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Double Love 墨白 Episode 16 Recap

As soon as Lu Wanwan thought that Han Jingmo might have a girlfriend, he became angry and wanted to grab him and ask him if he had a girlfriend, but he felt that it was not appropriate.

At this time, Yiwei came, and Lu Wanwan asked Yiwei if Han Jingmo Having a girlfriend, Yi Wei immediately offered to borrow bodyguards for two days, Lu Wanwan immediately agreed, and called Zhao Jingxing to pick her up on time today, and arranged a good job for her, but Zhao Jingxing guessed it, and deliberately refused to pick up Lu Wan After that, Lu Wanwan didn’t care about it, but kept indulging in Yiwei’s news that Han Jingmo didn’t have a girlfriend.

Lu Wanwan was excited to go to Han Jingmo, but saw that Han Jingmo was with Yan Shengkai, and heard that Yan Shengkai had been pestering Han Jingmo recently, so Lu Wanwan left angrily. Lu Guanghan came to pick up Lu Wanwan. In the car, Lu Wanwan seemed very preoccupied.

He thought that Lu Guanghan had always liked Gu Qiaobei, but he must feel uncomfortable if he couldn’t sign him. Just like her mood at this time, Lu Guanghan picked Lu Wanwan Lu Wanwan liked Han Jingmo, but Lu Wanwan didn’t admit it.

Yiwei found Zhao Jingxing who was drinking at the bar, gave him an invitation letter, proposed to attend a party together, and asked Zhao Jingxing to dress handsomely.

The votes for Tao Yichen, Han Jingmo, and Gu Qiaobei were published online. Lu Wanwan voted for Han Jingmo without hesitation, but found that he had posted it in a large size, so he quickly deleted it, but it was too late. Some fans took screenshots I even felt that Lu Wanwan just wanted to gain popularity. Lin Wei also came to solve this problem, but Han Jingmo took Lu Wanwan to take a group photo and posted on Weibo, deliberately explaining the relationship between the two of them as friends, and this time he asked Lu Wanwan to vote for it a month ago.

One thing to do, so there is no such thing as deliberate hype. Lu Wanwan was very happy about Han Jingmo’s care and concern for him, especially when he saw someone saying that they had a husband and wife relationship, and hoped that they would form a CP. Lu Wanwan triumphantly told Han Jingmo during the meal.

Lu Wanwan got drunk again because he mistook the wine for iced tea and drank it all in one gulp. Han Jingmo had to take her back first, and made breakfast with Lu Wanwan on purpose the next morning. Lu Wanwan happily told Xiao Yezi that she He fell in love with Han Jingmo, but Xiao Yezi thought it was deliberately fooling her and didn’t believe it.

Lu Wanwan took the initiative to apologize to Han Jingmo. There was no romantic place, no candlelight dinner, but he confessed his love to Han Jingmo. While drinking a lot yesterday, she spoke out what was in her heart, and it happened that Han Jingmo also liked Lu Wanwan, so the two got together logically.

At this time, Zhao Jingxing called, Lu Wanwan didn’t dare to admit that he was dating and slept outside, and lied that he was exercising, but just in time he heard Han Jingmo’s voice calling Lu Wanwan to eat, Lu Wanwan hung up the phone in a hurry. During the meal, Lu Wanwan couldn’t help kissing Han Jingmo, and said happily that he wanted to do this a long time ago.

Han Jingmo and Lu Wanwan planned to go on a date in the park, but they didn’t expect Zhao Jingxing to sit in the car like a shadow, and also emphasized that he would follow Lu Wanwan, and he would be where she was. The three of them went to Ocean Park to play together, and Han Jingmo and Zhao Jingxing would shoot guns at every turn, attracting countless onlookers, and some people recognized Han Jingmo, Lu Wanwan hurriedly dragged them away, and was also satisfied that Han Jingmo won her a teddy bear.

Zhao Jingxing dressed neatly and came to look for Yiwei. Today Yiwei attended the jewelry conference and asked Zhao Jingxing to be her bodyguard, not only to protect her, but also for the necklace around her neck. Yiwei also specifically asked Zhao Jingxing to help wear the necklace. At the conference, Zhao Jingxing was Yi Wei, who was dressed in a dress, was attracted, but realizing his gaffe, he hastily turned his back.

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