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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 2 Recap

Under the bright blue sky and the bright sun, the court stands tall, and everyone gathers in the Marquis of Wuyang’s mansion, gearing up and eager to try. Suddenly seeing the enchantment hanging high, Wu Yanghou’s voice came out, asking them to find the monsters lurking in the crowd within a stick of incense, so that they can advance smoothly. A Xi took the lead in attacking, and directly eliminated the monster regardless of Liu Shao’s obstruction.

However, the assessment was not over yet, and there were still monsters lurking in it. Axi identified Liu Shao on the spot as a demon incarnation, otherwise why bother to intercede for the monster. As soon as these words came out, dozens of eyes shot from all around, and Liu Shao got angry and argued with her. At this moment, there was another monster attacking him. Luckily, Lu Li rescued Liu Shao in time and deliberately urged her to kill the monster to prove himself.

It is precisely because Liu Zhi overcomes her fear that she finally passes the test. The chief female disciple, Bai Feng, handed out golden flower posts in person, and those who possessed them could proceed to the subsequent assessment. Du Ming Chong avenged his personal revenge and deliberately made things difficult for Liu Shao, and was annoyed by Lu Li’s outspoken words, so he wanted to compete with him. Lu Li didn’t want to show off his skills, so he deliberately sat down on the ground. Bai Feng defended him cleverly after seeing this, but Du Mingchong didn’t want to pursue it for the sake of his junior sister, so he let Liu Shao and Lu Li go for the time being.

After this incident, Lu Li was honored with his lost brother Wang Jian. This person is the grandson of an old friend of Marquis Wuyang. It was because of this relationship that he came to Marquis Wuyang’s mansion. He usually respects people who are wise and brave. Wang Jian saw that Lu Li was special to Liu Shao, and asked him if he liked Liu Shao, but was denied.

Liu Shao comes from a famous family, spends money like water, stays in the mansion all year round and doesn’t know much about the world. Lu Li was afraid that the willow branches would get hurt, so he specially prepared for her the “Small Guide to Survival”, which he carefully wrote. It is nicknamed the “Master Key” of life.

Although Liu Shao knew that Lu Li was greedy for money and glib, but she also knew that Lu Li had no bad intentions, so she accepted the survival manual dubiously. Lu Li felt that he was older than Liu Shao, so he asked Liu Shao to call him his brother, and when Liu Shao obeyed, he approached Liu Shao happily and hooked his nose. Such an intimate distance made her heart flutter.

Xi Ruan learned that Lu Li protected Liu Shao all the way, preventing the little demon from getting close, so he killed the little demon in a rage, and took his demon essence to continue Xie Yin’s life. As for A Xi, she couldn’t get used to Liu Shao, thinking that it was all luck that she got into the Marquis of Wuyang’s mansion, so she purposely snatched her bed in the dormitory. Xiaoxue, a handyman, kindly asked Liu Shao to live with her, and Liu Shao gave a gold leaf in return according to the manual, but Xiaoxue did not accept it.

That night, Liu Shao strayed into the bamboo grove to witness an expert practicing sword. His skills were so unpredictable that no blade of grass grew anywhere. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that the other party’s status is not ordinary, but Liu Shao actually treats him as a disciple who has no ambitions and rewards him. The expert frowned slightly, he had already found Lu Li who was hiding in the dark, he saw Lu Li stepping out, bowed his hands to the expert, and respectfully called him Marquis Wu Yang.

Liu Shao suddenly realized, and boldly begged Wu Yanghou to teach him martial arts. Marquis Wu Yang knew the origins of the two of them, so he simply showed a move of Liuguang Slash, the wind of the sword was like a dragon and snake dancing wildly, falling suddenly and shockingly. Liu Shao was dazzled by this scene, and he didn’t know where to start. Marquis Wu Yang ordered Lu Li to supervise Liu Shao to learn Liuguang Slash, otherwise he would face dismissal and punishment.

Seeing that there was only half a month left, Lu Li led Liu Shao into the Dream Moon Barrier and gave him a sword to help him practice. Even though Liu Shao has the talent of never forgetting, after all, he has never learned martial arts, so Lu Li had no choice but to demonstrate the moves himself. As time passed, Liu Shao not only improved his swordsmanship, but also gradually deepened his relationship with Lu Li, but unfortunately he still failed to understand the meaning of the sword.

Back then, Marquis Wu Yang’s real intention of creating Liuguang Slash was to wipe out all the injustices in the world. After Lu Li’s enlightenment, Liu Shao suddenly understood, and regarded ruthlessness as an injustice. From then on, Liu Shao practiced hard every day until she became obsessed, even in class, she was trying to experience the meaning of the sword, almost accidentally hurting Du Mingchong.

Before the second round of the formal assessment, Liu Shao found out that Xiaoxue had taken the Suoyuan Pill without telling everyone, and asked why she and Axi were in a group. Axi forced Xiaoxue to take the poison in order to avoid defeat. Since Xiaoxue’s mother is the cook in Axi’s mansion, and also signed a life-and-death contract, Xiaoxue had no choice but to let her go. Liu Shao defended Xiaoxue’s injustice, ran to question Ah Xi, and proposed to fight her tomorrow.

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