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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 5 Recap

Lu Li had already recognized the demon king in white, but he didn’t expose him in public, he just wanted to see his true intentions. Hana continued to tell the story of how he was abandoned by the demon king in white. Liu Shao couldn’t help but yell at him when he thought of the fact that this person had also robbed Emperor Grass. Hana looked worried.

Originally, Lu Li wanted to take the opportunity to teach Hana a lesson, but instead he was teased by Hana, which made Lu Li furious, especially when he saw that Liu Zhi was always protecting the little fish demon. It is also because Liu Shao and others failed to hunt the demon and returned empty-handed, Wu Yanghou punished them to clean up the Yizhu Pavilion. As for the spider wounding incident, Wu Yanghou was well aware of it, and was quite disappointed with Du Mingchong’s despicable methods, so he pinned his hopes on Lu Li.

Lu Sheng is of half-demon blood, and was later adopted by Shangshen Luoge, and often lives in the Four Seasons Monument of the Immortal Palace, always remembering Luoge’s confession to him. But now Bai Feng used the excuse of visiting Lu Sheng to deliberately reveal that Lu Li seemed to be bewitched by Liu Shao, and completely forgot about the mission of holding the moon sword.

At this moment, Lu Li was thinking about Liu Shao, and suddenly found himself in the enchantment, and when he looked closely, he found that Master was right in front of him. Lu Sheng confirmed that Lu Li had fallen in love with Liu Shao, and warned him and Liu Shao that their fates were in conflict, and they were destined to hurt each other, so Lu Sheng planted the Soul Eater Curse in Lu Li’s body to prevent him from continuing to fall in love.

Afterward, Lu Li came to the Pearl of Relics Pavilion to accompany Liu Shao to sort out the books, saying that he needed to find the Emperor Grass as soon as possible, at least he would leave one day, so that Liu Shao could gain a foothold in the Marquis of Wuyang’s mansion. Liu Shao felt a little sad when he heard these words, Lu Li couldn’t bear it when he saw this, and replied gently that he would stay by Liu Shao’s side.

In order to avoid continuing such a sad topic, Lu Li urged Liu Zhi to release Hana quickly, and ordered him to help clean up. Hana and Lu Li were at odds with each other, you came and I fought openly and secretly, so that the Palace of the Leftover Pearl was even more chaotic, and accidentally found the ancient book “The Treasure of Lingzhi” left in the world by Xianju, and entered the fantasy world of the book to read. See the beautiful picture of all the monsters living in harmony.

The long street is lively and festive, full of prosperity, and you can see a variety of exotic goods and exquisite snacks along the way. The stall owners don’t need customers to provide objects or money, they only need to answer the riddles to take away the items. Hana’s literary talents are outstanding, and he can always guess the names of plants and trees with ease. It wasn’t until Lu Li met Fritillary Mother Grass, which he was best at, that he really surpassed Hana.

The three of them came to the calligraphy and painting booth together, and found that the owner of the booth was a lively young man, who warmly entertained them and wanted to draw portraits for them. At first, Lu Li and the others were cooperative, but when they saw a portrait of a woman wearing Wu Yanghou’s battle armor, they suddenly realized something strange, and guessed that he was most likely the owner of this illusion.

Lu Li and Hana pretended to burn the painting to force the young man to confess the truth, but the young man reluctantly admitted that he was the ancestor of the grass and trees who created the book, Long Live, a ten thousand-year-old emperor grass. Long live sent an illusion to Lu Li and the others, took advantage of their unpreparedness to take back the portrait and ran into the illusion, and re-dressed to appear on the stage after a while.

It’s a pity that Long Live is handsome for only three seconds, even if he is taught by Lu Li, he still refuses to reveal how to plant Emperor Grass. Just as Lu Li and Liu Shao were about to leave, Wan Sui hurriedly asked to stay. After all, he was too lonely here for thousands of years, and he hoped that someone could accompany him. Lu Li pretended to leave, but Wan Sui tried to persuade him to stay again, revealing that he was imprisoned in the Pearl Pavilion by an enchantment and could not get out.

Xi Ruan heard that the demon king in white had sneaked into Wuyanghou’s mansion, and questioned his real purpose of coming here. In fact, the white-clothed demon king approached Liu Shao to get a drop of her blood, and with this drop of blood, he could identify the other party’s true identity. On the other hand, Wan Sui felt that Lu Li’s background was not simple, so he kept asking about his life experience. Lu Li brought up the matter of Emperor Grass again. Wan Live said that if they often came to play with him, he would teach him how to grow Emperor Grass.

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