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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 4 Recap

Bai Feng personally decocted the medicine to take care of Lu Li, and recalled the time when the two of them got together in childhood, they had already developed love for him. But when Lu Li woke up, he was thinking about Liu Shao, completely unaware of his senior sister’s thoughts, and only regarded her and Lu Sheng as relatives. At this moment, Liu Shao also cared about Lu Li, waiting outside silently until he came as promised.

The two are separated by a wall of yin and yang, and they originally had a thousand words, but in the end they all turned into eyes and promises, conveying each other’s affection. Lu Li presented the phonograph stone as a gift to show that this object can store his heartfelt voice. Liu Shao was overjoyed and agreed to meet here often. Not far away, Bai Feng watched the two cherish each other, with mixed feelings in his heart.

According to Marquis Wu Yang’s instructions, Liu Shao had to get the imperial grass on the night of the full moon, and there were many dangers. Liu Zhi found the Moon-washing Stone next to the Moon-washing Pool, watered it with blood, and finally got Emperor Grass. Just as Liu Shao was about to turn back, unexpectedly, Xi Ruan suddenly appeared, and she was caught even if she used the invisibility talisman.

In a critical moment, the demon king in white appeared out of thin air, played the wonderful flute to drive away Xi Ruan, and protected Liu Shao safe and sound. Liu Shao is grateful for the life-saving grace of the demon king in white, but he did not expect that he would deny his identity and cast a spell to immobilize Liu Shao, thereby taking away Di Cao and erasing her memory of herself.

Through Wang Jian, Lu Li learned that Liu Zhi was in danger alone, so he went to Xiyuechi regardless of his own injuries, and finally found Liu Zhi under a tree. Because of the failure of this mission, Liu Shao was sad and wept, and Lu Li was completely relieved when he confirmed that she was not injured. Lu Li lamented that Liu Shao was such a silly girl, and vowed to stay by his side forever, Liu Shao burst into tears when he heard that.

The white-clothed demon king Hana took back the emperor grass to heal his younger brother A Fujun, and the demon spirit was restored. In the past, Xie cruelly slaughtered the Jishui tribe, causing Afu-kun to be seriously injured. Now Afu-kun wakes up and wants to seek revenge from Xirui.

After Lu Li accompanied Liu Shao back to Marquis Wuyang’s mansion, Du Mingchong took the opportunity to slander Liu Shao for betraying the human race and embezzling the imperial grass. Seeing Liu Shao and Du Mingchong arguing endlessly, Lu Li issued a military order on the spot, vowing to bring Di Cao back. However, Emperor Grass is a one-in-a-hundred-year encounter, and it is so difficult to find it. Liu Xiao tried hard to recall the characteristics of the man in white who took it away, and vaguely remembered the pattern of a flute accessory.

In the end, Lu Li locked the weed thief through his master. It turned out that the pattern was water hyacinth lotus, which belonged to the royal family of the Jishui clan. In today’s world, there is only one white-clothed demon king who can control all spirits in the three worlds with the melody of the flute. Although Lu Li found it quite tricky, he had to borrow a talisman to explore in the demon realm.

At this moment, Hana and Afu-kun disagreed on how to save the curse of the tribe. Afu-jun hoped to overthrow the stele of the four seasons, rescue the god of moonlight, and lift the curse of the tribe; Hana thought that he should find the successor of the Zeshui fairy, so he decided to hide Next to Liu Shao, proceed to the next step of identity verification. After Mr. A Fu left, Hana attacked Lu Li who was hiding in the dark. The two were evenly matched in skill, so Lu Li left first.

Du Mingchong knew that Lu Li had passed the trial of the Spiritual Fire Formation, and he was afraid that he would replace him as the successor Palace Master, and let the spider spirit go to deal with Lu Li in private. That night Liu Shao came to the flower wall again, originally thinking of using the phonograph stone to confess her love, but unexpectedly, Lu Li heard her words, and the two of them expressed their feelings to each other at this moment.

The next day, Lu Li and Liu Shao took Xiaoxue and Wang Jian to participate in the trial, and the four were attacked by spider spirits in the woods. Wang Jian’s aptitude is still low, and he is not a match for the spider spirit at all. As for Lu Li and Liu Shao, they also tried their best to save them. Seeing the appearance of the demon king in white, the spider spirit knelt down and begged for mercy. Hana lifted the evil spell for him and let him go. When Lu Li and the others came in a hurry, Hana smiled and looked at Liu Shao, and made acquaintance with him as the white fish demon Ahe.

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