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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 39 Recap

Yao Yao was about to withdraw the lawsuit, and Tang Yihui wondered if Qin Shi was acting out of it, because recently someone in Tianjin Airlines was secretly collecting evidence of Yin Zhiqiang’s sexual harassment of employees. When Li Dai learned that Yao Yao had withdrawn the lawsuit, she called Qin Shi to question him. Qin Shi reminded her to target Yin Zhiqiang from the direction of sexual harassment.

Facing Tang Yihui, Qin Shi believed that Yao Yao’s plan to sue Yin Zhiqiang was a civil lawsuit, and this case had nothing to do with Cheng and Hui. But Qin Shi and Li Dai’s meeting made Yin Zhiqiang misunderstand, so Yin Zhiqiang refused to sign the legal contract of Hecheng and Hui, so Tang Yihui hoped that Qin Shi could come forward and let Yao Yao withdraw the lawsuit.

Qin Shi said that he couldn’t do it. Yin Zhiqiang had sexually harassed many women over the years. If he wanted to be a thug for this kind of person just for a contract, then he didn’t want the contract. Qin Shi has always liked Cheng and Hui because the law firm never puts interests first, and she will not give up her professional ethics.

In the end, Qin Shi was unwilling to compromise and chose to leave the law firm. Tao Junhui sent Qin Shi away, and learned that she was going to take over Yao Yao’s case against Yin Zhiqiang, thinking that she would definitely lose this case because it was difficult to prove. Tao Junhui thought that Qin Shi’s idea of ​​resigning was too impulsive and pretentious, and he didn’t think about how to take the next step. Tao Junhui wanted to fight for Qin Shi.

When Qin Shi left the law firm, she happened to meet Jing Jie who came to see her. She was sorry for disappointing Jing Jing, but Jing Jie did not think that Qin Shi had failed. After leaving the law firm, she realized that social fairness is not a matter of one person. , as long as someone thinks it makes sense and puts it into action, that is a huge improvement. As a human being, the difficult thing is to stick to what you think is right. Qin Shi’s failure is glorious.

Qin Shi came to meet with Li Dai and Yao Yao. Qin Shi told Li Dai that he would be in charge of the case from today because he had resigned from Cheng Yuhui. But because Yin Zhiqiang already knew all their actions, it would be more difficult to obtain evidence afterwards, but the three daughters decided to continue to prosecute and fight Yin Zhiqiang, a scumbag, together.

Qin Shi finally started his own business and opened a studio. Tao Junhui came to see her after learning about it, and said that he had persuaded President Jin to speak for Qin Shi. Qin Shi ate the wrong food and was allergic to it. Tao Junhui helped her find anti-allergic drugs in the car, and accidentally found Qin Shi’s divorce certificate. Tao Junhui directly proposed to Qin Shi, but Qin Shi said that marriage is not a must in life, and she is not ready for marriage. She can’t deceive herself, let alone Tao Junhui. Qin Shi said that he would not give up Yao Yao’s case, and also persuaded Tao Junhui not to give up Wu Fei, because Wu Fei was more suitable for Tao Junhui than himself.

Yang Hua agreed to Hu Ping’s request to work as his personal financial consultant. But in order to deal with Yin Zhiqiang, he decided to postpone his entry for a week. Cai Liang is very puzzled by Yanghua’s choice. He doesn’t like Yao Yao, but contributes money and efforts for Yao Yao, and likes Qin Shi but lets him go free. Yanghua said that Qin Shi actually wanted to choose marriage, but she was afraid of marriage. She was afraid of failure, and she didn’t believe that she could be happy. And the best way to avoid this failure is to choose not to get married, which is why Qin Shi always resists getting married.

Yanghua asked Gangzi to investigate the project that Yin Zhiqiang was in charge of, and reported the problems in the project to their group. Yin Zhiqiang will soon pay the price for this. And the female staff who were once afraid of Yin Zhiqiang’s influence are now willing to stand up and prosecute together. Qin Shi learned from Gangzi that it was Yanghua who asked him to investigate engineering problems, and he couldn’t help feeling jealous that Yanghua helped his ex-girlfriend.

Qin Shi and others found that about 40 people were sexually harassed by Yin Zhiqiang in recent years, but only 20 people were willing to testify, and only 11 people were willing to prosecute together. Gangzi believes that this is far from enough. Assistant lawyer Haitao wanted to email the video of Yin Zhiqiang sexually harassing female employees recorded in KTV, but Tao Junhui accidentally discovered this. Hearing Haitao say that he does not want his sister to be bullied like these people one day, but he dare not call the police. Tao Junhui decided to make this decision for Haitao.

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