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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 3 Recap

A Xi ignored Liu Shao’s challenge at all, and walked away with contempt on his face. Lu Li came out from the corner, thinking that Liu Shao should take the medicine bottle and complain to Senior Sister Baifeng, why should she fight her, after all, the other party has the strongest internal strength among all the female disciples, and it might not be easy to defeat her.

In order to protect the Three Realms, Marquis Wu Yang would rather sacrifice his lifespan to practice immortal arts, but now he has encountered a bottleneck and needs to rely on the power of Emperor Grass. Xianweng admired Marquis Wu Yang quite a lot, and advised him that if he wanted to break through, he could only obtain the Emperor Herb from Xiyue Pond if he found a destined person who passed through the spirit fire formation.

However, no one has passed the trial of the spirit fire formation for many years, Wu Yanghou is really not sure enough, and now he has to take a step by step, hoping to pin his hopes on the new batch of disciples. On the day of the martial arts competition, men and women were divided into two rings, and spells or spells were not allowed to be used during the whole process. Lu Li, Liu Shao, and A Xi each performed well. Marquis Wu Yang proposed to let Lu Li and Du Ming fight each other, and the winner in the end could fulfill his wish.

Lu Li speculated that it would be difficult for Liu Shao to defeat Ah Xi, and the most urgent task was to win the spot that Du Mingchong fought for her to stay. On the other hand, Ah Xi had the upper hand, holding a long whip and pressing forward every step of the way, making tricky and vicious moves, directly seriously injuring Liu Shao to the ground. Regardless of her illness, Xiaoxue came to kneel and begged Axi to raise her hand. Axi was so arrogant that he humiliated Xiaoxue and asked her to cut off her own arms.

Seeing Xiaoxue’s tearful and humiliated appearance, Liu Shao suddenly became angry and realized the true sword intent. Before everyone could react, Liu Shao drew his sword and made a sudden attack, approaching in an instant, just before Ah Xi could withdraw his move, his arm was already crippled by the sharp sword. Bai Feng was surprised when he saw this, and there was deep meaning in his eyes, implying a bit of clarity.

At the same time, Lu Li countered Du Mingchong’s attack with several tricks, took advantage of his unpreparedness, and directly knocked him off the ring. The victory was decided. When Lu Li heard that Liu Shao had won, he couldn’t help being surprised, so he quickly changed his mind to ask for a promotion for Wang Jian, and Liu Shao took this opportunity to recommend Xiaoxue.

The four of them gathered under the moon to celebrate that night, and then prepared for the spiritual fire trial. Both Lu Li and Bai Feng worshiped under Lu Sheng’s sect. Later, Bai Feng was sent by his master to the Marquis of Wuyang Mansion to help Lu Li pull out the Moon Embracing Sword. Bai Feng brought Lu Li to Baoyue Terrace, reminding him to remember that no one has picked spirit fires for thousands of years, and he must be cautious after entering the spirit fire forest.

Recently, Xie ruthlessly guarded outside Wuyanghou’s mansion, and Axi left the mansion without authorization and was brutally killed. Liu Shao was terrified, but fortunately Lu Li was by his side, and the two fought hand in hand. Wu Yanghou and the others silently watched Lu Li and Liu Zhi walk into the woods. Although they hoped that they would bring surprises, the spirit fire was a cluster of flames left by God Yao Ling. The body possessed the power of the sun and belonged to the Three Realms One of the few gods.

Because spiritual fire can devour memories and strengthen itself, it is inevitable that Liu Shao will stray into the illusion, and the bits and pieces of her and the immortal ten years ago flash repeatedly in front of her eyes. Compared to Liu Zhi who was immersed in it and couldn’t extricate himself, Lu Li was not different, because he lost the memory before his master adopted him, and even the spirit fire couldn’t do anything to him.

Lu Li and Liu Shao chased the three-legged Golden Crow to the depths of the dense forest. The Golden Crow seemed to be able to understand Liu Shao’s words, and immediately transformed into a ball of spiritual fire. Because the spirit fire was unbearably hot, Lu Li put the spirit fire into his hands, pretending that he would not be burned by the flames. At first Liu Shao believed it was true, until she saw Lu Li walking hard and hurried to catch up with him, but she didn’t know that the two of them exploded when their palms touched.

Marquis Wu Yang showed up in time to retract the spirit fire. Both Liu Shao and Lu Li suffered burns to varying degrees, but Lu Li was more serious, with all his meridians damaged. Hearing Liu Shao’s retelling of what happened just now, Marquis Wu Yang felt Liu Shao’s pulse himself, and found that he and Lu Li were repelling each other with spiritual power, which was puzzling.

Because of Liu Shao’s extraordinary talent, and because he was a predestined person through the Spiritual Fire Formation, Wu Yanghou had a plan, saying that he could heal Lu Li’s injuries, provided that Liu Shao agreed to find Emperor Grass to keep the human world safe. Liu Shao readily agreed, and went to Xiyue Pool alone to find out the path, chanted sacrificial songs to find the entrance, and sure enough, she saw a Wangqing pool where the lantern with the word “Wu” was hung.

Hana, the demon king in white, plays the wonderful flute to repel the visitors, but Liu Zhi is completely unaffected by the sound of the flute and poses no threat to her. Liu Shao sees a white fish falling on the ground, knowing that it is a monster and wants to take it back to heal his wounds, but he doesn’t know that it is Hana’s changing substitute. Hana learned through Tailao of the Jishui tribe that besides the two gods who had long since disappeared, there was also a Zeshui fairy who had a deep grievance with the Jishui tribe.

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