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Double Love 墨白 Episode 13 Recap

Lu Wanwan was very grateful to Zhao Jingxing, he didn’t leave his name when he did a good deed, and Zhao Jingxing offered to invite him to dinner if he did a good deed. Lin Wei proposed to arrange an assistant for Lu Wanwan, and asked Han Jingmo’s assistant Song Chi to take care of Lu Wanwan and Han Jingmo first. Lu Wanwan wanted to refuse but Lin Wei thought it was necessary, so Lu Wanwan had to accept. But since she said those words with Han Jingmo today, she has been very distressed, and turned around to ask Lu Guanghan about love issues. Lu Guanghan warned that the person who moved his mind should do a good job in filming.

Han Jingmo suddenly came downstairs to Lu Wanwan’s house and asked her to go downstairs. Lu Wanwan was a little scared and didn’t dare to answer the phone or voice, so he could only beg to let her go, and said that he would not waver in a hundred years My own opinion. Lu Wanwan didn’t go down in the end, and was relieved to see that Han Jingmo stopped sending messages.

Yiwei asked Lu Guanghan to recommend a newcomer Yan Shengkai to him, hoping to give Yan Shengkai a chance. At this time, Lu Wanwan was searching for Han Jingmo’s shadow everywhere on the set, but he didn’t see Han Jingmo asking Gu Qiaobei, only then did he know that Han Jingmo was going to do the live broadcast, and invited Lu Wanwan to watch the live broadcast together, but Lu Wanwan said that he didn’t have time Look, but during the live broadcast, I still couldn’t help watching the live broadcast with Gu Qiaobei.

Because the female lead was to be replaced, and Han Jingmo was also sick, the shooting of the slam dunk was temporarily suspended. Director Zheng told Lu Wanwan and Gu Qiaobei to take care of Han Jingmo. The two brought food to Han Jingmo. Seeing Han Jingmo’s nonchalant look, Lu Wanwan thought that what happened yesterday might have passed.

Lu Wanwan entered the game again. After not coming for many days, many people in the game paid attention to the top card of the Lu family. Gu Qiaobei was also very concerned about the top card of the Lu family. Lu Wanwan was happy for Lu Guanghan.

Lu Wanwan met Mo Bai in the game. Mo Bai had a live broadcast three days later, and Han Jingmo also happened to have a live broadcast on this day. Lu Wanwan was also curious to see who it was, and Mo Bai immediately said that he did not show his face. However, Lu Wanwan was full of confidence, and he could tell who it was from his voice.

In the live broadcast three days later, Lu Wanwan had already made up her mind that if Mo Bai was Han Jingmo, she would chop Han Jingmo up. Unexpectedly, the other party used a voice changer and could not hear Han Jingmo’s voice at all. Lu Wanwan entered the game to cheer for Han Jingmo. Mo Bai fought against his opponent in the game, and after more than twenty rounds, he was still majestic. Lu Guanghan, who watched the live broadcast, was a little jealous, and said that he would definitely kill Mo Bai next time they met, so he knew how to be handsome.

Han Jingmo gave the live broadcast clothing reward he got to Hoe He. This is the main reason why he accepted the official live broadcast request. In order to express his gratitude, Lu Wanwan promised to massage and beat his shoulders every day for the next month, and said a lot Luo Li’s long-winded sweet words and flashy appearance provoked Mo Bai to kill Hue He with a sword.

Lu Wanwan suddenly received a notice that he needed to go on a business trip. When he saw Han Jingmo at the airport, he found that he was already normal, and Lu Wanwan felt relieved. When eating, seeing the food Lu Wanwan wanted to eat, Han Jingmo reminded her to maintain the figure of a female star, Lu Wanwan pretended to go for a run and exercise, and ended up eating a meal of barbecue meat.

After eating the barbecue, Lu Wanwan came back and found that there were many strange phenomena on his mobile phone, and many little zombies came to eat her in the corridor. Lu Wanwan was so scared that he sat on the ground and yelled. Han Jingmo saw that something was wrong, so he quickly called to prepare the car to the hospital.

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