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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 33 Recap

He didn’t even want the money that Qiu Bi was giving to Guo Qidong. Gao Yue went to the company to see Xu Banxia and reminded her that all the materials submitted during the listing meeting must be accurate. Banxia reassured her that she was not someone who could only do superficial work. Going public is the only way for a company to develop rapidly.

As for whether Xu Banxia can grow from a small business peddler to a socially responsible entrepreneur, it all depends on her. Gao Xinyi and Tong Xiaoqi are discussing cooperation with Mr. Zheng of the logistics company. The other party does not want the fleet, but just wants them to invest in capital. Gao Xinyi said that they can invest in capital, but the shareholding needs to be renegotiated.

Tong Xiaoqi pulled Gao Xinyi out to ask and found out that she went to ask Ban Xia to borrow money, and Ban Xia lent Gao Xinyi her share money and a deposit. Tong Xiaoqi originally disagreed, he felt that Banxia was also short of money at this time, but what Gao Xinyi said made sense, and he finally acquiesced.

After Operation Qingfeng was launched, the Tax Bureau suspected that the Universal Iron and Steel Plant was evading taxes, so they directly sent people over to investigate and collect evidence, and even sealed off the pier. Gao Yuejin called Banxia and asked her if she had committed any violations of law and discipline. Banxia categorically assured that she had not committed any violations of discipline.

Jia Changan was responsible for the raw materials and Gao Xinyi was responsible for the finances. Qiu Bizheng couldn’t help but think of Qin Fangping. He was not sure whether the problem was with Qin Fangping, so he didn’t tell Xu Banxia the truth. Back in the office, Qiu Bizheng immediately called Qin Fangping. Qin Fangping swore that there was no problem, but he hurriedly hung up on Qiu Bizheng.

Qiu Bizheng heard that someone from the tax bureau was looking for Qin Fangping. Then Qiu Bizheng went to Guo Qidong again, but Guo Qidong refused to admit that he had exposed Qin Fangping’s tax avoidance in the name of declaration, and instead reminded Qiu Bizheng to return the money to Qin Fangping quickly and be a law-abiding person.

Banxia contacted other steel mills, borrowed some steel from them to make up for the customer’s steel, and then received a call from Zhao Lei. Zhao Lei’s company was also investigated, so he reminded Pinellia to check whether the company’s imports and exports were exported under the name of high tax rebate prices. Qiu Bizheng drove overnight to Shanghai to find Qin Fangping, and learned from Qin Fangping’s colleagues that he used his position to evade customs duties for some companies.

Due to the huge amount of money involved, he has been detained by the Shanghai Economic Planning Bureau for review. Qiu Bizheng knew that he had committed a crime this time and was about to run away. The company also found out that Qiu Bizheng and Qin Fangping had made a yin-yang contract, and Wu Jianshe called Qiu Bizheng and he didn’t answer.

Wu Jianshe ran to Qiu Bizheng’s house, and sure enough, he received a call from him to his wife, but Wu Jianshe’s persuasion failed to make Qiu Bizheng turn around. Instead, he received a text message from Pinellia, and Qiu Bizheng decided to come back. meet her.

Banxia learned the whole story from Qiu Bizheng, and then persuaded Qiu Bizheng to surrender. Su Guoliang learned that Banxia was in difficulty now, and he brought Banxia the project funds for the cooperation between the Internet company and the German company, which solved her urgent need. Banxia called Gao Yuejin, and Gao Yuejin reminded her to thoroughly investigate the smuggling of raw materials, and Xu Banxia must strictly investigate.

Banxia was not ready to be exposed, but the problem still had to be resolved. She called Tong Xiaoqi and asked him to bring Feng Yu to the company no matter what method he used. That night, Xu Banxia, ​​Wu Jianshe, Qiu Bizheng, and Feng Yu had a meeting. Banxia told them that the company had been importing and exporting goods by smuggling all these years, but when they first started doing so, the new customs law had not yet Come out, so they don’t know that this is an illegal act, and tomorrow they will honestly admit this act to the investigation team. To be on the safe side, she decided to suspend the listing.

Jia Changan hurried in and told them that Lou Zheng had handed over their listing materials to the Securities Regulatory Commission, and the initial review by the Securities Regulatory Commission had passed. The committee has accepted it, indicating that the listing application cannot be withdrawn. Qiu Bi stood up and said that the matter of smuggling was even more unacceptable.

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