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Double Love 墨白 Episode 7 Recap

Lu Wanwan and Han Jingmo are going to complete the game of Hongchen Yixin in the game. Lu Wanwan also begins to worry about the heavy and complicated situation of the future bride price and wedding. On the contrary, Han Jingmo is not worried at all, and persuades Lu Wanwan to calm down. OK.

Lu Guanghan thinks that Lu Wanwan will be a filmmaker in the future. If he has been Han Jingmo’s assistant and becomes famous in the future, he will be picked up as a black history. It just so happens that Han Jingmo’s assistant is back, so Lu Guanghan asked Lu Wanwan to withdraw now. , Lu Wanwan actually felt a little bit reluctant.

The next day, I saw Han Jingmo when I went to pack my things and hand over the assistant. I wanted to say goodbye, but was ridiculed by Han Jingmo as a scumbag. Buy what you want to eat. Looking at the back of Lu Wanwan leaving triumphantly and arrogantly, Han Jingmo was even more angry.

After Lu Wanwan went back, he met Mo Bai while playing games, and the two made an appointment to meet, but Mo Bai was always depressed, and asked Lu Wanwan if his partner at work would leave without conscience, and Lu Wanwan could see it Mo Bai must be reluctant to part with that work partner. From the perspective that she has just left, Lu Wanwan also thinks that the person who left may not be happy. It may just be that he is not good at expressing. Han Jingmo only showed satisfaction when he heard this With a smile, the unhappiness of the day is swept away.

Xu Anran, who played the second female role in Slam Dunk, suddenly had a car accident and needed to change actors temporarily. Han Jingmo took the opportunity to recommend Lu Wanwan. She had filmed clips before, and the director also proposed to the company. Lu Guanghan immediately agreed. , Meizizi told Lu Wanwan the news, and Lu Wanwan was extremely happy, and this role was always her favorite. Lu Wanwan was a little nervous when he thought about Lin Wei, the same manager as Han Jingmo, and seeing Han Jingmo every day.

The next day, Lu Wanwan had an audition on the set, and the director was also very satisfied, but during the actual filming, she was still nervous and felt a bit unresponsive. Li Weiqian, who was on the side, sneered, thinking that she was only suitable for being an assistant, and filming was not that kind of material at all. After failing to pass many times, the director was also angry, so Han Jingmo had no choice but to propose to shoot other shots first to relieve Lu Wanwan’s pressure.

Lu Wanwan thanked Han Jingmo in private. Han Jingmo clearly cared about Lu Wanwan, but satirized her for not being smart when she went out. Lu Wanwan was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

After Yiwei was discharged from the hospital, she specially came to the crew and brought Yan Shengkai along. Lu Wanwan was surprised to find that Han Jingmo was so gentle with Yiwei, and he didn’t expect him to have such a side. Yiwei is also very considerate to the staff, and specially brings snacks, and also hopes to promote Yan Shengkai. Lu Wanwan knew from Lin Wei that Han Jingmo was actually playing the Tianya Mingyue Dao game, but he didn’t know who he was.

Han Jingmo was arranged to live in a sea view villa, but he himself asked to live with everyone. The assistant told Han Jingmo that the next door was Lu Wanwan, so he could just communicate. Lu Wanwan and Han Jingmo came to the game again. They were very curious about the “Lu family’s top card” Han Jingmo that Lu Wanwan brought over, especially when they heard that the other party was a man, so they wanted to know what the relationship was. Brother, Han Jingmo is also relieved a lot.

In the game, Han Jingmo helped Lu Wanwan step up his training and improve Lu Wanwan’s level and strength. Lu Wanwan took screenshots of all the wonderful moments. When fighting against Han Jingmo in some beautiful moments, Mobai had a double kill on the spot. This can be bragging for a lifetime. But it also caused another wave of jealousy, and Lu Wanwan quickly retreated to avoid being too famous and too strong.

When Han Jingmo made a mistake while filming, the director even comforted him in a disguised form, saying that it was someone else’s responsibility to ask for a reshoot, and Lu Wanwan secretly thought it was unfair. Han Jingmo came backstage to rest after finishing the task, Li Weiqian came up to say hello, but he ignored it, instead he liked to grab the chair with Lu Wanwan, Lu Wanwan looked at Han Jingmo drinking water so handsomely that he couldn’t help swallowing, but was ridiculed by Han Jingmo satyr.

Xiao Ye Zi came to visit the set, and hugged Lu Wanwan as soon as they met, as if they hadn’t seen each other for many years. When the two were eating, Xiao Ye Zi suddenly looked at the information in the news and was surprised. She didn’t expect that Lu Wanwan would offend people when she just joined the film crew. .

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