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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 1 Recap

Liu Shao was born with strange things, and was confined to the Liu Mansion since he was a child. When he was eight years old, he met a black-robed fairy for the first time, and spent three days of happiness with him at the price of fate. During the three days, the immortal took the willow branches to the world and the sea, watched the mountains, rivers, sun, moon, and stars all over the world, until the end of the period. At the time of parting, the immortal injects a seal between Liu Shao’s brows, and promises to meet again in ten years.

Time flies like an arrow, Liu Shao never forgets the fairy, and waits until her eighteenth birthday, expecting the fairy to come to the appointment. That night, the moon was bright and the pear blossoms were as white as snow. The parents accompanied Liu Shao to celebrate her birthday, and the whole family enjoyed themselves happily. Just as Liu Shao was about to make a wish, the seal between her eyebrows emitted a mysterious light that pierced into the sky, followed by dark clouds and evil spirits circling.

The demon king Xiruo appeared to repel the demons, and the Liu couple thanked him a lot. Unexpectedly, the other party went on a killing spree in Liu’s mansion, trying to steal the spiritual power of Liu Shao. When life and death were at stake, demon hunter Lu Li descended from the sky. Because of his master Lu Sheng’s formation, he aroused the powerful power in his body, and directly defeated Xie to the ground.

It was also because of Lu Li’s excessive consumption of spiritual power that he eventually became weak and fell into a coma, so he took the opportunity to escape. Fortunately, Lu Li was fine, and Liu and his wife were safe and sound. At this moment, Marquis Wuyang’s Mansion heard about the Xuanguang incident in Liu Mansion, so they sent their senior disciple Du Mingchong to check the situation, and if necessary, bring Liu Shao back to the Marquis Mansion for protection.

Originally, Lu Li had already woken up, but he realized that Liu Zhi was still in the room, so he continued to pretend to be unconscious. Not long after Liu Shao left, Lu Li hurriedly got up from the bed. Lu Sheng revealed the secret about Xuan Guang and needed something to protect Liu Shao from being chased and killed by Xie Ruan and Bai Yao, so he ordered him to prepare quickly.

The reason why the Marquis of Wuyang’s Mansion is so famous is that for thousands of years, the spiritual flow of the six worlds started a war between immortals and demons, and the two worlds were almost destroyed. All the immortal sects suffered heavy losses in order to protect the Six Boundary Monuments. There are very few ascended heavenly immortals, and only a handful of real earth immortals. Wuyang Hou’s Mansion has become the head of the sect of human cultivators.

However, Du Mingchong, as the chief disciple, knew that the evil spirit was at work, but he still laughed at Liu Shao’s unknown, and his domineering attitude completely angered her. Seeing Du Mingchong taking the money and doing nothing, Liu Shao angrily accused him, saying that he would take the new recruitment exam of Wuyanghou Mansion by relying on his ability.

Ever since Lu Li left, Liu Jiao always missed Lu Li, thinking that he was the fairy she had met. Liu Shao went to the Moon River according to her childhood memories, and she saw Lu Li on the bank of the river, and he was beating gongs and yelling to fish for the moon. Liu Zhi couldn’t wait to board Lu Li’s bamboo raft and tried to ask him about his origin, but Lu Li didn’t believe that there were so-called immortals in the world.

Afterwards, Lu Li dived into the water to collect huge clam shells, and took out lake beads from inside to make a bracelet, and then put it on Liu Shao’s hand. Under the moonlight, the bracelet can make the river sway with light. Just as Lu Li promised, the ignorant and generous Liu Shao bought the bracelet at a high price. Lu Li repeatedly told her not to take it off, because it can ward off evil spirits.

When Liu Shao came home that night, he vaguely felt that he was trying to sneak up on him, but he was repelled by the Huzhu bracelet before he got close. Facts proved that Lu Li’s words were true, and Liu Shao believed that he was a fairy with strange magic. On the other hand, Lu Li reported to his master Lu Sheng that the task had been completed. Lu Sheng was dissatisfied with his behavior of using this to make money, and punished him to go to the back mountain to get rid of the scattered demons.

In the early morning of the next day, Liu Shao took the initiative to find Lusheng Manor, and invited Lu Li to accompany her to Wuyanghou Mansion to study art with a lot of money. Although Lu Li was a bit reluctant, he couldn’t resist the temptation of a lot of money. Just when he wanted to continue raising the price, Lu Sheng readily agreed to Liu Shao’s request, and Lu Li was not allowed to have any complaints.

Back then, Xie ruthlessly killed the immortals and provoked the siege of the Xianmen, which caused his son Xie to be seriously injured and returned to the state of a child. Therefore, Xi Ruan has been looking for a way to heal his children all these years, and finally locked his eyes on Liu Shao. Xi Ruan learned that Liu Shao had already left for Wuyanghou’s mansion, and decided to snatch her first to snatch Dabu Shenyuan.

Lu Li knew that his master was not in good health, so he wanted to make soup and medicine for him before he left. Lu Sheng suddenly mentioned the Moon-Holding Sword related to Lu Li’s life experience, emphasizing that this sword is in the Marquis Wuyang’s Mansion, Liu Shao must be protected, and only she can pull out the Moon-Holding Sword. At the same time, Liu Shao couldn’t wait for Lu Li to meet her, so she could only carry her luggage on the road first. The road seemed dangerous and safe. The danger was the countless monsters around her, and the safety was Lu Li’s secret protection.

On the day of arriving at Marquis Wuyang’s Mansion, there were many disciples who were candidates for the election, and the scene was quite lively. Ah Xi, who came from a famous family, bumped into Liu Shao without apologizing, with an air of arrogance and contempt, without any education. Before Liu Shao got angry, the chubby and approachable Wang Jian came over to say hello, while Lu Li watched the scene not far away.

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