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Double Love 墨白 Episode 10 Recap

Ever since he had that dream, Lu Wanwan felt extremely embarrassed, especially looking at Han Jingmo’s handsome face, he was a little out of his mind. When he came into close contact with Han Jingmo during the filming, he felt his heart beating faster, and the dream scene appeared again. , causing her to say the wrong lines, this kind of embarrassment made Lu Wanwan want to find a crack in the ground and get in.

At night, she was walking by the beach alone, thinking about the embarrassing things during the day, but at this time two drunk men came and caught Lu Wanwan. Lu Wanwan called for help, and Han Jingmo appeared in time to knock down the two drunk Han rescued Lu Wanwan away, and Lu Wanwan fell into Han Jingmo’s arms moved by Lu Wanwan.

Han Jingmo was afraid that Lu Wanwan would be afraid and hurriedly comforted him, and then sent Lu Wanwan back to the room, and he stood outside the door to give Lu Wanwan Send a message, if Lu Wanwan needs company, he will stay, and deliberately sent a funny picture, Lu Wanwan finally relaxed, Han Jingmo asked Lu Wanwan if he was handsome just now, Lu Wanwan thought about just now The way he fights is also very handsome.

Lu Wanwan and Han Jingmo went to the game to receive the task of concentricity, and finally completed it together to get the reward. Then the two joined hands and chose a small courtyard as their home. Han Jingmo also deliberately asked Lu Wanwan to change his name. Now in the game Han Jingmo called Lu Wanwan his wife, and the engagement ceremony between the two officially started. Lu Wanwan’s address to Han Jingmo has not changed.

Lu Wanwan specially prepared a handwritten sachet in advance as an engagement token exchange, and Han Jingmo prepared a very expensive star earrings for Lu Wanwan as a token. Only then did Lu Wanwan know that Mobai Looking for a pass is for this Amman star. In order to give back to Mo Bai, Lu Wanwan also played a beautiful melody for Mo Bai. After the exchange of tokens between the two, they also announced the date of the wedding, hoping that everyone can attend as scheduled.

As a result, at this time, Liu Nianhuakai announced that he would make an appointment with Hoe He in one month, and at the same time reminded Hoe He that he would retreat if he lost. Lu Wanwan’s apprentice immediately hugged Lu Wanwan’s leg, for fear that she would lose if she lost. No one could keep her, and she was so angry that Hue He kicked her apprentice away, so she didn’t believe that she would lose, especially when Mo Bai promised to help her.

After Han Jingmo quit the game, he told Gu Qiaobei that Lu Wanwan was hoeing. Only then did Gu Qiaobei know that Han Jingmo liked Lu Wanwan, and at the same time reminded him that he should tell Lu Wanwan earlier to avoid long nights and dreams. Don’t worry, be confident that everything is under control.

Lu Guanghan took the initiative to sign with Lu Wanwan. Lu Wanwan was worried that it was because of his personal relationship. Lu Guanghan truthfully stated that he was not nepotism, but had already asked the director. He had a relatively high opinion of Lu Wanwan. Lu Wanwan made a request. She had to decide what role to play, Lu Guanghan agreed, and soon, Lu Guanghan and Lu Wanwan publicly signed the contract in front of the media.

The investors in Li Weiqian’s previous three dramas all became interested in Lu Wanwan, and Lu Wanwan also learned about this information from her assistant. Her film appointment might change, so she whispered to the assistant, who originally refused to go. But Li Weiqian knew that the assistant’s mother was sick, so she gave her a sum of money, and the assistant agreed.

Li Weiqian asked Lu Wanwan to ridicule many newcomers who can’t distinguish their status from high to low, and get carried away because they are great. Lu Wanwan couldn’t tell that he was talking about her. Instead, he echoed Li Weiqian’s words, and Han Jingmo couldn’t hear them. After going down, she deliberately praised Lu Wanwan for her beauty, and Li Weiqian left angrily. But Han Jingmo also ridiculed that Lu Wanwan is a person whose appearance and IQ do not match.

In order to bring down Lu Wanwan, Li Weiqian deliberately provoked Lu Wanwan, and even fell down on purpose, yelling so that everyone thought it was Lu Wanwan’s doing. Lu Wanwan was so angry that she wanted to hit Li Weiqian, but was caught Stopped, Li Weiqian rushed forward to beat Lu Wanwan, but was stopped by a tall and handsome man, who warned Li Weiqian not to push her too hard.

Lu Wanwan was very pleasantly surprised when he saw the visitor, formally Zhao Jingxing, the affectionate appearance of Zhao Jingxing and Lu Wanwan made Han Jingmo jealous, and even regretted not making it clear earlier, and questioned Zhao Jingxing’s identity, Zhao Jingxing introduced himself as Lu Wanwan’s personal bodyguard, twenty-four The kind that stays with you for hours. Unconvinced, Han Jingmo wanted to take Lu Wanwan away, but was stopped by Zhao Jingxing.

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