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Double Love 墨白 Episode 11 Recap

Zhao Jingxing couldn’t help saying that he took Lu Wanwan away. In the car, Lu Wanwan teased Zhao Jingxing whether he suddenly came back because of debts. In order to avoid debts, Zhao Jingxing didn’t explain. Pretending to have something to go back to the residence, but sneaked out, but was discovered by Zhao Jingxing. Just when Lu Guanghan heard that Lu Wanwan had a fight with others and was about to deal with it, he received a call from Zhao Jingxing, and he was relieved to know that the problem had been dealt with.

Lu Wanwan asked his assistant about Han Jingmo’s location information, and immediately ran over to deliver vanilla-flavored ice cream. He also explained his relationship with Zhao Jingxing. Zhao Jingxing watched her grow up, and the two were brother and sister. Han Jingmo felt a lot better now, and Zhao Jingxing saw how the two of them were robbing for an ice cream.

Lu Wanwan called Xiao Yezi to tell him about the fight today, and he was also worried that he would cause trouble for Lu Guanghan. Xiao Yezi knew that Lu Wanwan would not beat someone for no reason, but he was a public figure after all, so he had to be cautious about many things . Distraught Lu Wanwan heard Han Jingmo’s call and came to the game to practice duel. Han Jingmo asked Lu Wanwan if there was a man he liked, or a male star, but he didn’t get the answer he wanted. Han Jingmo made a move Just kill Lu Wanwan in the game.

Zhao Jingxing and Lu Guanghan made an appointment to have a drink together. When talking about Lu Wanwan’s beating today, both of them knew Lu Wanwan well, and I believe she was not the kind of person who would do it casually. Lu Guanghan thought that Zhao Jingxing liked Lu Wanwan, so he just He should pursue it, and he didn’t mind being Zhao Jingxing’s uncle, but Zhao Jingxing said that he only regarded Lu Wanwan as his younger sister.

Lu Guanghan went back and joked with Lu Wanwan, and then received a call from Gu Qiaobei to have dinner together. Lu Guanghan looked at Gu Qiaobei’s phone number on his phone and felt a little unbelievable that it was Gu Qiaobei who called. After confirming, he immediately said accepted. Gu Qiaobei inquired about why Lu Wanwan was given bodyguards, whether he was Lu Wanwan’s suitor, and even proposed to get acquainted with him. He came to cook. When he heard that Gu Qiaobei was cooking, Lu Guanghan immediately objected. I don’t want more people to go to the hospital, it’s enough to harm him alone.

Li Weiqian came to Lu Wanwan for condolences as if nothing had happened. Lu Wanwan deliberately pretended to be weak and about to fall at any time. She was so frightened that Li Weiqian hurriedly found an excuse to leave. When Lu Wanwan was feeling proud, the assistant sent a message According to the news, Zhao Jingxing came to deliver a Japanese-style feast, and there was a huge battle. The scene shocked everyone and everyone in the theater could try it.

When Lu Wanwan and Han Jingmo were filming together during the intermission, Han Jingmo also prepared a violinist to surprise Lu Wanwan. At the same time, he also prepared a Chinese set meal for everyone, but deliberately said that Lu Wanwan gave it to everyone. The two of them are like fighting in a ring.

Lu Wanwan wanted to eat barbecue, but Zhao Jingxing snatched it away, and Han Jingmo sent more barbecue instead, reminding Lu Wanwan that he can only film after eating well.

When tidying up the clothes in the background, Zhao Jingxing saw that Lu Wanwan’s hair was caught by the necklace, so he sorted it out on purpose. Han Jingmo, who was unconvinced and jealous, went to gently help Lu Wanwan finish his hair. Lu Wanwan felt as if he had eaten honey. Normally, when the two of them looked at each other tenderly, they both showed gentle smiles, and Zhao Jingxing who was at the side saw it, with an indescribable expression on his face.

Zhao Jingxing deliberately proposed to have dinner together at night, and Lu Wanwan went with him without any reason to refuse. Han Jingmo played games at home and warned Lu Wanwan to show up on time to get married. Today is their wedding ceremony. In desperation, Lu Wanwan called Lu Guanghan to deal with the marriage, so as not to embarrass Han Jingmo, but when Han Jingmo heard that someone had replaced him, he directly refused. Lu Guanghan had no choice but to leave. Today Han Jingmo was let go for the first time, and sat there alone, accepting the ridicule of others, but some people worried that Lu Wanwan would die this time.

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