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Double Love 墨白 Episode 8 Recap

Lu Wanwan saw a photo of Li Weiqian squatting and eating was released in the news, but Lu Wanwan was sitting there playing a big role. Seeing this, Lu Wanwan was very angry. He had never seen Li Weiqian squatting and eating. , but for a while I didn’t know who did it. Han Jingmo collected some materials and went to Lu Guanghan. Lu Guanghan was very pleased that Han Jingmo could help, but Han Jingmo said that he just didn’t want anyone to discredit Slam Dunk. Under Lu Guanghan’s negotiation, the negative news disappeared. When Lu Wanwan expressed his gratitude to Lu Guanghan, he learned that it was Han Jingmo who specially thanked him for his help.

But at the same time, Lu Wanwan also said that the two were even, and forgave Han Jingmo for splashing water before, but Han Jingmo told Lu Wanwan that it was not him who splashed the water, but the staff put the water glass on it. As a result, Lu Wanwan He tripped over the wire, causing the water cup to spill down, and the paper cup happened to fall into Han Jingmo’s hands and was misunderstood. Han Jingmo turned around to get the paper and wanted to wipe it for Lu Wanwan, but just as he turned around, Lu Wanwan poured a glass of water on it.

Last time Li Weiqian posted something about splashing water on Lu Wanwan, she came here to apologize to Lu Wanwan, she held Lu Wanwan’s hand and shed tears and begged for forgiveness, Lu Wanwan wanted to take back her hand several times, but Li Weiqian held her back. I just nodded my apology. Later, Li Weiqian publicly admitted that Lu Wanwan is a very good girl on the Internet, and Lu Wanwan also thought that Li Weiqian had changed her sex after seeing this.

Han Jingmo came to talk to Lu Wanwan about the play, but Lu Wanwan’s focus was not on acting, but concerned about Gu Qiaobei’s injury, and anxiously asked Han Jingmo whether Gu Qiaobei’s condition was serious.

Han Jingmo suddenly paid attention to Lu Wanwan, which attracted many fans to pay attention to many topics. Lin Wei came to Lu Wanwan directly after seeing it, and specially sent a sentence to Lu Wanwan to ask her to reply to the comment, and then left the matter to Lin Wei. Wei dealt with it. Lu Guanghan came back to ask Lu Wanwan’s opinion on this matter, but she thought that Han Jingmo just wanted people to expose her on the Internet, otherwise it would be impossible to pay attention to her, and she also wanted to distance herself from Li Weiqian.

Because of Mo Bai’s different feeling towards Hoe He, it also attracted the dissatisfaction of Fleeting Flower Blossom, the fans of Fleeting Nian Blossom hunted and teased Lu Wanwan together, especially Mo Bai did not appear in the game recently, they all satirized Hoe He It is not suitable to be with Mobai at all, only when the fleeting flowers bloom.

Mo Bai suddenly volleyed down. He took screenshots of the people who attacked Lu Wanwan just now, and he will not do anything in the game from now on, just hunt and kill these people. Fleeting Flowers had no choice but to ask people to apologize to Mo Bai and He He, and Mo Bai announced that he was the only one who could bully his people, and very few people could be bullied.

Han Jingmo suddenly played a video for Lu Wanwan, knowing that she didn’t memorize her lines well, and even took a screenshot of the video of Lu Wanwan with an embarrassing face in public, and warned Lu Wanwan that if he dared to lose the chain today, he would post this photo on the entire Internet, and he would be angry. Lu Wanwan gritted his teeth.

Lu Guanghan came to visit the class suddenly and knew that Gu Qiaobei was injured, so he specially prepared ointment and brought it over. Gu Qiaobei couldn’t find a reason to refuse. Li Weiqian saw Lu Guanghan came to greet him warmly, but was met by Lu Guanghan.

At the scene of filming, Lu Wanwan almost fell down. Seeing that the steps were about to touch his head, Lu Wanwan had ordered to close his eyes, but Han Jingmo grabbed him, and the two fell under the impact at the same time. And Lu Wanwan pressed on Han Jingmo, and there was a different feeling between the two of them. Seeing this, people around hurried up to help check.

Lu Wanwan accidentally sprained his ankle, but insisted on finishing the filming. Han Jingmo left the set with Lu Wanwan in his arms. Zhao Weiqian was full of jealousy and even spilled hot water on the assistant, but pretended to be careless , sent a red envelope to the assistant in private, telling her to be careful not to say anything.

Lu Guanghan was always worried when he saw Lu Wanwan was injured on the set, but in order to conceal his identity, he saw Han Jingmo taking her away, so he didn’t chase after her, but he was restless while waiting at home. Seeing Lu Wanwan come back, he hurried downstairs. Then, Lu Wanwan pretended to be strong in front of outsiders, and pretended to be pitiful when he returned to Lu Guanghan.

Lu Wanwan came to the game world again, and Liu Nianhuakai confessed to Han Jingmo that he was willing to give away a relatively rare pass at any time, but Han Jingmo did not ask for it. Lu Wanwan offered to buy it with money, but the other party said that it was not for sale, but just privately. Come to Lu Wanwan and agree to sell it to her, but the premise is to complete the task, if you lose, you will quit the private server.

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