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Double Love 墨白 Episode 9 Recap

Because Li Weiqian wanted to cross-play, but was not allowed by the director, Li Weiqian hoped to let Han Jingmo speak for her, but Han Jingmo ignored it.

Lu Wanwan is getting better and better when he is filming now. Usually it is a one-off. After filming, Han Jingmo took Lu Wanwan and said that he was going to meet a small fan named Han Xixing. Lu Wanwan was very happy and thought it was Han Jingmo’s. Brother, I was happy to wait for the signature, but I didn’t expect to go to Han Jingmo’s house, and I saw Han Jingmo’s grandfather.

The grandfather saw that there was something wrong with the relationship between Han Jingmo and Lu Wanwan. He was worried that he would bring him back to fool him. Han Jingmo promised to be honest Developing in the direction that grandpa wanted, the implication was to express his love for Lu Wanwan.

Han Jingmo took Lu Wanwan to his orange orchard to pick, and his grandparents secretly followed behind to take pictures, for fear that Han Jingmo would not be smart enough to catch up with Lu Wanwan. As a result, it was not until lunch time that Lu Wanwan learned that Han Xixing was actually his grandfather from the birthday flower basket, and today was his birthday.

Yiwei also specially came here to celebrate her grandfather’s birthday. Seeing their familiar faces, they hugged each other when they met. Lu Wanwan was a little unhappy. Grandpa quickly explained that Han Jingmo and Yiwei grew up together. I’m afraid Lu Wanwan would mind. Yiwei announces that she already has someone she likes, and Han Xixing is also happy for Yiwei. Lu Wanwan also felt relieved for a while, showing a happy smile.

After Han Xixing sent Yiwei away, he left Lu Wanwan to live here for one night, and he couldn’t help breaking up, pulling her and Han Jingmo into the room, and specially prepared a room for Lu Wanwan, which were all things from Han Jingmo’s childhood. Watching grandson and Lu Wanwan have been very happy.

Han Jingmo also planned to go back to his room after his grandfather left, but found that the door was locked and he couldn’t get out. Lu Wanwan looked around the room curiously, found some interesting things about Han Jingmo’s childhood, and couldn’t help but tease Han Jingmo.

At the same time, Gu Qiaobei also knew from the doctor that the ointment Lu Guanghan gave was specially designed for athletes, and it was not available in the market. It was not a sample as Lu Guanghan said so easily, so Gu Qiaobei called Lu Guanghan to express his gratitude However, Lu Guanghan didn’t mind this, he teased a few words, and asked Gu Qiaobei to cook for him next time, and Gu Qiaobei even began to doubt that his cooking skills were very good.

Grandpa pretended to come to open the door, but lied that the key was broken in the lock cylinder, and the master unlocker could not come. Han Jingmo had already seen that grandpa had arranged it on purpose, so he had no choice but to persuade Lu Wanwan, who was shouting, not to waste his efforts, and the two slept together that night. On the same bed, they slept separately.

Lu Wanwan also inquired about Yiwei’s relationship, and thought that the two had a good relationship and got along well together, and the parents didn’t come for the grandfather’s birthday, maybe it was because they were very busy, Han Jingmo truthfully said that he was brought up by his grandfather, and his mother was like A stranger who has never been in touch.

His parents divorced when he was very young. He looked for his mother many years ago. At that time, his mother had already formed a new family. He was afraid that his appearance would affect the new family, so he ignored Han Jingmo. , and even looked a little scared, all of which stabbed Han Jingmo’s heart.

The next day, grandpa sent Han Jingmo and Lu Wanwan away, and Gu Qiaobei on the other side made a special meal at home in order to give back to Lu Guanghan, but every time the small row was not satisfied after tasting it by himself, he was even sent away. Went to the hospital for an IV drip. After a few trials, Gu Qiaobei also gave up struggling, thinking that last time Lu Guanghan ate with relish, it should be fine, so he prepared a bento and sent it to Lu Guanghan, but he just tasted a piece, but both Lu Guanghan and Gu Qiaobei Both went to the hospital.

Lu Wanwan was walking on the beach in a long floral dress, and a beautiful young man in fluttering white clothes appeared in front of him. Looking back, it was Han Jingmo. Lu Wanwan flew towards Han Jingmo, with a bright smile like the rising sun, and he couldn’t help it Praising Han Jingmo for being good-looking, Han Jingmo also kissed Lu Wanwan affectionately.

Lu Wanwan was pouting and waiting for the kiss, but was suddenly woken up by Han Jingmo, and she realized that she had fallen asleep in the car. Lu Wanwan I also felt embarrassed, and kept reminding myself not to have such a dream again.

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