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Double Love 墨白 Episode 12 Recap

Lu Wanwan finally found the signal wireless network, logged into the game, and held hands with Han Jingmo in the eyes of everyone, changed into their newcomer costumes, and married forever. Han Jingmo looked at Lu Wanwan who couldn’t hide his happiness. Han Jingmo rode a tall horse and looked back at Lu Wanwan in the sedan chair affectionately.

Gu Qiaobei presided over the wedding for the two of them as the master of ceremonies. At the request of everyone, Han Jingmo kissed his bride. Mo Bai and He He completed their wedding and announced that they will love each other forever. Even the officials came to join in the fun. The next step is to enter the bridal chamber. The house was also decorated by Han Jingmo for Lu Wanwan. Lu Wanwan was amazed at everything in the room. Han Jingmo also specially arranged to record the screen, so that as long as Lu Wanwan likes to watch it, he can do it anytime.

The system required that they stay in the bridal chamber for five minutes, but neither of them knew what to do. They sat awkwardly by the bedside, looking for topics. Stretching his waist to straighten his skirt, he found himself in the men’s room, and Zhao Jingxing happened to come in. Lu Wanwan just woke up. In order to find a suitable network signal, he came to the men’s room unconsciously, and ran away embarrassingly.

A video of Li Weiqian and Lu Wanwan arguing in the background was also exposed on the Internet. Lu Wanwan never touched Li Weiqian, and Li Weiqian fell down. It was Han Jingmo, who had already prepared himself when he went out that day, and dropped a small shooting equipment under the seat, just in time to shoot this scene.

Li Weiqian came to Lu Wanwan again to apologize, hoping that she could intercede not to kick her out, and Li Weiqian also admitted that she hoped that Lu Wanwan would not care about what she had done, and also admitted that she did it out of jealousy. Wanwan expressed that she was helpless, so Li Weiqian hoped that Lu Wanwan would help to send a clarification to restore the current situation.

Lu Wanwan also kept thinking about who helped him behind the scenes. After returning home, he just heard Lu Guanghan call to deal with this matter. He thought it was Lu Guanghan who did it. He hugged Lu Guanghan excitedly to thank him, but Lu Guanghan said that he did not do it , Lu Guanghan even felt that this younger sister was too stupid to guess anything.

When Han Jingmo and Lu Wanwan were filming a slam dunk, a basketball almost hit Lu Wanwan. Fortunately, Zhao Jingxing caught it and also dunked it perfectly. Even director Zheng praised Zhao Jingxing for being amazing, but he was just a bodyguard. Hearing this, Lu Wanwan was also happy for Zhao Jingxing, but in Han Jingmo’s eyes, he had committed a nympho, and the two had an unpleasant fight over this.

When Lu Wanwan heard from his assistant that it was Han Jingmo who helped her post the video online, he expressed his gratitude and asked Lu Guanghan for help, hoping to arrange a movie for Han Jingmo and ask him to bring back an actor to express his gratitude, but Lu Guanghan reminded Lu Wanwan not to Because of gratitude, I promise others anything casually.

Lu Wanwan took the initiative to ask Han Jingmo to apologize, but he didn’t know how to say it. In the end, he was misunderstood that Lu Wanwan disliked Han Jingmo’s illness, and Han Jingmo’s anger escalated. After being busy all the time, Lu Wanwan came to formally apologize, but still didn’t know how to explain, and thanked Han Jingmo for helping her, but before she could officially say it, some fans sent gifts at this time, which delayed the apology. After dealing with all the matters, she came to apologize again, and expressed her willingness to help Han Jingmo, as long as she agreed to the conditions proposed by Han Jingmo, except for the loss of morality.

Han Jingmo looked at Lu Wanwan with a smile, and asked her to say how to repay her. Lu Wanwan was just being polite, but he didn’t expect to actually offer to help. He despised Han Jingmo for being a bad person.

Han Jingmo found Lu Wanwan who was eating, and made it clear that it was not only him who helped, but also Zhao Jingxing who helped. Han Jingmo also expressed his liking in his words, but Lu Wanwan firmly stated that he would not like Han Jingmo, After all, he was a man with a bad attitude. At this time Zhao Jingxing came to pick up Lu Wanwan again, Han Jingmo wanted to tell him to meet him on the set, but he didn’t say anything, Zhao Jingxing’s car window was rolled up, and the car left quickly, leaving Han Jingmo with an embarrassed expression on his face.

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