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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 34 Recap

Li Zhuo of the Luzhou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau of the Chinese Customs and colleagues from the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Jiangdong Provincial Department conducted an inquiry and investigation into Xu Banxia according to law, followed by Wu Jianshe, Qiu Bizheng, Feng Yu and Guo Qidong. The matter of scrap steel was fully disclosed, but it was not accepted, so the procuratorate formally filed a lawsuit.

The lawyer’s suggestion is that the five plead not guilty together, so they cannot be found guilty of intentional smuggling, and the court will most likely acquit them. If established, the four of them will face heavier punishment and sentencing for not pleading guilty.

Ban Xia made an appointment with Guo Qidong today, but he hasn’t come yet, so he probably won’t come, so he can only ask Qiu Bizheng to find him. Zhao Lei knew that Ban Xia was in a difficult situation now, so he returned to Binhai from Shanghai without telling Ban Xia, and got a mobile office in the hotel, in order to be able to accompany her better.

Qiu Bizheng drank three glasses of wine in a row in order to persuade Guo Qidong to agree with them. He himself cannot drink. As soon as he finished speaking, he fell unconscious on the ground. Guo Qidong sent him to the hospital. After Xu Banxia came, she called Guo Qidong. Guo Qidong said indifferently that Qiu Bi was in the emergency room and he had left the hospital.

Qiu Bizheng’s condition is critical. Currently, there are two treatment methods. One is to remove the blood clot by craniotomy, but it may cause loss of language function and hemiplegia. The other is conservative treatment. The blood clot may be absorbed, but it may also recur. If there is a recurrence, it will be too late for another craniotomy. Qiu Bizheng’s wife was in a dilemma, and finally chose craniotomy.

In the summer of 2002, the time for the trial was approaching, and Qiu Bizheng was definitely unable to appear in court in his current state. He signed the power of attorney and asked Xu Banxia to be his client. On the day of the trial, Guo Qidong raised his hand to speak, and he admitted his crime in front of the court.

There are still many facts that need to be clarified in the first court session, so the court will be closed and the court will be reopened on another day. The procuratorate approached Xu Banxia, ​​saying that someone had reported her embezzlement of state-owned assets with her real name. Among the assets Xu Banxia used for the listing included some of the assets of the Provincial No. 2 Steel Group she purchased from Wu Jianshe.

In the process of operating Provincial No. 2 Steel, she and Wu Jianshe failed to perform their duties, lacked management, and even disposed of production equipment by reselling, dismantling, and discarding without authorization. This behavior was suspected of disposing of state-owned assets in violation of regulations. Gao Yuejin also because of this The matter has been suspended and is subject to inquiries and investigations at any time.

Back then, the contracting of steel mills was an experimental reform plan by the government, and the property rights were not clearly stated. It was the newly revised law that stipulated that the property rights still belonged to the state. I didn’t know this at the time. If the cost of Wu Construction’s contract is converted to today, it will be a huge sum of money.

If he is convicted of embezzling state-owned assets, the consequences will be disastrous. Gao Yuejin was constantly questioned and investigated, but she always insisted on the original answer. If the smuggling case can still be dealt with softly, then once the embezzlement of state-owned assets case is confirmed, there will be no room for change. Ban Xia asked everyone to prepare for the worst.

Ban Xia asked Guo Qidong to meet, she knew that Guo Qidong felt guilty for Qiu Bizheng, so she never dared to meet him. Ban Xia also wanted to use Guo Qidong’s last conscience, trying to persuade him to speak with them. Later Gao Yuejin came back, Gao Xinyi hugged her and wept with joy. Universe Iron and Steel Works was sued for failing to deliver the goods, and the company was extremely busy. At this moment, Ban Xia received a call.

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