brother appeared in Wuyanghou’s mansion, and wondered why he left the closed door suddenly after more than twenty years. Wanwu Xianweng said that Luo Ge was born with no natural talent, and he is the only immortal who has the opportunity to become a god in the past thousand years. His supernatural powers are beyond the reach of ordinary immortals. for one person.

Lu Sheng discovered that Lu Li was still obsessed with the relationship between a man and a woman, so he cast a spell on him, causing him to suffer back pain, which was far more serious than before. Bai Feng looked at Lu Li’s painful appearance of being tortured repeatedly, and realized that he was deeply in love with Liu Shao, even if he took the initiative to confess his love, Lu Li refused.

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