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Double Love 墨白 Episode 17 Recap

Zhao Jingxing accompanied Yiwei to attend the event, and was called Young Master by the brand. He manipulated many things behind the scenes, and most people didn’t know him. Yiwei was more curious about Zhao Jingxing’s identity, but Zhao Jingxing was unwilling to say more. Just finished being a bodyguard. Zhao Jingxing proposed to send Yiwei back, but Yiwei refused. Yiwei hoped that Zhao Jingxing would send her back when he was willing. Zhao Jingxing put his clothes on Yiwei and left.

After Lu Wanwan and Han Jingmo were together, it was always difficult to believe the truth of the matter, and he believed it after repeated confirmation. When he went back at night, Lu Guanghan specially prepared meals for Lu Wanwan, and Lu Wanwan was very grateful.

Today is the finale of the drama, and Gu Qiaobei also came to congratulate Lu Wanwan and Han Jingmo on being together, and everyone also took pictures together to commemorate the finale. Gu Qiaobei is always sandwiched between Lu Wanwan and Han Jingmo, so he seems redundant. Hurry up Going to the side, Han Jingmo and Lu Wanwan clasped their fingers together for a photo, and Zhao Jingxing walked out of the theater silently.

Gu Qiaobei was drinking alone in the corridor. Only Gu Qiaobei seemed reluctant to finish the filming. Lu Guanghan also came to Gu Qiaobei again. He also knew that recording variety shows was not his favorite, but filming was his favorite. Lu Guanghan asked again Gu Qiaobei came to Yingge. Gu Qiaobei reminded Lu Guanghan again that the reason why he didn’t leave was because his manager was kind to him. In the first film he shot before, everyone said he was not good, but only his agent was optimistic about him. If it wasn’t for the agent, he would be nothing. He would believe in that one person and a righteous word in his whole life, but Lu Guanghan didn’t. He said that he had also seen that liar, but it was precisely because of that that he wanted to sign Gu Qiaobei.

Lu Wanwan also planned to come and explain clearly to Mo Bai. After waiting for a long time, Mo Bai came late, and neither of them came to the game these days. Mo Bai agreed to divorce, but he had to wait until the end of the concentric game. Lu Wanwan Agreed, but also reminded Mo Bai not to call Madam in the future, she also has someone she likes. Mo Bai watched Lu Wanwan leave, and he began to think that if he didn’t confess to Lu Wanwan, he might be blamed by her later.

Lu Wanwan and Han Jingmo made an appointment to have dinner together. They ate an egg tart and enjoyed the sweetness together, but they were caught by Lu Guanghan. Lu Guanghan questioned their relationship. Lu Wanwan dared not tell the truth and lied that they were While discussing the play, Lu Guanghan warned Han Jingmo that the consequences would be serious if he was caught and filmed. Both of them are entertainers. Han Jingmo wanted to disclose the relationship between the two, but was stopped by Lu Wanwan several times, and Lu Guanghan took her away with Lu Wanwan’s collar.

Lu Guanghan found out about Lu Wanwan and Han Jingmo, and asked him all the way back, but Lu Wanwan never admitted it until Zhao Jingxing brought a snack. Lu Guanghan questioned Zhao Jingxing about the relationship between Lu Wanwan and Han Jingmo, and Lu Wanwan hinted at Zhao Jingxing And Yiwei, and sent a message to Yiwei, telling Yiwei the truth about Zhao Jingxing at her home, but Zhao Jingxing didn’t dare to tell the truth, and against his will, admitted that there was no relationship between Han Jingmo and Lu Wanwan.

Zhao Jingxing was called away by Yiwei’s phone call, and Lu Wanwan ran back to the room and sent a video to Han Jingmo, wanting to explain what happened today, but also let Han Jingmo know that Lu Wanwan was Lu Guanghan’s younger sister, and blamed her for not doing it right from the start. Pretending to be an assistant to hide this incident, Lu Wanwan was in a mess when he watched Han Jingmo hang up the video.

Apprentice Hoe He met a girl named Chu Qianlan in the game. The two planned to play the Tongxin game, and then they would become husband and wife, but they hoped to attract Chu Qianlan into the guild. Mobai asked for a woman to join the guild. Agreed, so as soon as Jihe entered the game, he was summoned by his apprentice, and Mobai appeared as soon as Jihe agreed.

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