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Double Love 墨白 Episode 15 Recap

After Lu Wanwan went back, he saw that the gift he had given Han Jingmo had not been delivered, and felt a little uncomfortable. He also saw that many people on the Internet were sending birthday wishes to Han Jingmo. Lu Wanwan, who wanted to go back, thought that today is Han Jingmo’s birthday live broadcast, so he turned on the live broadcast and watched it with great interest. The behavior of giving gifts, hoping to do charity is from the heart, not the wrong way of competing for gifts.

After the live broadcast ended, Lu Wanwan also saw that Han Jingmo was not happy today, so he mustered up the courage to give a gift, but he lingered at the door for a long time not knowing whether to go in to find Han Jingmo, but Han Jingmo suddenly appeared behind him, Lu Wanwan will Bringing out the gift also meant that the gift had been prepared long ago, but because Yan Shengkai sent it first, she didn’t have the nerve to take it out. But Han Jingmo was still very happy when she took out the gift, because although the gift is the same, the meaning is different.

When Han Jingmo saw Zhao Jingxing coming back not far away, he pushed Lu Wanwan into his room and asked Lu Wanwan to eat a birthday cake. In order to make Han Jingmo happy, Lu Wanwan even specially fed him the cake. Accidentally got it on Han Jingmo’s face, Lu Wanwan gently wanted to wipe it off for him, but Han Jingmo got up directly, and got close to Lu Wanwan’s face, so scared that Lu Wanwan’s heart beat faster, pushed Han Jingmo away and ran back to his room During the day, thinking repeatedly about Han Jingmo’s affectionate eyes just now, Lu Wanwan felt that Han Jingmo liked her.

At night, Lu Wanwan had a dream. He dreamed that he was Snow White from a fairy tale. He met the unconscious prince Han Jingmo and couldn’t help but kissed Han Jingmo’s lips. .

Upon waking up, Lu Wanwan found that it was dawn, and when she thought of the dream just now, she felt ashamed and suspected that she was bewitched and lustful. But when she just went out, she ran into Han Jingmo. Han Jingmo watched Lu Wanwan want to escape, but Han Jingmo gave him a wall. Han Jingmo approached Lu Wanwan again and asked her what was different at this moment.

Lu Wanwan pushed Han Jingmo away in a panic and ran out. Song Chi waited at the entrance of the hotel and read a lot of announcements to Lu Wanwan. Lu Wanwan was going to duel with Liu Nianhua on the 11th, so he didn’t care about it for the time being, and hurriedly urged the driver to go back.

Before the duel, Lu Wanwan began to practice exercises. Han Jingmo came to the game and proposed to do concentric tasks to improve hand speed. Lu Wanwan was taken care of by Mo Bai. He always felt sorry for Han Jingmo, so he proposed to Han Jingmo to dissolve the engagement. Because she fell in love with someone. She didn’t have someone she liked when she formed an alliance before, but now she has.

Seeing that Lu Wanwan liked him so much, Han Jingmo was also happy, and promised Lu Wanwan as Mobai in the game that they would dissolve their marriage when she was with the person she liked. At this time, a person came in the game, and when he talked about Han Jingmo’s scandal, Lu Wanwan was so angry that he went back on the spot, and also expressed his super liking for Han Jingmo.

Today is the final duel between Hoe Wo and Liunianhuakai. The loser will leave Tianya Mingyue Dao. Liunianhuakai also found a few people to help out. Han Jingmo even flew down with his brothers to help out. The fight has not started yet. , the one who danced the sword and danced better. Lu Wanwan praised Gu Qiaobei and the others for being amazing, especially Gu Qiaobei who even spent real money to buy hoeing to win.

In the end, Liunianhuakai lost the game, but everyone began to blame Hue He for forcing Liunianhuakai to quit the game. Mo Bai, Gu Qiaobei and others were dissatisfied with this remark, and they thought that the responsibility should not be shifted to Lu Wan The end is actually the condition put forward by the fleeting flower. Liunianhuakai also officially announced his withdrawal from the game, but he hoped to have some words with Mo Bai. Mobai didn’t give Liunianhuakai a chance at all, and he didn’t need to listen to unimportant people.

Lu Wanwan looked at Han Jingmo’s way of replying to WeChat messages, and even began to suspect that he was talking about his daughter-in-law.

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