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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 32 Recap

Su Guoliang’s Internet projects are getting bigger and bigger, but the conservative investment needs to be 10 million. Gao Xinyi immediately objected. Now the company only has 10 million in the account, which is still the security fund of the steel factory. If it is all invested in the Internet, in case the steel factory has What should I do if I am in trouble.

Gao Xinyi and Tong Xiaoqi wanted to invest in a logistics company, but they didn’t have enough capital, so they asked Ban Xia to borrow money, and the money was not for nothing. Although at this juncture, Gao Xinyi seemed to be stalking when he said this, but the fact is that, opportunities do not always exist. The projects are all good projects, and Xu Banxia has to weigh them, so she feels that the business is getting bigger and bigger, and the money is getting less and less enough to spend.

When Gao Yuejin went to Beijing this time, she felt that the country had changed a lot. Beijing successfully bid for the Olympics and joined the World Economic and Trade Organization. She felt that the mental outlook of the common people was different. Ban Xia asked Gao Yuejin about the listing of the steel mill. Gao Yuejin said that the listing of the steel mill would indeed make the steel mill a big step forward.

After thinking about it for a long time, Ban Xia decided to give the money to Su Guoliang to start the Internet. Qiu Bi was pulling the strings to let Qin Fangping and Xu Banxia meet, but Banxia brought Zhao Lei over, and Qin Fangping turned his face on the spot. Banxia said that since the business and sales are handed over to Qiu Bizheng, he will make all the decisions, and she will not cooperate with Zhao Lei’s company anyway.

Soon after, the Universal Iron and Steel Factory opened, and Ban Xia married Zhao Lei on this day. The wedding was held in the cafeteria of Universal Iron and Steel. This is Xu Banxia, ​​informal. Ban Xia gave Gao Xinyi all the collected money, plus her personal savings, as her personal investment in the logistics company for Gao Xinyi and Tong Xiaoqi.

Feng Yu has experienced two marriages and has the right to speak about love. Before leaving, he gave Zhao Lei a few words of advice, and then left without waiting for Pinellia to toast. Time passed quickly, and it was the spring of 2002 in a blink of an eye. Universal Iron and Steel Plant, docks, and storage yards were all on the right track, taking the first big step to prepare for listing.

Guo Qidong wanted to see Qiu Bizheng, and Qiu Bizheng found a time to rush back from Shanghai, but this meeting was not pleasant, Guo Qidong still wanted to continue working with Qiu Bizheng, but Qiu Bizheng said that the company belonged to Xu Banxia, ​​and she He no longer trusts Guo Qidong, and Qiu Bizheng has no right to speak. He saved money for Guo Qidong, so he can do whatever business he has, without having to hang himself on a tree.

Guo Qidong immediately understood that Qiu Bizheng was throwing all the used up at him, crossing the river and demolishing the bridge. The company is about to go public, and Ban Xia goes home to share her joy with Zhao Lei. It is rare for Zhao Lei not to pour cold water on her, which makes Ban Xia a little uncomfortable.

Qin Fangping and Qiu Bizheng took a bath together in the bath room. During this time, the two had a very close relationship, and it was not just about business. Qin Fangping told Qiu Bizheng that it would not be a problem to avoid tax by contacting Liang with the steel structure. Qiu Bizheng confirmed with him again and again, and Qin Fangping also vowed. In the end, Qiu Bizheng took the money Qin Fangping bribed him and decided to do so. On the day Guo Qidong was released from prison, Qiu Bi was going to pick him up.

Although Guo Qidong had a dirty face, he relaxed when he saw that Qiu Bi was giving him a bag full of money. He pretended to accept the money as if nothing had happened, and sat down to have a good meal with Qiu Bi. Qiu Bizheng suddenly showed a smiling face, he thought that Guo Qidong would not cause trouble with him and the Universal Steel Company after seeing Qian’s eyes open.

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