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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 35 Recap

Xu Banxia went to the pier to meet Gao Yuejin. She had experienced too much during this time, and she always felt that Gao Yuejin, who had always placed high hopes on her, would be disappointed. Gao Yuejin could understand her. The smuggling case was judged, and the facts were established. The prospect of the embezzlement of state-owned assets was not optimistic, and no one could bear it.

But she hopes that Banxia can stick to the past, and if she sticks to the past, she can be reborn from nirvana. Later, Banxia looked at the photos and data of the first half of her life at home, and those moments about her brutal growth were hidden in the photos of these years. In the autumn of 2002, Tong Xiaoqi went to the cemetery to visit Chen Yuyu, and spoke his mind in front of the tomb.

Banxia asked Gao Xinyi to count the funds in the company’s account. During the shutdown period, the workers were dissatisfied and complained, and they all clamored to see Xu Banxia, ​​and Xu Banxia went to solve the problems for these workers face to face. Due to reality, Banxia had to terminate the labor contract with everyone. It was Lao Jia and Mr. Sun who came out to speak for Banxia, ​​and the workers dispersed.

Back at the company, Ban Xia convened a meeting of employees above the middle level of the company and announced the dismissal of all employees. Ban Xia also ordered Gao Xinyi to dispose of her house and car, and divide the deposit in her account into three parts. Ban Xia made arrangements for the whereabouts of the three parts of the money.

As for all the money in the company’s account, it was distributed to the company’s employees and the workers of the steel mill, and was used to repay the supplier’s arrears and the bank’s loan interest, and then filed for bankruptcy. Tong Xiaoqi took Banxia back to that small street. After they made a fortune here, they still often come here to eat with Chen Yuyu.

This is their memory. They looked at the children playing in raincoats outside through the rain curtain, and both of them seemed to see the universe. Waking up early the next morning, Zhao Lei cooked breakfast for Ban Xia, and thoughtfully prepared something for her hangover on the table. Zhao Lei told her that Xu Youren had called and wanted them to have a baby sooner.

Xu Youren still has a conscience. He knows that Banxia is struggling now, and he stole the family passbook and wanted to give it to Banxia. When Qianer’s mother found out, Qian’er’s mother was crying and making noise, but she still couldn’t stop Xu Youren’s footsteps. Xu Youren went downstairs to Banxia’s house and found a lot of people around Banxia asking for steel, Xu Youren took the initiative to go up to protect his daughter. The two got in the car and left. Ban Xia thought his father was a bastard before, but now it seems that he is more like a hero. Banxia didn’t ask for Xu Youren’s money, but Xu Youren still quietly left the passbook in the car.

Banxia went to the hospital to visit Qiu Bizheng. Wu Jianshe and Feng Yu were both there. There was no factory, no job, no money, but their friendship was still there, and they did their best to take care of Qiu Bizheng. Guo Qidong came to the door of the ward and heard the lively conversation inside, he stood at the door and dared not go in. Why wouldn’t he think of the days when they went to the north together?

At that time, they had such a good relationship. The five of them had one heart. It was a great fate that they met, met, and knew each other. The five people in the heart have come to this point today. Xu Banxia went bankrupt, and Wu Jianshe and Feng Yu faced endless lawsuits and debts. Thinking about this, Guo Qidong shed tears, filled with remorse.

Xu Banxia leaned against the wall, watching Wu Jianshe and Feng Yu taking care of Qiu Bizheng while talking and joking. Qiu Bizheng thought of something, his eyes were red and tears flowed down his face. Now he can’t speak, he can’t walk, it’s rare that these old friends never leave him.

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