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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 30 Recap

Qiu Bizheng said that Wu Jianshe was actually as stubborn as a cow, and Ban Xia should not bother to find him, but Zhao Lei still took Ban Xia to see Wu Jianshe. As Qiu Bizheng said, Wu Jianshe had already given up on the steel mill, and he had no idea to discuss a solution in the face of Pinellia’s proposal. For a rare gathering, Wu Jianshe left Zhao Lei and Banxia for a breakup meal, and called Qiu Bizheng over by the way.

Ban Xia showed the greatest sincerity and was willing to manage her new steel plant together with Wu Jianshe and Qiu Bizheng. She still holds the largest share in this steel plant. Naturally, she is also the general manager, and all business management will be handed over to Wu Construction, Qiu Bi is in charge of export sales.

This is the greatest sincerity of Pinellia, and Wu Jianshe finally accepted it. Those people who had crossed the north side together at the beginning also turned hostility into friendship in the end. Wu Jianshe happily sent Banxia and Zhao Lei away, and asked people to put two cans of plum wine in their car.

Tong Xiaoqi was very happy to learn that Gao Xinyi was pregnant, but Gao Xinyi didn’t want to keep the child, Tong Xiaoqi didn’t say much, just let her go to bed first, and come together tomorrow morning, Gao Xinyi found that Tong Xiaoqi had already prepared He ordered breakfast and said that he would prepare a meal for her at noon. Qian’er’s mother and Xu Youren talked about sending Qian’er to study abroad, which cost a lot this year.

While talking about studying abroad, Ban Xia took Zhao Lei home to meet Xu Youren. This meeting was improvised by Pinellia, so Zhao Lei didn’t bring any presents, and Xu Youren’s family didn’t prepare in advance, so they made up a table. Ban Xia went out to answer Gao Yuejin’s call. Xu Youren also dismissed Qian’er’s mother and asked Zhao Lei about his relationship with Ban Xia.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Lei knew why Ban Xia divorced in the first place, and he also knew Tong Xiaoqi, and even more so. Why did Xu Youren name Banxia Xu Banxia? Gao Yuejin called Banxia to talk about the merger of the Second Provincial Steel Group, which was beyond her scope of authority and had to be reported to her superiors.

Xu Youren is optimistic about Zhao Lei, and in his words, he also asked Zhao Lei and Ban Xia to bear the burden together. Xu Youren’s words reminded Banxia that on the way back, Banxia suggested to Zhao Lei that before receiving the certificate, they should do a pre-marital property justice. Whether Banxia is worried that he will take on the debt with her in the future, or Banxia is worried that he will covet her money, this plan of Banxia makes Zhao Lei uncomfortable, and Banxia is more hopeful that if he Whatever happened, Zhao Lei should not follow him into it. Being rational, Ban Xia always sees things clearly, and also clearly distinguishes between herself and Zhao Lei.

Tong Xiaoqi stewed chicken for Gao Xinyi who came back from get off work. He confessed that he wanted this child and wanted to be a father. But Gao Xinyi didn’t want a child. She felt that she was still young, and the world hadn’t understood it yet, so she became a child’s mother in a daze, and she felt suffocated when she thought about it. Xu Youren got into a taxi and found out that the taxi driver was Ban Xia’s ex-husband Wang Quan.

I just heard that he went to Shenzhen, but I didn’t expect him to come back again. Back then, because of Tong Xiaoqi’s kick, he directly fell to the root of his illness, and now Pinellia is doing business to make money and become a rich woman, which makes Wang Quan jealous. He has been following Ban Xia, and even knows that she lives in Yuehu District.

Gao Xinyi had nowhere to go after leaving home, so he had to go to Banxia to complain. Because I didn’t eat, my stomach was already hungry, so I asked Pinellia if there was anything to eat.

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