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Double Love 墨白 Episode 18 Recap

Chu Qianlan admires Mo Bai very much, and happily wants to add Mo Bai as a friend, but Mo Bai immediately refuses. Chu Qianlan envies Mo Bai’s feelings for Jihe, but she can’t hide her disappointment. Mobai asked in private if he really wanted to divorce him, but he disappeared immediately without knowing how to answer.

When going to work the next day, Lu Wanwan saw Han Jingmo and wanted to apologize anxiously. Unexpectedly, Han Jingmo forgave her long ago, so Lu Wanwan felt relieved and went to see Lin Wei. She went to watch it by herself, and there was a kissing scene in one of the dramas, but Lin Wei thought that this character had a kissing scene. It also made Lu Wanwan feel a bit undecided and went to find Lu Guanghan, but Lu Guanghan was too busy on the phone to listen to what Lu Wanwan had to say.

Lu Wanwan had no choice but to ask Yiwei, Gu Qiaobei, and Song Chi whether they should follow up, but everyone thought they should, but they just didn’t want to tell Han Jingmo.

When Lu Guanghan returned home, it was pitch black. He thought he was recruiting thieves, and hit a man in black. It turned out that Lu Wanwan was trying to figure out the role of a blind man and deliberately turned off the lights. Lu Guanghan hurriedly left the venue to Lu Wanwan. Finish, praise Lu Wanwan for his dedication.

Lu Wanwan pretended to be a blind person with a civilized stick in the street, but in the end, he was really regarded as a blind person. He even helped her cross the road, and put RMB in her top hat. Put chili oil in it, Lu Wanwan was so angry that he chased and beat Lu Guanghan.

When Lu Wanwan went to the film crew to audition, he was not happy at first, but with the help of Han Jingmo, he gradually got better and passed the test smoothly. Only then did he realize that the leading male lead was actually Han Jingmo. When he thought that the kiss scene was actually with Han Jingmo, Lu Wanwan I’m elated when I’m done.

Gu Qiaobei didn’t come to audition for a long time, because he overheard the conversation of the company’s boss Mu, and knew that this opportunity was given by Lu Guanghan, and even those people laughed at Lu Guanghan as a fool, and gave great resources to their company several times. people, and give them the opportunity to grow the strength of their company.

Gu Qiaobei rushed to Lu Guanghan’s office angrily, blaming Lu Guanghan for meddling in his business and not interfering in his affairs, and hoped to keep a distance in the future. But in fact, these things made Gu Qiaobei feel unhappy. After returning home, he got drunk and entered the game. When he saw Lu Guanghan’s “Lu Family Top Brand”, Gu Qiaobei also poured out his thoughts. The reason for his unhappiness was that he didn’t want anyone to treat him too well. , and became his burden.

When Han Jingmo was filming, Lu Wanwan stood at the door of the dressing room and watched, his expression betrayed his heart, Song Chi was curious about the relationship between the two, Lu Wanwan truthfully said that he confessed to Han Jingmo, and he agreed unexpectedly Yes, the two are now in that girlfriend relationship. Song Chi was shocked by this explosive news for a long time.

When Lu Wanwan and Han Jingmo were eating, Yan Shengkai came to ask Han Jingmo to help choose a birthday gift for someone else, but was rejected by Han Jingmo. Lu Wanwan gave Yan Shengkai his fruit out of politeness, but was rejected by Han Jingmo again. He was stopped, and bluntly said that these fruits were specially prepared for Lu Wanwan. Lu Wanwan’s heart was extremely sweet, and Yan Shengkai also left angrily.

While filming, Lu Wanwan suddenly stepped on a bead and fell down. Yan Shengkai found out that the bead belonged to Xia Linxi. Xia Linxi had a conflict with Yan Shengkai before, and Yan Shengkai was filming the next scene. She felt that she wanted to punish Yan Shengkai, but Xia Linxi refused to admit it, with a gesture of believing it or not.

When Lu Guanghan heard that Lu Wanwan was injured and sent to the hospital, he rushed there. The reporter also got the news and surrounded the parking lot of the hospital. Lu Wanwan left safely under everyone’s protection. Han Jingmo reminded the two that if they want to protect their brother-sister relationship, they cannot appear together. A small employee was injured and the big boss came in person, which is obviously unreasonable. Lu Guanghan suddenly asked why Han Jingmo knew about his relationship with Lu Wanwan.

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